Horus: New Way Of Life

horus eraoflightdotcomThere is an oncoming new way for all of us to go through what we’ve been seeing as the way to be confounded and malnourished and not in a frame of mind that is good for what we want in life. I know that many of you have gotten past that way of seeing life. When the results come about it is a good thing to share the reality of one’s own passion and creativity for what it is that we see as the ideal way to live life in the way that makes us not only happy but stronger in the energy that creates what we want, rather than what makes us feel less than capable of bringing about the best that we can bring into our lives. As we each see this and live it, we are being occupied in ways that are irresistable and have the power to bring us the truth in the open for what we want in our lives.

Yes, I went through that process in several lifetimes here on earth, and after I returned to the destiny I had already accomplished I knew that I could share with anyone who cared to listen what I had learned from my lifetimes on this planet earth. It is now in your power of Love to live what you see to be the epitome of what you desire and know that you can create for the direct accomplishment of creative ability in Love, Peace and Joy for living in this lifetime of creation for all of life. I am Horus once more, and I welcome you back to where you desire to create for a world of perfection in the living in Love that is first and foremost in the creation of perfection.

Thank you dear Horus, once again for your sharing of perfection in life.

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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