Goddes of Light: Reprogram Your Life

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomHave you ever wanted to have a do-over in your life? Have you ever been sick of a particular habit you have? Do you have a tendency to be depressed or angry or frustrated or any other emotion? This channel began with another technical glitch taking place! This time the audio teleconference wasn’t working. Therefore the conference was delayed getting started, people were calling Shelly, she was trying to come up with an alternative. This in turn created frustration on her part! It also became the foundation for this channel.

We have all been very aware of the changes taking place with the ascension process. We talk about the fifth dimension and all the transformations that have taken place for the past 15 years in particular. It’s all catching up! The most recent changes have included more people that have been unconscious becoming conscious. However, their means of becoming conscious is different than all the people who have come before. There have also been some massive influxes of the crystalline energy that creating changes in your internet, in the consciousness, and in the development for all the support that is our world. Shelly has experienced this through her recent teleconferences.

During this channel you have an opportunity to flow your energy back into the time before you were born. This gives you a chance to look at the influences that were taking place and the decisions you made. This is a VERY powerful tool for you to have. In some cases, it may create greater acceptance of your life. In other cases, it may be that you chose particular experiences or people as a means of grounding. This channel takes you deeply into your I AM presence and expands your alignment with love.

The change taking place in the world is based on love. The Goddess also spoke very specifically about this love is yours from your divinity. As that flows from you into your life your perception of everything changes.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment as we gather together.

This time of transition that everyone is going through is an indicator of somewhat the imbalance that has been taking place for so long. All of you who had been upon this spiritual journey and that have been really working to expand your consciousness to live in a life that was filled with consciousness, to live at that vibration that is aligned with the fifth dimension have been doing so and it’s only been the last one, maybe two years in which you’ve had a really solid support underneath you.

We have spoken over the last several months about how everyone else is now coming into (the new energy). They’re gathering together, they’re coming into this space, they’re coming into this moment; everyone that has been awakening in the recent, say six months to a year, are now kind of stepping up their energy and stepping into this flow; therefore, things are changing. The way in which people look at life, the decisions that people make for themselves, all of the things that take place in your everyday living are transitioning. Some of this is very evident for people, they know, “Oh goodness, things, what’s happening here, what’s going on?” and then other people just say, “I don’t know what’s up, I just know I’m making changes”.

And so, when you look at what’s happening, what’s going on in the technology that you’ve had. Last week it was the video, this week is the audio, these are but representations of the things that have been imbalanced. The whole Internet, the programs that use the Internet have been finding a new way to work with the Internet, that is one of the ways in which technology is expanding and in which technology is assisting this movement or this motion that is taking place, that is taking things into the next level of awareness.

So that is one thing that has been going on, is that it’s representing the discrepancy in technology that goes along with the discrepancy in people and consciousness. The support is there, the vibration is there, the potential is there, so all of these things that have been going on are transitioning, they represent the transition and they will all stabilize. The key for all of this is to relax, understand that it’s a glitch, that its but a moment and Shelly who is a Virgo as you know, well maybe you don’t; but when you look at her astrological chart, she is Uber-Virgo, is what one of her astrologer friends said because everything is bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing as you’re looking at her chart.

So just to give a little bit of a history here and I know she’s in the background saying, “Really, this is really what we are going to talk about”? She has always been a very type “A” personality and has always been organized and has always wanted things to go according to, you know, whatever the plan was. When she began to move through this transition, which was about 1993 or 94 it was a very dramatic change to suddenly allow herself to shift into her right brain or to shift into that part of her that was much less structured and much less, ah.., what is the word …perfectionistic that she had been prior to that, and so the thing is that she has adopted so many of these things and is obviously doing extremely well because she can channel as she does, however, especially when something like this comes up it’s like she reverts back into that energy of, “No, I want it to work. No, I want it to be this. Why is it doing that?”

And so, this is actually probably what would be a great thing for us to talk about during this journey tonight. How those programs that you’ve had have been a part of you for so very long are going to adjust or release themselves in this new energy and in this new vibration. As you transition, as you move into who you are, what you are, how you want your life to look or that is all taking place with that programming not only of your DNA, not only of your thought processes but just every cell within your body is vibrating in a different potential.

So, there are many layers of answers or explanation that I would like to share about this, but the simple one for just right here at the beginning is love yourself.

When you are transitioning out of a pattern or a habit that has been entrained within you, perhaps you were even born with it as she was with all those astrological things and then you want to do something different, you just love yourself as a means of understanding that it’s okay. You don’t have to always be exactly precise. She doesn’t have to take responsibility for what YouTube decided to do or for what Free Conferencing decided to do. She is but a part of this process and this is happening, not only to her but to everybody else on down the line and it’s not that there’s right-wrong- in between, it is simply that this is what it is and you move forward from here.

So I did want to say that at the very beginning here and I can feel her calming down now and I can feel everyone that’s trying to get in, so there will be more people that will listen to this later, there will be more people that will watch it later and it is what it is. I am present, I am ever present and we will still continue to have a beautiful meeting tonight filled with love and energy.

Alright, I invite you to anchor your energies, perhaps even more so than usual, but take a deep breath in and breathe all the way down through your body and send that breath of light down into the earth. As you feel that cord of your energy connecting with Gaia and kind of moving out, it spreads out, it’s as if it moves in these different directions. It is anchoring you and it is holding you in this space.

Speaking of being agitated or trying to calm your energy, this is another way in which you may do so. When you anchor and send that level of consciousness down into the earth it will calm you because Gaia comes up within you. She wraps that loving energy within you as it’s helping you to ground in this space and as you take a deep breath in and breathe out ~whew~ let go, let go of anything that no longer serves you.

Allow that consciousness to then come back up through you. It comes up through all of your energy bodies and it goes out through the top of your head. As it does so you find yourself blending with your higher self.

As you merge with your higher self your energies will expand. You may find that there are things here that are taking place or creating this space and as you align with your higher self and as you send that flow moving through everything understand that you are opening up to even newer potentials for how you can look at your life. You then continue to send that stream of consciousness; it moves out from your higher self until it blends with your I AM Presence.

As you do so feel what this space is for you. Feel the essence of who you are as your soul and as you do so allow the love, the compassion, all that knowledge and the experience that comes to you from your divinity to simply flow through you. It moves through your consciousness, somewhat clearing out but also creating a deeper connection within you. As you feel that connection it expands; feel who you are, experience who you are, love who you are.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you. You as the human, you as your divinity, you for all that you are. As my energies merge with yours there is a movement or a shift that expands into the All That Is.

As you feel the flow and the presence that is your space here within the All That Is, I invite you to have a sense of relaxing.

Once again tapping into the experience this evening I wish for you to begin by looking at your life and asking the question, “What am I taking responsibility for that is not mine to take on?”

As you consider that question it may a be blankness around you, there may not be something that immediately comes to mind. However, allow it to just kind of permeate through you and as you move through your days let that percolate in the back so that if you find yourself apologizing for something, getting frustrated with something else and then you recognize it was not yours to be responsible for in the first place then you can let it go.

We have spoken for the past 15 years about the integration of the energies and about the movement into the fifth dimension and higher. We’ve spoken about how time space reality is a spiral effect and there are many different eons that are coming together and as you consider how that is having an impact upon not only your life but upon the entire consciousness of the world it is huge.

There have been waves and waves of energy that’ve come in and some of those waves affected certain people dramatically and other people not so much. Other times there was a vibration or an intention that came in an affected those that had not been affected by the prior. What’s happening is that in order to integrate the crystalline vibration and create the change that is needed to take place it has to come in in wave upon wave. It has to then be integrated in wave upon wave.

Where we are today in some regards you have lived multiple lifetimes in this single lifetime in which you find yourself. In the past, in the heavier denser energy people would have particular experiences, get to the end, they would die and then they come back around and be reborn.

Many of you that are currently living wherever you are living in your life, have moved through your life and then you’ve transition and moved into a higher dimension or a higher vibration, you move through that and then you transition to move into yet another vibration and moved through that. For some of you it’s been as many as three, the majority it’s being one. My intention with this is to share with you that because of the change in vibration, because of the massive support from both the universe and your planet, people are able to move extremely quickly through the vibration and the energies of transformation.

In the crystalline vibration you are moving out of the rigidity of duality therefore time space reality expands and contracts in such a way that the movement of time is a part of why you are able to move through these transitions in just this one lifetime.

The key in everything is love. Love begins first and foremost within you and that love is the love that comes down from your divinity into your heart center supporting you, nurturing you, assisting you with whatever may be going on in your life.

The next step that comes from love is compassion. When you feel love within your life you feel compassion for others. Allow me to clarify, the love of which I speak is the unconditional love of source. Some may call it the love from God, some may call it the love from spirit, some may call it whatever word you want to use. This is the love that is for you from your God source.

Therefore, it does not have conditional ”I love you, if you do well”, “I love you if you do what I want you to do”, “I love you, if you make the right choices”. This is the love that says “I love you” and this is the beginning, the middle and the end, “I love you”. From there, look at what compassion it’s like. So, open your own vibration in this now moment as you are here at the direct flow of energy and light from your source and feel love, the beginning, the middle, the end, feel love.

As love that flows through you it clears out old energy, it clears out the pain and the suffering that you may have experienced and that form of compassion becomes massive. It flows through you and you feel compassion for yourself for maybe choices you made that you’ve been kicking yourself about. It’s about showing you the compassion for your loved ones when they are hurting. It’s about feeling compassion for the entire world. As all of this turmoil is moving through feel stability that comes from love and that comes from compassion.

Breathe deeply, you are love.

There is a part of me that says, “Okay, we are done” and for many this is all you need, that sense of love, acceptance, compassion, everything that goes along with that. There are always multiple ways in which to integrate change within yourself.

Allow us to look once more at some of the programming that you have within you. When you were born there was the DNA that was created between your parents and each one brought the family history through them. You also made choices that you wished to bring into your life and you made karmic agreements with particular souls or experiences to be a part of them for this life.

I’m looking at people and I’m looking at all of this and then thinking we could talk about this for the next 10 years. So, therefore, what I’m going to do is set up a process and then I invite you to come back and use it as often as you so choose.

As you are here in the All That Is you breathe into the vibration of self, the vibration of source, you breathe into the person you are in this lifetime. As you do so I invite you to have that sense of sinking down as if you sink all the way down into the time in which you were created. For some it’s as if you follow a ball of light that goes back through your years. Go back 10 years 15, 20, 30 howsoever, many it is until it’s the time of your conception. Okay, for some it feels like it’s important to access the time of your birth as almost like a checking in and then go into the time of your conception and then go back to when you were here in this space deciding to be the person that you are in this lifetime.

Look around you. See who was present with you.

The closest are those that are your perhaps your Guardian Angels in this lifetime, perhaps your closest soul essence. So, we will begin this first layer when you said to yourself, “What is next for me to experience as a soul?” For some of you it was “I wish to be human down upon the earth”. For others of you it was “I want to move through the whole Ascension process. However, I’ve done it before so, what do I need to do in order to do it again?” and there were frequently people that had trauma in their early life to really ground your energies into this human in this lifetime.

So too, as you consider this life, as you listened to what was going on upon the earth you began to ask yourself, “Who do I want around me in this lifetime?” So, you chose your primary, probably secondary life experiences, you then chose the people and then you began to look at how the vibration and the waves of energy interacted with one another.

For some as you look at your family group in this lifetime, because everyone was born into the particular family that they chose, so you begin with that family.

Did you have a great life growing up? Your ups, your downs, you’re sad as your heart aches, but that was your life. Were you born into a family in which you felt as if you didn’t know who any of them were that they were so very, very different from you, but yet you were there? If this was your experience it might be that you brought an aspect of yourself from further out in the universe to be back in the earth during this Ascension process and you chose a family that was a part of your soul group even though you were coming from the other end of the universe to be here and you had no longer vibrated in a similar fashion; many of the times for these people that family then became your anchor, holding you onto the earth.

Did you grow up in a family that was filled with abuse; that created trauma, trauma upon trauma, upon trauma? For those of you of which there were many, many, many of you this is one of the ways in which the higher vibration was anchored into the earth. It was a third dimensional way in which to bind upon the earth with all of those energies that needed to be transitioned.

There were quite a few souls that came into the earth, found themselves in that situation and said I’m gone. Some of these people left emotionally, some of these people physically died.

These are but a few, these are some of the majority but there were so many different variations that are not even acknowledged in this moment. I invite you to consider your own life and to consider the choices that were made prior to even conception.

There were massive groups of people that were in waiting, so to speak, to come into the earth and be a part of this process. Many of you had already ascended off of the earth, many of you no longer needed the earth or it’s experiences; but there was this wave of energy that rolled through the universe that said we are looking for old souls and ascended Masters to walk upon the earth for the next hundred years or more as this transition takes place.

Ohhh, that brings up a lot of emotion in Shelly, most likely a lot of emotion in you too!

So, take a deep breath in, feel the love, feel the compassion. Know who you are, know what this all is and understand that it has been worth it. Your sacrifice is not in vain. Your intention for this lifetime has supported this transformation. I thank you, and all of us from the Angels, from the light beings, from the souls, God, Goddess; from here in the All That Is, we thank you. We thank you for being there, we thank you for all that you are doing it is noticed. So, I digress.

Back to before the time that you were even conceived, this is what was going on. Take this moment and as you look at your own life, open to know. You then move through the process of conception, that excitement, that joy, YEAH! I’m going to live a life upon earth, it’s going to be amazing, it’s going to be magnificent look at all I’m going to be accomplished! And you created yourself!

Moving through gestation that is when a lot of the programming is being entrained within your physical being. You then went through birth. You have the biology of who you are. Be in this presence.

You can start at this time, before you were born, and now that you have this consciousness that you do ask “is there something within your vibration or within your DNA that you no longer need to have in this lifetime”?

As you consider what that is you can take it, allow it to shift to the side. It may be that it is something that has to stay there because it is so much a part of you, however, it need not affect you. So, let whatever that may be shift to the side.

Allow your vibration your energy to roll through gestation and into your birth. As you were born into this world, there is so much that is set. There is so much taking place.

Within this space here is another entry point in which, especially emotionally, if your birth was met with anything besides love and joy; if you were sick, if there were hard circumstances around it, let all of that come up in this moment ~whew~ let it go. As you let it go, feel it being replaced with love, with joy, with excitement “you are here, your born, welcome!”

If you in this lifetime have had, hmm what is the word, say for example OCD where you have to do things a particular way; your mental body gets into pattern or circle that goes around, and around, and around, as if it is playing a tape, going around and around and around. Go in to your mental body at this time of your birth or even beforehand, and let’s acknowledge that this no longer serves me.

If that was something that you needed to be grounded in this lifetime, and now here you are you’re on the other side of that experience, you are on the other side of the ascension process and you no longer need to have that obsessive consciousness ~whew~ clear it out! Clear it out and let it flow backwards from the time you were born. Replace it with ease, replace it with acceptance, replace it with this sense of moving with the flow of love and light and energy. And that rolls down through your lifetime adjusting everything.

If in this lifetime there are certain emotional experiences that you have; depression, sadness, anger, fear, any emotion that has come up for you again, and again, and again showing you that this is a problem, here it is again, let’s look at it this way. If indeed in this now moment you can look at your life and feel that acknowledgment, that, I’m done, I’m done. I no longer need that sense of emotion to ground me ~whew~ let it go.

Feel the love and peace and the balance that moves through you in place of any of those other emotions. Take a deep breath in, and breathe out. Let that ball of energy that comes from the time of your birth, let it roll through the years as it does so let it clear out anything within this space let it clear out your entire life until you come to the age in which you are right now. As you do so feel as if you are adjusting, as if you are transitioning, so that your vibration recognizes all that you’ve been through in this lifetime and it recognizes where you are right now, as a part of the fifth dimension, as a part of the crystalline vibration. Let it all be within you as it anchors and balances you.

You are still you. This is allowing you to be the most that you can be. It allows you to create your life building from a space of love, compassion, and of well-being. You are love.

Now as I look at each one of you, I can see that everything that I had said a few minutes ago is now really moving through and changing. As it changes you it will change your perspective with everyone within your life. It will change your perspective of how you look at life and with all of the turmoil that is going on upon the earth, it will clear out so much of that also.

Things that needed to come up for people to be aware, to make conscious clearing. So much of that emotion, so much of that trauma is here to be cleared and to acknowledge it is time to move beyond it. Any time you see groups of people still stuck in that fear and anxiety, send that impulse of love, compassion into whomever that may be that they will feel that for themselves. Whew, deep breath in!

I invite everybody to come back again. I feel a lot of you are quite far out there, so I invite you to come back as a group. You will find yourself returning in the best way that is possible for you and as you come back into this energy, we call forth that hologram of the earth. As you look at the hologram, infuse into it your own transformation so that as it is adjusting there will be more and more places of alignment that will support you in your everyday life. As everyone infuses that transformation, the hologram itself begins to rotate and flow. It is as if there are beams of light that are coming out from it.

It’s very interesting because other times it’s like there are sparkles that are shooting out. This time it is band of light and beam of light that shines out from the hologram. As everyone releases it, there is a part that goes out into the universe that anchors not only the earth but assists with creating the balance an alignment is integrated.

The remainder goes down, it comes down to the magnetic grid of the earth, it goes down through the crystalline grid of the earth and it anchors within the center. As this vibration anchors within the center of the earth, it then begins to move out. It is still linked with the All That Is, there is still an even flow that comes in from the All That Is but as this moves up, it is consciously clearing out all of those energies and vibrations that no longer serve humanity. It is also integrating on a deep, deep, deep form the love and the compassion so that everyone is able to tap into that within themselves.

For you, allow your focus to come back down within you. As you are bringing all of your consciousness back, it moves back through the All That Is, into your divinity in the soul plane, coming down through your higher-self coming down into you. Take in a moment for the adjustment that takes place knowing that you’re cleared out those old beliefs systems, those old emotions, and thought processes that no longer serve you.

As that continues to integrate within you and you allow your energies to come back within. Shelly is not sure if it’s possible to do the I&O, the Q&A whatever it is called, so what we are going to do. We apologize but we are not going to have the Q&A today. If there is anyone that had a question, we are just going to send a vibration for an acknowledgment of what that is. And the next time we get together, we will try to answer even more questions than is typical. Or Shelly may decide to do a question-and-answer session on you tube or Facebook.

Be open, know that you are connected, that you do have love and support for you and know that we are always with you and we love you dearly.



This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net