Divine Mother God: Bringing More Light to The Planet

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomThe planet is digesting the incoming light codes quite well. Your Father and I are watching with delight. Your Divine Father has decided to let this wave of light continue so that more of the regions and souls will awaken. The regions that just awakened are going to be the late ascensioners.

However, that doesn’t mean that the souls in these regions are less awakened or somehow to be less enlightened. It is quite the contrary, as souls in the regions where the regimes control every bit of their lives, are the souls who the Divine has sent to break the patterns and break the current regimes. These souls have a strong sense of Divinity within. They remember their Divine mission, and they work hard for it.

The reason that these souls have not broken the old regimes is because they have not received the Divine order. And they know that they are the ones who are the Divine sent souls to break the old patterns and bring in the new. Now they are called, and they know that their time has come. These souls are going to bring down the house so to speak, and bring the new and fresh air in to the region they are residing in.

The Divine has given the souls the order, and now it is time for these souls to start their Divine work. I have conveyed my wishes to the souls who represent the Divine in these regions. Being the Divine Mother God, I have ordered the current regimes to let the control go, and let the mass ascension begin. The souls in the regions need to start the ascension process, and the time is now. There are no more delays, and no more time to waste. The planet has ascended and anchored in the 5th dimension. Humanity needs to catch up fast. Otherwise, it will be challenging for the human body to acknowledge the Divinity within and ascend.

The current energies which are still coming strong, and the human hearts are being elevated. That is my way of helping my children to ascend. I want my children to have an easier time in this ascension process. And that is why I have decided to bring more light and joy to the planet and to my children’s Hearts. As a result, my children have a better feeling about themselves and a better understanding of the ascension process. That is the goal I have, and I am going to continue to boost my children’s morale and bring joy and love to their hearts.

Being the Divine Mother of the planet and the human race, it is contrary to the normal perception that humanity has that Divine is only masculine. I am the God creator and I have created all souls and lives on the planet. Yes, your Divine Father is the Father of the planet, and he is the Father of the human race. But nevertheless, your soul needs a mother, and I am that Mother. I have created this planet and the souls who have decided to come to this planet to experiment the human life. I have repeatedly experienced that once souls incarnate in human form, they totally forget about their Divine Mother God, and they don’t even recognize their Divine Mother even if she is standing in front of them. And that always saddens me. Being the Mother spirit and Mother of all creation, it is really hard to recognize that the planet is in the dark for far too long, and in the process, souls get lost. Souls have no recollection of their Mother God whatsoever, and that has to change. We have to make sure that the souls recognize their Divine roots and recognize that they have a Divine parents. Their souls come from their Divine Mother and they need to have a respect to their Divine Mother Father God. That is just the fundamental basic spiritual practice and the spiritual laws require the souls to act upon.

I have asked the Divine to continue the effort of educating the planet and souls about the spiritual laws and their Divine Mother’s incarnations in the hope that my children eventually will remember me as their Mother God and know the reason that I am here is to help them and love them. I love you dear children on the planet earth. I am your Divine Mother God. I love you dearly. So it is.


» Source » Channel: Linda Li