Divine Mother God: Anchoring The Planet Fully in 5D

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomMy precious children on earth, I am your Mother God. The energies are still quite intense, and these energies are going to keep coming to the planet so that the planet and humanity will have a chance to ascend.

The reason I come forward today, is to let you know that the Divine has been working on anchoring the planet on the high dimension, and as of today, the progress has been amazing. I am very happy about the progress, and the planet earth is doing great. The process will take somewhere between weeks or even months for the planet to be anchored in the 5th dimension and functioning well, Even though what we see now is a solid planet anchored on a higher realm. However, the process will continue till the planet earth is completely settled on the 5th dimension, and only till then will the Divine safely say that the planet has ascended. And we are working toward that goal.

I have been literally working nonstop. I am the one who is in control of the whole operation. I have the confidence that this time, the Divine has indeed brought the planet up to the 5th dimension for complete ascension. Once I have made the official announcement about the completion of this phase, we will start the next phase right away. I know that there are some light workers who are eager and want to move on to the next phase. I understand the sentiment dear ones, and I know the Divine team is ready. However, the planet is in such a delicate spot and we need a little time before starting the next phase.

Technically, the planet is ready. However, I want to make sure that is the case. And the Divine wants to know exactly where the planet is in relation to the 5th dimension, and how much more we need to lift up the planet. Once the Divine has a solid position, then we will decide when the next phase begins. I know the Divine has it all planned out and I have it all on paper. Nevertheless, the planet still is in a vulnerable position. I want to be sure that all of my children will be alright and go home. And that means that we will work toward that goal so that I won’t have any concerns about my children and the planet.

Currently, I am doing very well. I am in a perfect spot and resting before the next move comes. The next movement will be quite consequential, and the Divine knows that. I want to re-heart each and every one of my children that my next move is going to be impactful. Be ready dear ones. Know that the planet is going higher and higher, and as a result, humanity may have to speed up the awakening process. Some souls may have to give up the process and come home altogether, and that partially is because there are souls who simply don’t have a body that is ready for this high energy. If the body gives up, the soul has no choice but to give up this physical ascension opportunity and come home.

However, now that we have the new universe being created, souls who are not going forward in this ascension process will be offered the opportunity to incarnate in this newly created universe and explore and grow. That is the plus because this new universe has a tremendous amount of growing and learning opportunities. The energy level is high and souls won’t go through the amnesia process. In other words, souls are required to be connected with the Divine within when they travel to this new universe. And that way, souls will always be able to hear Diviner’s calls if there is a need.

I love you dear children on Earth. I am your Divine Mother God. In the next days and few weeks, the Divine and I may change the energy patterns so that the planet can have a break, and the light workers will be able to rest and recharge. That is what the Divine does from time to time. And this time, even though the break time has not come yet, the planet seems ready for a break, and that is why the Divine will make it happen. Once the break begins, we, the Divine will bring a totally different type of energy pattern to the planet so that the new energy will work on a different aspect of the old matrix and wake up different groups of souls. That is what to come next. I love you dear heart. Go in peace, and know the planet is doing so well, and the Divine and I are pretty content with the process and the speed. And that is the great news. I am your Mother God. So it is.


» Source » Channel: Linda Li