The Pleiadians: Anchoring In Your True Self

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomThere will be a time when you predominately look at each other with love and understanding. When you realize that each individual has his/her own path to follow and their own issues to take care of. There will come a time when you no longer will be provoked by other’s struggles. If it is there you will see it and you understand that it needs a bit of time. You wish the individual well in his/her inner work and you bless them. They feel compassion and sympathy, as you have been where they are yourselves.

It comes a time when good visions for the planet are those that are dominant – when you are seeking the best solutions for each other, the planet, the animals and nature. It is a time when you see the whole and do not get lost in the parts of the details. It comes a time when it directly is revealed if somebody is out for them selves and which then is not sustainable. It is practically impossible when the good intentions is what is permeates society.

There comes a time when you completely can be yourself. No struggle is needed to keep up a façade or try to be somebody you are not in order to fit in. It is no longer interesting to redo your outside in order to please when the deep knowledge that it is the power of the heart that is the guide and creator in the now.

There comes a time when you with astonishment look at your history and think “how could we have done so” – Kill each other due to differences in color, form and interests. There comes a time when differences rather enrich rather threaten. I look into your eyes and with joy I see our differences, but we are still One.

It comes a time when can live side by side with each other without fighting over territory and differences. When we know that we are different parts of a great whole and that if I treat you badly I also treat myself badly.

There comes a time when we can live together with beings from other star systems and galaxies in peace and freedom and learn from each other. We are on the way.


Translation from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

» Source » Channel: Beatrice Madsen