Babaji: The End Of All Wars

babaji eraoflightdotcomLive clear relationships!

Stop all wars in your environment, but avoid conflicts that can end a war.


The balance in your life is what you find when you live clear relationships. Unresolved issues or unresolved situations lead to psychological and spiritual congestion. Your aura and your energy field are polluted by these unredeemed thoughts and emotions.

The luminosity of your energy field decreases as unresolved issues accumulate.

On the mental and emotional level, this leads to an unclear perception of everything that is. You lose orientation in all areas of life.

You prevent that by making your relationships clear and sincere. Do not allow yourself lies. If you do not want to hurt someone with the truth, then keep it quiet.

But be aware that every person needs the truth to move forward, and even more so to people who think they are on the spiritual path.

Look carefully at your next and distant relationships.

Sincerely ask yourself these questions:

Where does the need for clarification exist and what relationship can I make? Do I stick to habitual encounters that have long since fulfilled their purpose? Do I avoid conflicts where a clarifying conversation would be necessary?

Do I sacrifice my inner convictions for comfort or fear? Am I silent where to speak – or am I talking where I would require a silence?

Am I in my midst, is my inner peace assured? Am I in harmony with my neighbor?

• Wherever there is a false peace, light is shining everywhere.

• Wherever you make compromises, just to keep a false peace, shine into it.

• Wherever you suppress a clear word not because of wisdom but because of your fears, shine into it.

• Wherever disharmony reigns and where it’s within your ability to change, light up.

Conflicts that are repeatedly postponed or displaced inevitably lead to wars. This applies on an individual as well as on a worldwide level.
The ability of peaceful conflict resolution

Therefore, it is necessary to acquire the ability of peaceful conflict resolution. These you develop by first exposing yourself to your own inner fears and solving your own inner conflicts.

First and foremost, the war should end in yourself. After that, it is easy to deal with the conflicts of the outside world – and your relationships are clear.

Study your inner conflicts and you will see how the exterior reflects your inner condition. Observe yourself and connect it to life, because nothing exists on its own.

If you want to achieve peace in your heart, then the path leads you through valleys that you have not yet crossed, and over bridges that you have not yet crossed.

If your longing for peace is genuine, you will risk everything and bravely plunge into this adventure. Peace in the world is only achieved through this.

I encourage you and I will accompany you home – so come on!



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl