Mother Mary: Bringing Truth To The Planet

mary magdalene eraoflightMother Mary says that there are some light workers who have been tasked to bring the Divine teachings to our light workers and the planet. Some are ready but there are also a portion of that group of light workers who have to go through more training in order to bring the true teachings.

The training the Divine provides is quite a ordeal. It requires a great deal of learning of the human psychology and human psyche. Human emotions are the most challenging aspect to study, and master.

In order to be a real and truth teller, our light workers, who are destined to be the channel for Divine, have a need to experience human emotions in a much profound and deeper level. Once the psyche develops enough of the wisdom and only by then, these souls can start channeling and fulfill their Spiritual purpose. That is the requirement for the job. And that has to be emphasized.

What we see right now, on the planet, is the lack of training in some of the truth tellers. Truth is the most Divine sacred teaching. Bringing truth to the planet is a sacred task, and it requires a great deal of sincerity and knowledge.

Being a Divinely inspired truth bringer, the soul has to be ready and humble, know the reason why they are the ones who are being tasked to do this sacred work, and have a Divinely inspired spirit while producing the Divine work. It is the most sacred opportunity a soul can ever have, and that opportunity carries a great deal of honor and responsibility. That is why the Divine only choose a few of the truth tellers and particularly in the realm of resistance, it is crucial that the souls do bring the Divine truth to the planet, and the only truth, nothing but the truth.

I am Mother Mary. I love you dear heart. So it is.


» Source » Channel: Linda Li


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  1. Mary

    Why You Sacrifice Lightworkers To The Devil, To Be Tortured And Abused By The Devil. We Don´t Need Healing We Just Want The Abuse To Stop, And How Does One Heal In The Middle Of Abuse While The Abuse Is Still Ongoing And You Call This Learning, What Are We Learning How To Rape, Murder, And Hate Then You Tell Us That We Have Free Will But It Is Not My Free Will To Be Abused, It Is Not My Family Free Will To Be Abused By The Devil Because Of Me. Quit Saying That We Have Free Will Nobody Has Free Will On These Planet The Only People Who Has Free Will To Do As They Please Is Those From The Dark