Superfoods: Supercharge Your Health With Every Meal

superfoods eraoflightdotcom.jpgNowadays, the nutrient-rich foods that are popularly known as “superfoods”, are everywhere! It may seem easy to “super”size your soda or chocolate bar, but unfortunately, that won’t help you get the health benefits of true superfoods. These are naturally occurring foods that have intrinsic properties to boost immunity and keep you healthy. Research has shown that many of these foods provide protection from heart disease, Alzheimer’s dementia, obesity, and even high blood pressure.

Take a look at these four super foods that can get you healthier today!

Blueberries: These sweet berries are already well known for their high antioxidant content, but you may not have known that consuming one cup daily can also improve your memory. A 2012 study from the Annals of Neurology showed that women consuming more berries had decreased memory decline later in life. Blueberries also contain polyphenols that help in reducing inflammation and stabilizing blood sugar levels. This makes them a great option for diabetics as well.

Avocado: Not only do avocados add a creamy texture to a salad or sandwich, but they are also a healthy source of unsaturated fat. They are known to assist in lowering cholesterol and reducing your risks of heart disease. Consuming avocados can also keep your skin glowing because they are a rich source of Vitamin A, a potent vitamin that boosts collagen production. If that isn’t enough, avocados are a great source of fiber that will keep your colon healthy.

Pomegranate: This unique fruit is a rich source of vitamin B6, and is well known for its’ antioxidant properties. Some studies suggest that frequently consuming pomegranate can lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Additionally, pomegranates were noted to be one of the original “super” foods because of their intrinsic antibacterial properties. Regular consumption can help protect you from urinary tract infections, and keep your immune system healthy.

Tomato: Adding tomatoes to your diet will keep your heart healthy, and fight plaque buildup in the arteries. This is due to tomatoes being a rich source of lycopene, a nutrient and antioxidant that protects the body against degenerative disease, cell destruction, and inflammation. Not only is this fruit great for your heart, but one study from the Journal of Neurology, showed that those who had higher levels of lycopene in their system had a reduced rate of stroke.

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