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holding hands love eraoflightdotcomEXPANSION OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS:
Where some are NOW, and many will move into at each’s pace, is an inner understanding of their inner PURITY. Where there is no room for us within, to be, express anything less NOW.

After integrating, thus realising our Self Worth, we afterwards quickly dissolve that label, or idea of Self Worth; realising it was just a human terminology for an ENERGY frequency of “worthy and not worthy”. Our Higher Self has neither a sense of Self worth, or a lack of it. Neither confidence or a lack of it etc. Because all those ‘ideas’ and more, that humans have believed in about ourselves and each human, belong in the paradigms we experience as SEPARATION. So all definitions drop as we ascend further and become more and more our Higher Consciousness that is WHOLE, that is beyond human definition.

We learn, that to define ourselves, others, solid things, circumstances, situations, animals etc, is to limit our own experience. As soon as something is defined, it is like putting it in a box. We are unlimited. Your PURE essence, your potential experiences have no box. We are all things and every possibility. So we evolve out of defining everything, away from the containment that was the human body and human experience. Previously, in agreed upon ‘forgetfulness’ we thought that our consciousness was contained within the actual human body. As we evolve, we experience our consciousness as an energy that overseas and operates the human vessel. Yet it takes the HUMAN in forgetfulness, to ‘WILL’ it’s own open minded and open hearted expansion, OUT OF it’s previous and individual experience as a containment.

We have reached a stage in the Galactic Timeline that is SUBTLY different to previous points of an ascension. It IS a time when we each realise at our OWN PACE, we can NOW be nothing less than our PURITY. We can be nothing less than OUR truest expression so far, knowing we are still ever evolving, changing into a higher and higher versions of ENERGY with a human body.

Every FACET (human being) is uniquely different. There is NO one human the same. Each facet came in agreeing to take on an overlay we call ‘personality’. Each agreed to live out certain experiences this lifetime. Some, not all, have been influenced in this lifetime, by past human lifetimes. No one human is supposed to be the same. It this completely intentional, that Source May experience ITSelf in infinite ways via infinite perceptions of consciousness within the one creation, including within IT’s diverse creation of HUMANITY. Knowing and understanding this intentional diversity, that each human is an individualised facet of God, how can any one facet be right or wrong? There are over seven billion perceptions of right and wrong. So what is right and what is wrong? That in itself is a concept and limitation. There IS ONLY experience for Source through each consciousness that has it’s own perception. Within the experience of separation, no one perception is the same. No one idea of ascension is the same. It’s supposed to be unique. Because EACH facet of CONSCIOUSNESS CREATES it’s own reality and OWN ascension storyline. No ascension storyline is right or wrong, there is just YOURS, as the creator of it. You are not another’s storyline, you have your own. You are not as per any others ascension storyline or experiences, OR their knowings. Each have their OWN KNOWINGS that come ONLY from their experience of it, which creates internal knowing FOR THEM and their journey/experience. Every consciousness is unique and guides that particular human Higher in energy, thus dissolving the membrane/veil experienced. We are therefore not another’s system. To be that, would be a BELIEF of the outside, within our dream. Ascension is a KNOWING system, experienced on the INSIDE, that then effects our reality and experience on the outside/dream.

The ascending human is still experiencing itself within various fields of energetic bandwidths of frequency we can label 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th etc…Therefore, their are multiple ideas, multiple perceptions of what is truth. For there are multiple definitions created within each and every human being, until each reach a point of ONENESS, that is an embodiment stage where we know within our consciousness, that there is ultimately NO DEFINITION, except an experience of defining something, and therefore a creating of a reality, based on one’s definitions. We also come to KNOW within our consciousness that there is ULTIMATELY no actual ‘Truth’. That the idea of ‘truth’ was a human experience behind the veil of forgetfulness. Where we initially embrace what we think are higher and higher versions of truths, until we SEE, KNOW, we are each a unique point of consciousness, with a unique VIEW (think of the diamond and it’s facets pointing outwards) yet we are also experiencing BEING PART OF ONE. No longer the experience of separation. As the experience of the ONENESS, there is no individual separated truths. There is One experience, that created individual experience by dividing ITSelf. Truth does not exist as the ONE we become a part of, via the Self Realisation Process. So we see, feel, experience ALL as US. There is no this and that, there is just then a conscious experience of being the whole.

At this NOW, many are knowing, they can now only be their individualised version as the PURITY they have come to Birth, be, act from and exist as, as part of ONE.

Within any relationship, there is choice. Choice to entertain that relationship, or not. Knowing we are all a creation of the One. That there is no better than or less than us. There is just choice and thus the next experience.

COMPROMISE is a decision made of the mind.
FLEXIBILITY is the Love as the heart.

Let us look at any human experience from these two choices, of compromise V flexibility:

COMPROMISE is a decision made of the mind. When we make compromise with another who is different to us, we are choosing from the MIND, to be less than what we are. This leads over time to a resentment created within the ego mind. At higher levels of understanding, we can see that we are comprising our human behavioural ways of being, our personality, our actions, our expressions, our expression of words, of feelings expressed, in order to fit in with the other human that is different to us. Compromising is a decision of the mind, to change in order to fit in, attempt to make peace with another, find common ground, pacify the other outside of you within your dream. The small self ‘thinks’ that if we ourselves change, or act, do, speaks, in ways any other desires us to be, we will then receive more Love from the outside, within our dream. That very Love we are not giving to our own self. Yet to compromise yourself, is to not BE yourself, not allow your nature to be it’s UNIQUE yet PUREST version. Of the ego mind, this choice to compromise YOU, leads to a feeling of resentment and SUFFOCATION. These are energetic frequencies. ALL that emotional experiences simply show us, is that through our OWN CHOICE, we are out of alignment with our PUREST VERSION SO FAR embodied. They show us, via the energy we feel, that we are not in our OWN zero point.

Zero point (feels like peace/neutrality/love/harmony) is the frequency point that allows us to expand and raise our consciousness through the energetic frequency we can label and feel as ‘LOVE’.

FLEXIBILITY is the Love as the heart. When we choose from OUR OWN heart to embrace differences and allow them, from the point of NEUTRALITY where there simply is NO right or wrong, we are in our own point of PEACE with any differences. We are accepting IN A STATE OF PEACE, all that another human being is being. Acceptance brings OUR OWN peace, when we are with them, or away from them.

We can go into our heart and FEEL, if being flexible with another is serving us (and therefore the highest good), or not. Circumstances, experiences vary human to human, day to day, year to year. So we can always check in with our heart, based ENTIRELY on our own point of ascension and stage of awareness. To be flexible as LOVE, WILL feel peaceful within, it feels allowing, free, it will also feel neutral. For it is at peace with any difference. It is all allowing. We can be and give of our LOVE within, and so without allowing at PEACE with the difference in perception outside of us, the difference in preferences outside of us, the difference in personality, the differences in each’s choice.

Dependent on the experience presented within our own dream to ourselves, we may decide to be heart based flexibility, or to be and remain LOVE and neutrality at a distance from that human being/s.

It is a choice we are consciously or subconsciously making again and again, whether to compromise as the mind, be flexible as the heart, or let go of the relationship. There is no judgement, no right or wrong choice for each. There is just the experience and choice made.

If we find ourselves willing to be flexible to others through our heart choice, and find the other is not willing to be, we can peacefully WITHIN, accept their choice. They may not wish to compromise in their mind. They may not wish to be flexible from their heart. We can just acknowledge that within ourselves as their own absolute free will choice. And we can then make choice ourselves based on that observation without any judgement. It is just their choice.

If we continue with that relationship with the friend, family, loved one, we can expect discordant energetics to arise again and again. Because the two human beings are not aligned enough in each’s own energetic frequency. It is energetic friction. Like energy magnetises to like energy and is effortless. Energies that are not similar in frequency energy repel. It is only energy, playing out within a humanised experience of perception. Where every perception is unique, and equal as a creation from Divine Source.

Bare in mind that each human is ever changing in energetic state. We are always in flow. Even if we fight it. With open mind and open heart, a human raises their energetic frequency fast. Some appear to change very little or slowly yet they are evolving (their is role play at work within YOUR dream and ascension). Human energetic frequency change is based on our HUMAN will and soul choice. We can experience relations with people that are very very harmonious, then change to disharmony. Only because one or more of the humans has changed Energetic frequency. We can also experience discordant relationship that evolves into harmony. Again, this will show one or more human energies have evolved and therefore have changed their energetic frequency.

Many are feeling the presence of energy we can label as PURITY WITHIN in this NOW timeline. Others will come into this feeling as they progress their path. That we can now only be our PUREST VERSION so far that keeps evolving. This means we will be honouring all relationships we have to allow for our PURITY to shine forth as part of the WHOLE. There are bigger scenarios and timelines at play to come forth for the collective, where PURITY expressed within and without will have great energetic effect on the Whole. It comes from a place of peace, love and harmony within us. It’s NOW effortless to simply acknowledge another’s energy, without any judgement or story, and make highest choice. That highest choice will be from the heart, and made for the highest good. The highest service being to continue your own evolution, as peace, joy, playfulness, happiness, harmony. And above all these…as the PURE LOVE you truly are.

It is a state of neutrality, peace, innocence and through PUREST LOVE, that is unrestricted by our human or another, we create for the whole in our highest way. We have come here to CO-CREATE, yet this is only ever aligned and possible when two or more people gather, as their own gifts born from LOVE. Each will express differently. Each intentionally have their own unique and neutral gifts to offer, express out. They can only do this, if they are accepted for who they are; their VERY uniqueness bares a unique and divine fruit for all. We move into this AGE. For when two or more gather and ALL that gather ARE BEING OF THEIR PURITY, that which is PURE, INNOCENT LOVE, there is no desire for anyone to compromise you. Or for you to compromise you. There is just their unique human expression that aligns with their Soul, and aligns with the gathering of Souls.

Be YOU. For you were always Free.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence


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