As One Portal Closes a New Opens

anchoring paradise earth eraoflightdotcomAs one portal closes a new opens and these next few days could well feel as though the closed reopens and sucks you back in. If your name’s not on the list you ain’t coming in.. Or perhaps.. If you’re holding your old frequency you ain’t coming in.

And all shall be seen as the ticket to ride the expansion train came in two halves, delivered in two different locations for you to retrieve.

One half delivered to the mind and the other delivered to the heart, for you to discover the journey and forge a new path connecting the two, sealing the tickets together as One.

The Union of the Masculine and Feminine from within.

Some may have got the clues a little muddled and instead of going within to retrieve the tickets and join them they may have reflected them as part of their hologram and formed a reality of coming (back) together which is why you could be a little bamboozled with folk stepping back into old relationships and habits, that’s OK, it wasn’t their time to pop through the party portal.

No these tickets could only materialise in the physical ONCE they had been realised as light gems, to be collected, and merged together energetically.

We have been on a super journey this year, awakening the feminine within, listening to her guidance, taking the direction, without question, full trust and allowing Self to RECEIVE fully, which gains the trust of the wounded masculine within, our feminine coaxes out the pains, the attachments, we validate those dead patches and caress them back to life, giving the breath of freedom and slowly but surely the wounding of our masculine begins to heal and the Divine Flames can once again burn together as One, unified, the gentle hand of feel is taken by the strong arms of the masculine action and we move, unified, consciously expanding, and experiencing the amazement of heaven on earth.

Cue the sound of a needle scratching across a record…..

Only some of the MANY took this path and those who did will be instrumental in the assistance of closing down these imbalances through the closure of presentations that hold no ability to carry the conscious streams required to continue flight through the portal.
The distortions from those who choose to not follow their feminine and not validate their wounding of the masculine will now become too loud to be around, the unconscious conversation, the loops required to feed the unconscious beast will simply become to POINTless and the need to step away will slip you through the portal of union, and begin uniting you with those who chose the same path, new harmonies are moving forward, these appear in opportunities such as how you live, where you live, who’s coming with and so on.

Keep closing down all that is unconscious angels, allowing all to realise their opportunity, please remember that through this movement we hold no requirement to fix, awaken, wait….nothing, we work with energy and our pattern, our behaviour which is ultimately our truth will do the work through example, all Souls connected knows exactly why and it’s the job of the human to reconnect and receive the truth from within, themselves…that’s part of the fun, if you remember, those days when you scream I GET IT as you finally see the pattern…who are we to strip away the gift of seeing patterns.

So whilst Mars and Venus meet in the sky, those who can hold the energy will INjoy the experience of those abundance blocks opening, the rejuvenation begins as those cosmic arteries open wide and allow the data held in the celestial veins gush through as though for the very first time, filling the heart, allowing it to work as intended and the vessel begins to receive the light coded nourishment.

But as we know all is a spectrum and whilst we expand the spectrum further we increase the Quickening, so that all that follow experience too, we share, although the sleepy little human perhaps doesn’t quite agree as they feel the pressure of trying to hang onto those last moments of sleep, hitting the snooze button repeatedly, no respect or responsibility as that annoying sound keeps going off but still no care is given and this super amazing energy will no doubt begin to highlight the annoyance within, that which is unconscious, that which is out of harmony will feel the burn, it loops in the mind, showing where it is avoided, where care and attention is required, often seeded by the feeling of “missing” missing someone or something highlights the attachment, the guilt and the regret, showing no respect for the feminine energies that guided you here, no respect for the masculine who moved you here, but do not fear, as with all loops they come back around to teach us, no boat has been missed, just a more deeper experience to open the heart, something a little more strong as the shield used to protect the ego from LOVE is obviously very thick and dense.

Ceres comes into play tomorrow, Ceres the nurturer comes into a square with the Union and begins to very quickly highlight the roots to your loops, those rose tinted glasses prove no good for the eye and the realisations will flood in, Ceres will show the misaligned and some will take the life buoy thrown and some will throw the buoy back in defense.

Gridkeepers, quantum pattern designers, wayshowers will find peace and tranquility within the field, anything arising is aligned from within as we know that to care and heal the collective, to assist in service we only work from within, listening to the movements within our own vessel and harmonising the tones we traverse through as we go. Ceres in a square will move us into a more nurturing space, practising the art of following the instruction of the Divine feminine and actioning through our masculine, Divine Service, creativity flows easily and effort becomes something of the old.

There may well be a storm brewing in the collective but let’s INjoy the clearing once again.


» Source » By A Gift From Gaia