Feline Race: Love Is To Be Seeded In This Realm

lion feline race eraoflightdotcom.jpgWe are the Feline Race. Our lineage is great, our history, vast. We are ancient, wise, cunning when needed. We prefer the energies of love but when love must be protected we are fierce. We honor the sacred ways, the sacred energies of the Goddess, of the Mother of All Things, whose life force pulses fast and strong through our beings. We see through the veil of lies, of beings who are untrue to the goodness within them, whose vision is clouded. We see through this and we take them to another plane. WE have returned. WE state this to the beings of darkness who still have what some would say a foothold but we say is more of a finger hold. We state this to you now that the feline warriors of the goddess have returned and we know where you are. The energies have shifted high enough that you can no longer hide from your own darkness.

WE are the feline race of warriors. WE have come to liberate humanity from their oppressors. It is time for the great veil to be lifted, for confusion to be removed and for all things to come back in alignment with the sacred energies of balance, of reunion of the Great Mother with the Great Father, and this reunion, this melding must be witnessed upon the surface of great Gaia. For only then will this alchemy of darkness to light be completed.

Ages ago we were betrayed by the deceptive masculine. There was no divinity of exchange. We were wounded. Many of our kind were killed in their slumber – a horrific act of great treachery. We have forgiven but we never forget. Our skills have been honed, sharpened over the eons of training. We honor the righteous rulers. There have been few on your planet who have not been taken over. We see this. We honor those reading these words who are of pure intentions, holding the light and the love of the divine alchemy of union and balance of the divine feminine. We have come through this one for we are an example of the great pain that must be cleansed and healed upon your surface world. We need not mention the great atrocities against the female kingdom that have been happening for eons as we are all well aware of this fact. We wish tonight to focus on healing, deep healing, of the divine feminine. For it is the only way that you and that we can move forward in our paths towards furthering our own growth.

We wish for you to envision a young tender green shoot just bursting forth from a seed tenderly planted. See it growing in the sunshine, in the tender care of those who take effort to ensure its survival. Loving hands. Loving hearts. Tender caregivers. This is how you must be as initiates of the way, of the golden light shrouds that now cover the golden ones, the light code bears of Nova Gaia. You are the tender loving hands caring for the others. There is no room for bitterness anymore. One must be fully aligned with healing to be a healer. One must be truly in the energies of the forgiven one and of the forgiver. There is tremendous healing that must be done for Gaia, for her divine feminine counterparts and for the wounded masculine. Enough of this treachery. Unity, forgiveness, understanding, love is to now be seeded into this realm. We see deep rich soil in the hearts of the open ones. We see numerous rows of furrowed ground with tender green shoots bursting forth with hope, with love. These are the intentions of the righteous, an example of the co-creative process. For if the farmer, or the ruler of the field, plants with great tenderness and love they are worthy. Your world has been in great imbalance for a great while because those in charge only thought of themselves and how much land they could gain rather than the quality of the harvest and the experience of the shoots.

Bitterness has no more root. Nova Gaia is to be fertile in love. And so for far too long we see as our female kind the bitterness we have been carrying as we have been processing our own betrayal by the masculines that we had loved. WE see that our hearts too need to be expanded further into love. WE wish to lend our mighty paws in this endeavor, joining with the lightworkers to not only clear the realm (for this is definitely in progress and we cannot speak of these military takeovers but they are occurring, rest assured). WE wish to begin to plant with you, new ideas, new concepts, deep healing into the feminine hearts of the humankind. WE wish to lend our light, our mettle surely, for that is already occurring, but the peace of our healing we wish to offer to you as we see that we are both in need of it. Only in the deep woundings can the light most deeply shine forth from within. We see that there is only room for love and divine service now. No longer will our service be in hate and revenge, for we are receiving healing as well from these divine energies that are coming in. Do you see, humankind, that you are offering healing to many by your very presence of anchoring these magnificent codes? And that is why we wish to join with you, to offer our support, for this entire space quadrant is in need of healing, of rebalancing.

WE are the Feline Race, a collective of warriors bowing in service to the great Goddess and extending our paws to you, humankind who are aligned with the light. Be not afraid. WE mean you no harm. WE offer our green light codes of love and healing to you. We are regal, we are wise. This is also how we see you, oh, ascending ones of the human collective. We bear witness to your continual choice to choose love. And so we bow to you. We are the Feline Race, in service for humanity and Gaia’s ascension. Peace. (Roaring).

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl