KaRa of the Pleiades: Your Mission

kara of the pleiades eraoflightdotcom newI am KaRa.  It is wonderful to be able to be with you, to continue to be able to provide this service.  This service of communication that we, the Galactics, we, the Pleiadians, are able to communicate with you in this way for this time period.

It won’t always be this way, for many programs are in place now, many projects are in the works to be able to bring this reunion with our brothers and sisters here on the planet, to bring this reunion together with us again so that we can experience that physical connection with all of you, and you with us.

The times that are coming, the waves of energies that have been coming in, many of you have been feeling them.  Many of you have been experiencing them in varying ways, sometimes not as great, sometimes with great increase in the energy that you feel in that moment.  Sometimes even bringing about physical sensations, sometimes even what would be considered negative physical sensations, or ascension symptoms.  You are feeling those energies, and those energies can even make you ill at times.  But those times are fleeting now.  And they will become less and less, as you become more and more acclimated to these energies.

This is why these waves of energies have been coming in.  They have been coming in somewhat slowly and not as strong as they could have been.  For those that are working with this ascension process that are mostly in charge of this ascension process, those being the Guardians that are here to assist in this and to hold off the energies, they had decided, and we had all decided in all of our councils, to hold off these energies for, as it turns out, several years, now.  And this is in order to allow you to continue to anchor these energies and to hold onto them, and be able to take these energies within you, and not be overwhelmed, and not have your central nervous system overwhelmed by these intense energies that are coming in.

We are continuing to monitor all of this.  We are monitoring the Ascended Masters that work with your group, that work with all of the Light-workers and Light-warriors here on the planet.  We are all monitoring this process so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming.

But also understand that as these waves comes in, if you keep accepting them and keep inviting them, they will become stronger for you.  And you will find yourself moving ahead more and more rapidly in your spiritual progression, here, so that you are moving closer and closer to that first wave of ascension.  And that first wave of ascension is not far off at all.  You may be experiencing the higher frequency vibratory waves of energy that are coming in, and they are going to become stronger and stronger.  This is why those that mentor to you have been saying to you to keep your seatbelts fastened, because the ride is going to become stronger and stronger.

And if you are not prepared for this, if you find yourself slipping back more and more into the 3-D realm and find yourself wallowing within those lower frequency energies, then you will not be as prepared when the times come and the vibrations increase enough so that you can begin to move more and more fully through the transition and into this ascension process.

You are all in the ascension process now.  It has been ongoing for some time.  But you are not fully ready for that first wave of ascension yet.  Most of you are not.  But you are coming closer and closer as you continue to find yourself moving out of the 3-D illusionary world and into the higher vibrations of the higher fourth dimension and at times certainly in the fifth dimension.

Because everything is moving ahead, no matter what.  All of this cannot be stopped.  Those that attempt to continue to do so, continue to attempt to block the sun or they continue to poison your bodies with chemicals and all of these things that they are doing to hold this process off to keep you from ascending, that is not going to work anymore, and is not even working now at this point.

Many of them have lost control and they are beginning more and more to realize that they have lost control.  But they continue to hold on, thinking at the last moment that they will be rescued, that those who came long ago would be here again to rescue them and to continue to keep them in power.  But that is not going to happen, and it cannot happen.  Everything that is approaching cannot be stopped at this point.

Because you, the Light-workers, the Light-Warriors, are moving ahead with your missions.  You all have missions.  You all are part of the greater mission, but you also have your individual parts within that greater mission.

And as you’ve discussed earlier, there is no greater or lesser mission, here, no greater or lesser purpose or purposes.  Everything is a part of the great whole, here.  Everything is a part of the Great Plan.

And all of us and all of you are working together to bring this plan to fruition, to bring it to the culmination, the crescendo that has been spoken of where everything in the moment when you experience it will take you into the next higher levels within your being.  And that is what you are all here to do.  But not only here to do it for yourselves, but you are here to do it for everyone around you as well, as much as you can, to spread your light, to share your light wherever possible.  And that is your mission.

That is what we want you to think of as your mission now, to spread the light, however it happens, whatever it encompasses, here.  We want you to focus on that, to spreading your light.  Whether it is to be joyful within yourself, or it is to be joyful outside of yourself.

To be happy, to show everyone the joy that you are feeling within, if it is that wonderful.  If it is that you secretly share your light with others, send them light without them even knowing that you are doing it, that is okay too.  If you are sending healing energy to another by sending them the light, then that is certainly okay as well.

Everything is exactly as it needs to be in the moment that you are doing it.  Know that.  As long as you are doing it with the best intentions in mind, the best intentions that you can understand in the moment.  And that is what you are needing to focus on more and more.  Find yourself moving out of the 3-D world as much as you can.

Whenever there are feelings of anger, let that subside.  Whenever there are feelings of sorrow or sadness, let that be replaced by joy and gratefulness in the moment.  If you do not feel that you are grateful, then bring it about.  Think of something that brings that gratitude to you or that brings that happiness to you.  You have a saying, ‘find the happy side,’ ‘find your happy place” and this can greatly assist you, as well as going out into nature whenever you can.

Or just simply seeing the beauty around you and within you, or within someone that you are close to.  See the beauty within that person.  Don’t look for the ugliness, for if you look for it, you will find it.  Look for the beauty in that person, whoever it is.  And if it is not a person, if it is an animal or a plant, see the beauty within that life form as well.  For all is a process, here, and you are all operating now within that process of raising your vibration, raising your consciousness, and coming back to the remembrance of who you are and who you have always been, for you have never not been who you are.

I am KaRa, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness, and joy, and that you find that peace, and love, and oneness, and joy in all of your lifetimes endeavors from moment to moment.  Peace and love be with all of you.


Channel: James McConnell