Sananda: The Recent Timeline Convergence

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newIn meditation today I had a conversation with Sananda and I asked him to share information on where we are and the changes that we’ve all been feeling. He showed me what looks like a giant Highway with infinite numbers of side roads merging onto the main Highway. He explained that’s there can be bumps in the road, feelings of delay, feelings that things are speeding up beyond control, feelings of uncertainty and even feelings of being lost as we join this massive new timeline.

He then graciously offered to give me this message:

“Humanity is in the process of a great convergence onto a main higher timeline.
This Collective timeline is one that allows everyone to experience the world as they believe it to be. This was accessible before on the lower end of creation but not on the highest possible end. Now we say to you that you have the ability to create and dream forth a reality that has no limitations, no barriers, other than the ones you create within yourself.

It is now up to each of you to let go of the limitations and belief systems that you have held as they no longer apply to your world. Each of you that are willing to step fully into the role of their creator self will be shown in each moment how they can shift what is perceived “out there”. Those that are willing to take on this great responsibility will also find great reward. By walking in your full power and responsibility you are taking the first steps of coming home within yourselves.

You will find that your definitions of who you are will change or completely Fall Away. Instead of being the actor playing a role you become the energy that holds all the roles. You will be able to move your perception to a much bigger picture. One that allows things to unfold as they will in your life and in the world. We say to you that the only way through is to love yourself and others back to wholeness.

It is through this love of the seemingly unlovable that the fractures within and without will be healed.

Now is the time to lay down the stories, the ones you have created within and the ones you have been told. The truth is only what resides in the open, loved filled, heart. In this new space, you will find that your powers of manifestation and creative endeavor are heightened. With this comes great responsibility and the needed understanding that what one holds within is adding to a collective stream

It will be for a time as if there are two different streams of consciousness. One that will move into the direction of unfolding, empowerment and grand discovery. The other will focus on the destruction and the collapse. We want you to be aware of where you are putting your creative energies.

Some of you will find that your energy is split. A part of you will focus on the infinite higher potential and another part will revel in the collapse. We caution against this split of your energy as it will leave you drained and with deep anxiety. It will seem as if you are straddling two roads with cars whizzing past, unable to take a true step forward. Indeed that is what you will be doing. Splitting your energy will make it so that you do not have the strength to take the steps forward that you need to grow and create the life you want.

Instead, we asked you to choose your highest excitement, your highest Joy. And if you are unable to do this we ask you to look at what within holds you back from accessing this place of pure potential.

We welcome you to this new space and are excited to see what unfolds you will discover and explore your infinite possibilities.”
After talking with Sananda what I understood is that everyone is getting a giant push to begin to really use our creative abilities towards solutions instead of feeding the problems. Towards creating the new instead of upholding and fighting against the structure of what was.

As we have all converged onto this higher, new timeline there is a fresh feeling to it which makes it a great time to make major changes in your life. This can be new projects or making changes to your health, your job, location, or relationships. It is not about leaving behind what is no longer working, instead, it’s about taking the step forward into the new. One is of the energy of letting go, loss and the other is the energy of excitement. We are being urged to follow our excitement. When we follow our excitement, all that is not in alignment will fall away.

As manifestation has ramped up we are going to have to have radical responsibility on what we are creating. It is time that we become completely responsible for our own energy and what we are sending out.

I read a note from an indigenous chief that explained that we need to send love to the Earth to help heal her. Yet if one does this out of anger or deep sorrow for what is being done to the environment, the healing they wish to send is tainted with those emotions and is not helpful to the Earth. It was a beautiful reminder that we need to be completely conscious of what it is we are sending and contributing to.

If one wants to assist themselves, the Earth, the animals, and other beings on this planet they must do it first from a place of unconditional love within their hearts. We can no longer focus on where we are broken. Instead, we must fill ourselves with love-filled light and realize that the whole and healed portion within us is available. We must align to that.

The whole and healed portions of all things exist. This includes the Earth and all of humanity.

This new space of energy will make many uncomfortable. It is asking us to see all the parts within that are no longer in resonance with where we are now. We may see where this uncomfortableness builds in the collective and then explodes all over. We are being asked to hold the light of unconditional love, to shine it everywhere and to everyone, no exceptions.

We are also being asked to shake up our routines, to put ourselves out there. Doing what we have always done will only recreate what we’ve always had. It’s time for us to explore us, in our fullness and as the one that holds the energy of all the roles, not just the individual one. Dream big and embody your creator self. Sending you all lots of love and big big hugs.


» Source » Channel: Jenny Schiltz