Sun Visits Virgo; New Mars/Venus Relationship Cycle

astrology update eraoflightdotcomWhen the Sun visits Virgo the astrological Earth is in Pisces. Virgo is the Rainbow Bridge of Healing into Wholeness and Pisces the Mystical Connection. But that essence has been hidden because the sign of Virgo is associated with mental processing, to analyze, problem solve, evaluate, and perfect. The essence of Virgo is mind (mental) body (emotional and physical) and spirit (Soul Wisdom) healing and integration. This is the theme for the Sun in Virgo AND the new Mars/Venus relationship cycle that begins at 04 degrees Virgo on Aug 24/25 (depending on your time zone). The guides for the Sun in Virgo are also guiding us for this new relationship journey.

In the Northern Hemisphere Medicine Wheel, Virgo is the Harvest Time. The days are getting shorter and it is time to reap what has been sown. It is also time for introspection and healing. Our Animal Totem guide is Brown Bear, introspection, healing, and in native tradition The Healer. For the Earth in Pisces our guides are Cougar, spiritual power, and Wolf, the teacher who guides us through change. In the Southern Hemisphere Medicine Wheel this is the Big Winds Time, a time for completion and to prepare for the new. Your Animal Totems are reversed, Cougarand Wolf for Virgo, and Brown Bear for Pisces. These Totems also guide the new Mars/Venus relationship cycle.

The Clan Mother who guides us is Setting Sun Woman for the Sun’s journey through Virgo and the new relationship of Mars/Venus in Virgo. She is the guardian of tomorrow’s dreams and goals. She is the Mother of the proper use of will and the Keeper of Mother Earth’s resources. She is the guardian of preservation and teaches us how to use resources without wasting anything. Recycle and reuse is her message as well as Virgo’s message. Setting Sun Woman teaches us how to Live the Truth. More of her Medicine story can be found in The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams.

Our planetary guide for Virgo is Mercury, our thoughts, perceptions, and communication style. He is currently in Leo and asking us to listen to our heart’s wisdom as we share our thoughts. He will still be in Leo at the meeting of Mars/Venus on Aug 24. But he will enter Virgo (healing and spiritual integration) on Aug 29 and join the Sun/Mars/Venus cluster. They will be a prominent influence at the Virgo Super New Moon of Aug 30. Mind, body, spirit healing. Mercury’s message is “change your thoughts, change your life” (Wayne Dyer)

The spiritual planetary guide for the Sun’s visit to Virgo and the new relationship cycle is Chiron, the healer and problem solver. He is in Aries and asking us to heal wounds of rejection, betrayal, and abandonment that prevent us from living our Authentic Lives. He will play an important part in the new Mars/Venus relationship cycle. He is asking us to let go and release the old patterns and embrace change and renewal.

Virgo is also a symbol for the connection to Goddess Wisdom. The Asteroid Vesta is one of her guides. Vesta is the keeper of the Sacred Flame that exists in each of us and asks us to commit to being of spiritual service. She is currently in Taurus and asking us to be conscious of how we live on the Earth Mother by honouring all her Kingdoms with love and respect. The other Goddess is the dwarf planet Ceres. She is the guardian of unconditional love and nurturing. She is the Goddess who reminds us of our relationship with nature and the Earth energies. She reminds us we are all worthy and have gifts to share to bring our world into balance and harmony. She is currently in Sagittarius (spiritual vision) and working in harmony with Chiron in Aries (self-healing).  But on Aug 24/25 she will be square Mars/Venus asking us to release judgment and embrace acceptance of our differences. That too will be the theme of the new relationship cycle. Add to that Mars and Venus at 04 degrees Virgo (healing into wholeness) will be trine (removal of obstacles) Uranus Rx at 06 degrees Taurus (what is of true value and importance). That trine will be exact Aug 26 (to Venus) and Aug 28 (to Mars). Uranus is breaking free from the old and breaking through to the new.

Mars and Venus will go through 8 phases on this new relationship cycle (the same phases the Moon passes through). This cycle will be complete in July 2021. The new phase is the beginning and the time for inspired vision. We are in the new phase of relationship until Nov 07/08 this year. The energies on the day of the new phase influence the whole journey. On the day Mars and Venus (Aug24/25) meet the Moon is in Gemini, relationship and choice. The choice to unite in Love or separate in fear. The Moon is guided by Deer, sensitivity and compassionate love. Sister Moon will be at 14 degrees Gemini opposed by Jupiter at 14 degrees Sagittarius. Jupiter is calling us to create a new relationship vision not just personally but universally. He is guided by Elk, stamina and strength, and Owl, the wisdom to see the truth.

Namaste and blessings,



Dale Osadchuk is an Artist, Spiritual Astrologer, and Transformational Counsellor and is available for consultations in Sharon (just north of Newmarket) Ontario, Canada in person or by telephone. Email; or via telephone at 905-589-0192.