Vivamus: The Light Future

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomFriends on Earth, I am Vivamus.

You feel better in both body and soul when you accept other’s different thinking. Protect yourselves with a cover of light and do not let the ego and the feelings take over. This can be hard when it comes to those that are closest to you, but remember that each one have their own path to walk. You are on Gaia to learn and you learn much from those that not yet are awake. If the situation is too taxing it might be time to cut the connection temporarily or not. Your own wellbeing is important now, as so much is happening in your bodies that is being worked on in order to be able to take in more light.

A day in stillness and rest is not a wasted day. It is often in the pause that knowledge and wisdom sinks in to consciousness, isn’t that right? So, let everything happen at its own speed – stress and frustration does not benefit you. Try to see the Creator’s love in everything around you. Much of beauty and Light is happening around the Earth. However, but much is hidden by the media. However, if you read between the lines you will see the developments, or rather you feel and know within you that the transformation is taking place fully.

Some of you live in fear of both animals and nature. An important part of the ascension is the Love for Mother Earth whom you during all times have and are living with in symbiosis. Nature and animals as well as your bodies consist of the different elements that Gaia once upon a time was created with. The animals were the humans co-creators, which you again need to understand how they continuously help you still today. Since time memorial you have lived from and with the animals. The animals give you much love, beauty and joy when you let go of the fear of them and give them love and respect. Sometimes the fear may be the result of a bad conscious as you are aware of how they are suffering in mass production, as well in environmental destruction and killing in order to be used only as furs, tusks, horns or other body part.

It is time to cease with this abuse, which more and more on Earth now are working for. This does not mean that all domesticated animals should be let loose, but that they are well taken care of, are respected and treated in a loving fashion.

Power animals are being discussed. If you experience an especially close connection with and longing for a certain animal you mostly likely have had a very close connection with it before – maybe during Gaia’s very old history or on a different planet. This power animal can help you also today, since the connection remains even if this animal is extinct from the surface of the Earth. Through meditation and dreams you can regain the connection with this or these animals. You then connect more closely with Mother Earth and her love at the same time as you can as your power animal for help and strength.

Within you have the complete truth about Gaia’s creation and thus by extension also the history of Human development.

Enjoy the moment, the animals, nature and visualize the Light future you now are heading into.

I am sending you Love, Light and encouragement.

Your friend Vivamus!


» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla