9~9 Portal: Cosmic Love Increases and The Fall of The Illusionary Matrix

heaven hearts eraoflightdotcomThe 9/9 portal brings with it the end of a  cycle of destruction, deception, perfectionism, arrogance, idealism and aloofness as we ascend into a Unity consciousness of planetary humanitarianism. The Cosmic energies of unconditional Love continue to increase and bombard the collective as the unconsciousness of the 3D matrix mind system is smoked out of existence.

This is All a part of the process of the Greatest event in the Herstory of Creation. Forgiveness is a key ingredient in these moments both for Self and others as we release what no longer serves us and find the inner strength that brings with it clarity, closure coupled with Feelings of Joy and compassion. Over the next 3 months we are pressured with physical upgrades and spiritual awareness as we enter into a more stable foundation where focus is very much on Self Love and selfless service for the Greater good.

Faithful introspection connects us with the Divine as we emerge from the illusion of separation. Light beings discover their innate abilities as they illuminate Love in action with the rising of the consciousness. Souls reconnect as we usher in the New eartH=Heart under the guidance of our Divine Mother Gaia.

Unimaginable abundance flows towards those who surrender completely to Divine Will and Follow their Hearts calling. Dear ones, spend more time in nature, quality time with those who make you laugh and practice daily spiritual disciplines as if it were your full time occupation. Accept, embrace, allow all feelings to be felt and processed without attachment. This is a time for healing and trusting your intuitions. Let go of all attachments to opinions and let Self expression be the New language of love.

You have a gift to share, so find your Joy and paint your life happy!


» Shared per request via email » By Gregory Trollip