More Light Beams & More Love

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomA huge influx of light as our Sun is now conjunct Zosma, a fixed star on the rump of Leo, giving us a feeling of being… how do I say this… poked up the bum kicked up the butt, sat on your bum….or let’s move that… A spectrum expansion arrives with the light rays of this star that will create a multitude of octaves within the bandwidth to move in what appears like different directions.

If we were to imagine a slice of the ocean, the different currents, the different temperatures the different light levels, depending on the depths, each layer moving and behaving very differently to the next if you were able to view it through a microscopic view, how different it would seem, different life forms, different behaviours live in different conditions of the water, the bottom feeders to the microbitty things that exist towards the surface…those who require light and those who cannot be anywhere need it, and it’s during these shifts, these expansions that we see these layerings in our reality so clearly, it’s quite spectacular to watch and observe the evolution as the energies, the currents shift and change and we move into new surroundings.

Zosma like all stars holds a spectrum and whilst in its lowest of octaves this one brings the ego out to play, the victim and saviour programs begin to rise, other interpretations are disgrace, selfishness, egotism, immorality, meanness, melancholy, fear of poison, a shameless and egotistical nature, to keen intellect, loss in childhood, and yet in the higher octaves we have the complete reverse energies leading to heart expansion and the ability to shine, or contribute MORE, and by doing so we expand and quicken the light moving through our light web.

Those in the depths of their deep C diving expedition begin to feel the rumblings of the ocean floor and experience the toxic bubbles first hand, those who have learned to swim through the currents find a space in which to move easily as they have understood the drill, the laws of nature and have been listening to the instructions being received, support the physical, give full focus and attention to cutting out unnecessary noise of the people programs, put in new practices that raise the phsyical body vibration, reinforce the temple walls and begin maintenance work to hold the energy that’s now entering.

Abandonment and lack is rising so we flip the wheel and bring in extra support, not out there, but within, always within.

Saturn is slowing everything down for those still playing with his crumbling rings so you get to see things frame by frame for your analysis, end of retrograde is the 18th, Jupiter is about to make some funky squares to the virgo party giving us some hot fiery, intricate energies to expand into as Jupiter loves to give just that little bit more to experience and I’m following the guides and I have some super amazing news for you all in regards to the SoulAr Alignment Course!!! Big changes more expansion, MORE light beams and MORE LOVE.


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