Era of Light Report For 9/8/2019: New Alignments, Freedom, Reality In Transition

the future is now eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You! As always from heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune in to the light within you.

Freedom. Freedom in any language is my favorite word, it sounds beautiful in all languages. But to truly be and feel free, it cannot be expressed in writing. Because freedom, not demo-cracy, true unlimited freedom is divine, freedom is the highest value there is.

Now, if one is to blindly turn to the outside world, it may seem that each day our freedoms are being taken away. If one focuses within, connect to the divine being within, you will come to understand that something grand has been in the works here on Earth for the past few decades. And now we are in the final stretch, the last mile, of this tiring, nonetheless so worthy marathon.

Total freedom, not just for one area, but for all of Earth. True equality is to be finally experienced by all of humanity.

The obstacles that have prevented major change have been removed. We have previously stated that many entities at the top of the ladder in particular were given ultimatums, which they refused all of them. So now they are left with nothing. But only to experience their own demise, which is complete.

They now have zero power. Governments, banks, military, are now all in the hands of the Alliance. The mainstream media is also being taken over by the Alliance. You will notice this through the change in reporting on your television.

All portals of light are now open. This means the light entering our world in this moment is not being filtered or lessened by the Galactics any longer. In the past they would intervene so all could adjust to the higher light and feel more comfortable. Not anymore. It is entirely up to each and every individual how they cope with the continuously increasing vibrations.

In the month of September through the Winter Solstice, there are stars beginning to create new alignments in our neighboring galactic worlds. This will directly impact Earth as well. A strong wave of cleansing, followed by a deeper anchoring of divine templates on our world.

The best advice I can give you now is, yes, relax, go with the flow. Remain in the high vibes, no matter what. You may feel sick, insomnia, exhausted, lost. Relax, the old is being dismantled.

You may feel tension, anger in your surroundings and beyond, that’s the light pushing through and dissolving the old ways of life. Through this, you may also feel your heart beat faster, and perhaps skip a beat here and there, it is expanding. The capacity to love is becoming infinite.

What awaits just ahead is wonderful news and celebrations for many, while shock and disbelief for others. We are moving forward at the speed of light, we are even surprising the Galactics at how quickly we are integrating the new energies. Once the Creator’s dream, now we are becoming reality in a new dimension in this Universe. We are now in the Era of Light.

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4 Replies to “Era of Light Report For 9/8/2019: New Alignments, Freedom, Reality In Transition”

  1. Gerry

    Seems to me they were given ultimatums many times and clearly they had no intent to ever change. Well maybe this time something will actually come of it.

  2. Cheri

    Thank you KejRaj! Resonating with your words! The light is on full throttle. Really loving it even through the waves of nausea lol! My appetite is completely waning so much so I am losing interest in my staples of pizza and chicken nuggets hahahaha! All that life force energy flooding in so that everything tastes bland to me. My cells are able to sing once again as we are humming along through the next 4 months of huge transition.

    Sadly you are right about the dark ones, they simply will not relent they are so broken and criminally insane both here and quantumly. We have almost shut down and cleared the secret space program timelines. The other night Rasputin flashed an astral message quantumly to his cohorts in crime and it read “I have lost galactic access” yahoo!

    It was very cool last month when I grabbed onto him while he shapeshifted into a ship and we traveled warp speed through a dark portal. Coming out on some barren outpost where we hovered above the surface until he found the person he was looking for and shapeshifted back into himself to make some shady deal. He travels around the universe completely naked lol! These people are so sick it is really sad how unimaginative and grotesque their creations were geez! They put astroturf in the paradise timelines lol! No wonder we are drowning in plastics here. So this last dark portal in Kashmir is being shut down as we speak. It is no surprise that Afganistan is in the news lately as this will bring that last dark vortex of energy into balance and the criminals there will lose their lust for violence to control the poppy fields as we lose the mental program for addiction. I can read their symbols so clearly now. I remember the Matterhorn ride in Illuminati Disneyland when I was a kid. A (emotionally symbolic) rollar coaster in the Himalayan Alps (their biggest dark portal). It was right next to the Monsanto ride where they shrunk you down to the size of a molecule and brought you back (really freaky in retrospect)!

    Well just an update from the front lines of what was once the hell realms lol! All is incredibly well as we have taken back our power and reset the planet lightworkers! Onward we go! 😘