The Grand Mutation of 2020; Two Centuries of Radical Change Ahead!

anchoring paradise earth eraoflightdotcomA few weeks ago I gave a video presentation at the Celestial Vibes on-line Astrological Conference on the subject in the title. It was the final talk, given on Father’s Day 2019, to an international audience. For those who didn’t catch it, or would like another listen, we have a link to the talk.

This was a 40 minute presentation which packed a lot of information into that time period. It has not been edited, and I have no idea why sometimes it seemed to lag or jump, but it was likely the strength of the signal. The sound is intact even when the video is frozen for a moment. I worked from prepared notes, since I had a lot to cover and it always helps to have references at hand.

The title refers to the coming Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 1 Aquarius in 2020, which ushers in a 20 year era but also a much larger 200 year era. We are moving out of 2 centuries of materialism and into 2 centuries of knowing our interrelatedness. Greater ways will open to us wherever we have 1 Aquarius in our charts, so prepare to leave the past behind beginning April 2020, knowing that by 2021 we’ll be in a radically new adventure with everyone else on Earth!

For your consideration and viewing enjoyment, here’s Robert Wilkinson – The Grand Mutation of 2020: Two centuries of radical change:

If you’re inclined, check out the other talks at

hosted by Aswin Balaji Subramanyan.

A door to a radically changed world is about to be unlocked in late March 2020, and kicked wide open by Decmber 2020! This year is the final unadulterated “Earth” year, as next year we’ll experience shifting tides between the old Earth and the new Air eras, with a new 200 year voyage in time set to sail in December 2020! (The Starship AquariusPapers will be taking passengers of course, since the Captain is up for the adventure and loves good company!)


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