Creating Your Reality: Magnetizing Technique

mass meditation eraoflightdotcomLet’s pull all of this together. Now that you’re gotten rid of your bad habits, understand will power, chakras, and have your tools together, start a magnetizing session. Pick something you want. It is important that you believe it is possible to have. Think positively about it, and intend to have it. Be as specific as you can about the higher quality it will give you, and imagine this higher quality as you magnetize. Expand your imagination and see if you can ask for even more.

Find a time and place where you won’t be disturbed and start to relax. As you are relaxing, imagine a coil coming out of your solar plexus. This coil, like a loop, goes around and around and expands outward and upward. I personally use a gold shimmering coil, but just make it anything “positive and magnetic.”

Begin to circulate power and energy through this coil by drawing in power from your source (from your earlier chakra work). Many people think of this power as coming from their higher selves or souls as well. As you are magnetizing, make your coil the size you think it needs to be. How much power do you need to send through it? Does it feel right? As you do this, you are beginning to generate a magnetic force field around you, magnetizing what you want to you. You can also imagine this cord or coil going out from your heart, your throat, or your mind. As your coil builds, imagine what events need to occur before you have this thing that you want. You can control the rate at which those events and steps occur.

Observe your posture and breathing, and notice that you can increase your feeling of being magnetic by slightly altering each.

Note: to do this whole procedure in the subtle planes is 10 times more powerful, but since this can be difficult to accomplish, keep doing this in the physical until you master the others.

I’ve used these techniques for years and have amazed all of my acquaintances and family. What they termed as “impossible” was always shortly my reality. Now they just say, “I’m lucky.” Or make statements such as “Anne always gets what she wants!”

I remember wanting a house. The problem was, Ị was currently unemployed, had no credit or money! But I KNEW that I would have this house between 30-90 days (closing and all). So I thought about it, wrote out my affirmations, developed the passion and will power for it, used the coil to draw it into me, and within 90 days, I had my house.

After I had my house in the city, I remember sitting by a beautiful stream and thinking suddenly, “I’ve got to live in the country!” and to top it off, I really wanted to live in a beautiful log home. I repeated the above steps and now live in a beautiful log home on 2 ½ acres, all within a few months. I also used it to change careers (which tripled my salary in less than 6 months!), for astral projection, and a huge raise that everyone one said was “impossible.” The raise I got was at Microsoft and it was unprecedented in the history of contractors at that company and was deemed “impossible” by everyone I spoke to before I magnetized for it. To this day, they are still calling me lucky. They just don’t get it.

There is no such thing as luck. Our reality is a complex reaction to our thoughts, soul lessons, attitudes and beliefs.


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