“The Best Is Yet To Come” But It May Not Be What You Think

tune in to the light within eraoflightdotcomWe now have the ability to take the contents of our mind and lay them out on a picnic blanket before us, viewing and choosing the options in line with our highest forward movement and by extension, that of the world around us. Seeing & choosing NOT from our HUMAN OVERLAY but from our HIGHER ENERGETIC INNERPLAY 💫💫💫

Seeing/choosing NOT from our layers & layers of memory filters, but from our dynamic NOW energy essence. Our NEW seeing/choosing has the power to create “the best” NOW. “To come” merely describing the FIELD OF POSSIBILITIES … not a linear time designation.

When you change
the way you look
at things, the things
you look at change.”
— Dr. Wayne Dyer

Ascensioning is changing the way we look at things.

The typical unconscious, mostly instinctive, human reaction-response is being REPLACED with an upgraded, super-conscious, higher energy-based way of looking at … EVERYTHING!

Our response-ability being freeze-framed so we can instantaneously SEE its dynamics and choose now-consciously, not past-reactively and conditioned. (No more Pavlov’s dogs.)

Yes, the best IS yet to come but not as we’ve thought about it, i.e. in moments or in chunks of things like cars or soul mates or a great job or a success or happiness. No. It’s much more subtle than that, moments (functions of time) being too clunky, slow, separate and “thingy” for energy-based reality.

ENERGY FLOWS; CONSCIOUSNESS FLOWS. Energy-based life can’t be packaged into “moments” or “thinginess.” Energetic seeing/choosing is subtle and extremely light-footed.

When we live, see, and choose from our higher energy INNERPLAY (not our human overlay), life FLOWS … it’s always “the best,” and “yet to come” merely describes the potential in the ever-present, all-NOW field of possibilities. All of it is available to us NOW. Whether we experience it, depends on how we “see” it.

Bottom line: TBIYTC is about higher energy-based PERSPECTIVE. A way of looking at things not based on memory/past experience filters but on present, dynamic connection with infinite Being:

• Love
• Unity
• Cooperation
• Collaboration
• The Good of All
• Oneness
• Flow

🌈 “THE BEST IS YET TO COME.” This mantra will take you higher. Will change your vibration. Believe what it’s saying and feel your cells and attitude jump up in vibration. See with your soul’s eye the heart-based, positive outcomes you want in your life. Feel the feeling they bring you. Say it often. Make it your new best friend. THE BEST IS YET TO COME 🌈

“THE BEST” IS NOW, IF WE CHOOSE. And, the Switch is “On.”

“When you change
the way you look
at things, the things
you look at change.”
— Dr. Wayne Dyer


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