The Pleiadians: A Sacred Redesign

the pleiadians eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones We Greet You! A sacred redesign is underway on your earth plane and we are working as part of the Universal team to bring clarity and understanding to you at this time. The clarity supports you, enables you to be self empowered to actively work in alignment with these new frequencies that will be coming shortly.

This will allow you to actively engage with your Heart to channel through these energies to consciously support a transmutation process within your Heart. Your own Heart has a limitless capacity to fully embrace this divine love frequency. Know that a large aspect of your makeup is love, so that you only need to consciously choose and call this essence forward when it flows onto your earth plane.

There is a sacred call going out to all of you to open up to this essence of love, which engages your Sacred Heart on another level. This is the time for the maturing of your Heart. The essence of this divine light is designed to nourish and open an access doorway within your Heart space.

These new frequencies will be opening and constantly expanding by mid September, heralding in a higher consciousness era for Earth. We offer a sacred sound, which is designed to channel forth this sacred flow of light within your Heart.

Know that you need to take some time to align within your Heart by connecting with both palms on your chest and bringing your awareness to the place you are physically holding. Utilize the Conscious breath. This will align you in readiness to use the Sacred sound.

When you are ready bring the sound, EE NAH ALSTAH placing it where your awareness is connecting within your Heart. (Pronounced EE NAR AL STAR)

Utilize the sound as many times as you need. Let go and allow us to support your integration. Call us forward, giving us permission to work with you if you wish to have our support.

Feel the sound access a streaming light that will create a flow within your Heart, wait until the flow is complete.

Do this daily, taking in the levels and layers of the multidimensional frequency as it expands on your planet.

We witness you and send blessings,

The Pleiadians.


» Source » Channel: Christine Day