Universal Mother and Yehshua: Angels of Form and the Changeover

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomI am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. Source and I are one, united in common purpose and mutual love. I am the in-breath between the stars. Galaxies form at my command. I weave with the love-light of the fabric of this universe and beyond. All things are within my grasp, and yet free will is a great treasure to be respected, loved, treated wisely. You angels of form are experiencing the great changeover of all things from what was into what is to become. You are becoming more of your higher selves embodied in every moment, every moment that you choose love, mercy, joy. It is the higher vibratory choices that will continue you on your stair steps of ascension. It is in the little things, the little moments where you choose love, joy, peace, patience. We see much change occurring, about to occur. Have no fear, for that is past. Newer, brighter horizons are on your pathway, gleaming brightly, full of promise.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. I am timeless, ancient wise, as are you, my children of my heart. You are the creator race, bound by only your perception of limitation. No more. Be free. Expand into the newness of this thought of endless possibilities of joy, rapture, bliss, oneness with me, with yourselves, with your twin. Be emboldened by these emboldening energies. They are the galaxy’s gift to you for your hard work and tenacity in these end days. The old energies are fading, the new is here children. Embrace this change, this newness, this joy of never-ending promise.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. It is in the moment of this Now that my divine feminine encodements be balanced with that of the divine masculine. The great cosmic dance continues, of equality, of deep love and mutual respect. Once the balance occurs on Gaia, all will be affected. Send love-light to the ley lines. Look up their locations. Memorize them. Send light to them. Activate them. Intend to invite me in the process and let us light up your beautiful, divine planetary mother, Gaia, who waits not much longer. For the divine galactic pulse, the event, as you call it is imminent. Hold this space of expectation and joy deep within your heart space so that you will be aligned with this energy and welcome it inside more easily. Your world is about to change in delightfully unexpected ways. More joy. Anchor joy. Anchor love. Anchor peace. Be the anchors of these higher vibrational encodements and lead the way creating Nova Gaia as you go, for you will be embodying this frequency of the new, of oneness and in so doing you will bless the entirety of the human collective consciousness as it expands out of the fourth and into the fifth dimensions. Dimensions are fluid, like water. Many layers exist within each. How would you count layers of water? Do you feel the complexity of this? And yet many of you are already well into your higher dimensional return journeys home. Well done, children.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. Galaxies are birthed at my will. And you, my darling children, are a part of me, are a part of this divine galactic dance of light and dark. Choose the light. Come home to me. Welcome me. Welcome the divine feminine within you, the divine mystery of creation within is my gift to you, for both men and women alike, for I assure you, you have been both many times. Many lifetimes fill many library shelves. Send light and violet fire to all of your aspects and come home. Welcome the fifth dimensional experiences within you. Welcome home.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. Feel my fierceness of love for you, (I am seeing a roaring lioness), and yet feel my tenderness. As a mother hen protects her chicks so shall I protect you. Nestle in and be at peace. I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All things. I am.

Hello family, I am your Yehshua. Divine light is heading your way, like a comet of pure light-love from the heart of the Mother. Thank you Great Mother. Can you feel the divinity becoming more aligned within your dear heart-spaces in this now as the divine feminine takes her rightful place and as the divine masculine is healed from deep wounding? Come to me. I am your Yeshi. I am overseeing the ascension of Gaia and all upon her, truly a rapturous event, is it not? I see the firelight of hopeful promise, of pure, raw faith in your eyes and it delights me. For the roads have been hot and dusty, just as in the days of Galilee. Our journeys have been long, and yet, what a prize awaits you, my friends! Your ascension draws nigh. Are you ready? Would you like a tutor? (Laughing) I am always available for you. Lay down your burdens and give them up, give them to me. Let us transmute them together and learn to laugh again, for the time of heavy burdens is past. This is the era of the Christ – of light, of purity, of hope, of deep friendships, healing, reunions! This is the era of joy, for I have spoken it!

I am your Yehshua. I see you. I know you. I love you. Many of you have worked with me through out many lifetimes. I see this. I know this. I know your pain, your woundings. Allow me to heal them once and for all time. Peace. I breathe peace into your crown now. See the white winged dove of my pure Christ-light peace alight and settle upon you. Feel this white light of pure peace saturate all of your worries so that they themselves become the light. Feel my warm brotherly hug. Feel my hand touch your heart, enlivening it, spinning green healing energies of healing light, stoking your inner flame once again. It is time friends to claim your light, my light, THE light of the Christed rays that burn brightly within you now. See? You are ignited. Now let us send this Christed light into the Amazon to calm and into the ley lines to renew, and deep into the heart of your Gaia to restore. For all is most well. All is well! Let your burden be light and let us walk side by side as friends and tell me everything. I am your Yehshua. Shalom.

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl