The Angels: Infinite Number of Possible Futures

angel messages eraoflightdotcomMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

In your world, and in your lives, there are an infinite number of possible futures. Some are more probable than others. We can see your probable future simply by reading your energy field today and gaging how much growth you are willing to do along the way. You can change everything. With each choice, thought, and action, you either stay on the same path or change course, for your choices, thoughts and actions define your vibration, and your vibration defines your future.

For example, say you start out in a car heading from east to west. You plan to travel across the country. You have mapped your route and memorized it. We could read your energy and tell you what we see on the road ahead. Suppose we see storms on the route you’ve chosen. In that case, we gently begin to guide you towards a different route. Suddenly you feel like taking a detour, making a different turn, or stopping along the way. If you listen to these feelings, you avoid the storm. If you ignore your own heart and forge ahead on your original path, you may just run into the storm. We’d be there with of course. You’d be safe and get through it, however it would have been a lot easier to listen to your heart and avoid it altogether.

So now, for example, we see certain countries on your earth wanting to bomb one another. We see the potential for war, and it is a highly possible future. However, take heart! We don’t support war! We support peace. We don’t support hatred. We support love. And the more of you that resolve to stop warring within yourselves and with one another, the more the vibration of peace will prevail on your planet earth. Peace is an entirely possible future. Will you make it happen? You can.

Many of you have noticed that you are rapidly purging old fears. This comes up first in the form of feeling them. Perhaps you are facing challenges, physical issues, emotional issues that threaten your sense of well being and security. The illusions that have held you bound this life and others are revealing themselves in the form of fears. However, these fears aren’t real. God is with you. These fears are just trying, in an awkward, un-evolved, and an unloving way to protect you from perceived harm. In reality fears hurt you more than the actual life challenges.

So when your fears come up dear ones, look them in the eye. Thank them for trying to protect you but then tell them simply, “God is my protection. You just didn’t know that. God is my source. God is my supply. God is the health and well being that lives within me and God is my peace. You can leave now.” Then focus on anything good, anything you love, anything you have to be grateful for.

It is with the force of your focus and your willpower that you can turn your sights away from the illusions fear wants to paint for you and towards the truth of God’s love that lives in you, through you, and around you.

It is with the force of your will and focus that you can decide you will no longer allow your head to be at war with your heart, that you will no longer indulge in attacking or criticizing self or others, and if you catch yourself doing it, you’ll give yourself a hug, and say simply, “That’s OK, we just made a mistake, let’s send some love to ourselves of the other. Lets live in truth. Let us be the peace, not the bombs.”

Dear ones you are far more powerful than you can possibly imagine. The strength and power of God lives within you. When you use your focus and free will to affirm those truths over and over and over again, to focus on a loving reality over and over and over again, you will rewired your brains, and then they will be open to receiving the glorious and miraculous force of love that wants you to live in absolute joy.

We believe in your peace. We believe in your well being. We believe in your joy, your abundance, your passion for life. If you are not feeling those things yet, take heart… we are guiding you along a slightly different path – one you will enjoy ever so much more.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


» Source » Channel: Ann Albers