What If, You Alone Define Purpose and Meaning?

lightworker eraoflightdotcomWhat if purpose and meaning are not these things inside you, for you to serve, grasp, understand, express, but rather that you create and define this? I’ve been contemplating meaning, lately. How important it feels.

I see that most of us want a sense of meaning. A feeling that we are living a meaningful life. That what we’re doing, contributing, creating, expressing – we WANT to FEEL that it matters. We want to feel our lives matter and we want to value ourselves, our lives, and what we’re doing.

We desperately want to feel meaning, to feel purposeful in our lives!

The thing I’m noticing is this: all meaning is ascribed.

We create it.

Meaning IS, because it is within us, resonant or expressive of something that matters to us.

We make real what we treat as real and with meaning – we make real what we LOVE and feel that what love and care about is meaningful, has value in the world.

If our life isn’t expressing this, we feel a sense of loss, disconnect, dissatisfaction.

What if, feeling a sense of meaning, value, purpose … in life, comes through knowing yourself and being true to you?

What if, knowing yourself in ways such as knowing WHAT MATTERS to you is how you create meaning?

What if you get clear about what you value and you do and be that?

Is it possible THAT is what gives us meaning?

Is it possible that truly we’re free to choose? We can trust ourselves, do what we love and allow that to matter?

These are important ideas.

I think, that doing what we love and paying attention….investing time in what we value and care about is what creates a sense of meaning. I think that is what gives us a sense of purpose and a way of being that makes us feel our lives have value.

As a person who works/teaches/shares in the realm we call Spiritual and as a walk-in myself who is learning about embodiment, I see that we so often look for meaning-making outside of us.

We think it is about searching and finding “what we NEED to be doing, to be doing what we need to do.” This idea that it IS and we need to “figure it out,” distracts from our inner connection and ultimately from our inner knowing and aligning with our deepest sense of self.

Beloved Friend: what if that approach takes us on a path of meaning making that is a serious detour?

What if… meaning is entirely of your making.

Is it possible that if you do what you love, you feel your life has meaning?

What if you try this out and see?

Please feel into this.

Let yourself relax and open and tune into what you find most beautiful, inspiring and important to you….

What do you love seeing, experiencing, spending time with…



My guess is you will not only feel meaning and that your life is meaningful, but you will also feel your own BEAUTY. Your intrinsic VALUE and immense worthiness.

It’s there – in the territory of you – and the meaning of life that if your DIVINE KNOWING.

I love you. <3 And? You’re perfect. And beautiful. Just. As. You Are >>>FEEL THAT.

Yes! How good is it to come home to the truth within you?

To give up searching and feeling inadequate and instead celebrating what you love and centering your life in that?


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