Marys, Mother and Yehshua: Bringers of the Golden Rose

masters of light collective eraoflightdotcomI am Mary Magdalene and I am Mother Mary. We greet you Magdalenes now with our golden light codes, transforming your sadness into joy. Much cellular memory has to be cleared, it is true and yet, we see that much already has been. For you light workers are doing a tremendous job of holding the light of being all that you are and all that you came here to be. You are the leaders of the new age, of the way, and yet, of the ancient ways, returned. For you are familiar with the mystical practices of the ancient mystery schools and you are no stranger to exploring hidden truths in plain sight.

We are the bringers of the golden rose mystery school teachings. All of you have the golden rose within you, it is one of the hidden spaces within your auric field that has yet to be untapped in this reality. Welcome your Christed golden rose into your heart space and allow us to assist you in its blossoming into resplendent light. We Magdalenes have always used the rose as symbolic. Each color has meaning. The golden rose is your Christ-flame rose. We see it fitting that we should bring up the image of gold today. Gold is a rich natural resource within your planetary Mother, Gaia. Gold has been revered for eons through out all universes. Many cultures use it as food, others as currency, others as a sign and symbol of the gods, and it is used in the mystical practices in many other realms. Regardless, it is valuable. You, children, light workers of the way, of the golden rose reopening, you are tremendously valuable. You have passed the test, this test that was created within your own minds, that you could ever not be worthy of Christ’s love. Absurdity. Christ is within you. The question is, have you raised your vibration up enough through the dross and pain of 3D earth to align with the light? We see that those of you reading and typing these words, those of you who are in alignment with these teachings of course, of course, of course feel, see, witness, know deep within your heart space that you are forever changed. For the light of the Great Mother, the Great Father, the Great One, the light cannot be stopped, for the light is all there is. We are removing the illusion of the dark ones. The illusion that is very real from your perspective, and true, much darkness of thought, of deed has occurred, and this is what is being rectified. Do not focus on this. Focus on the light, on the truth. Focus on the world that you wish to create, not the problems of this realm, but of the solutions. And we, the Company of Heaven, have many solutions waiting in the wings, and much love to spread around your realm, comforting and rejuvenating your weary bodies. We ask that you keep holding onto love, to truth, to newness of hope. We ask that you connect with us, the Marys more often for we are skilled healers and wish to be of service to humanity.

I am Mother God. I see you children. I gently push away the tendrils of unruly hair from your eyes, of tangled up thought forms from your fields. I see you. I know you. I love you. I am your Mother God. For so long have we upheld Gaia in light, bathing her in hope, in perseverance energies of faith. No longer, for this is the moment, children. You are now holding the light, the space for this great and tremendous change of the ages. It is within you. The perseverance of the human Lightworker collective is astounding and beautiful to witness.

I am your Mother God. Come to me. Sit in my lap. Nestle in and feel my warm embrace. Allow the Marys, my aspects, to heal and soothe you. Allow my breath upon your crown to travel deep within your heart space where so much pain has been stored and allow me to morph it into light. See a golden rose before you, from my heart into your heart. See it blossom, see the fractals of love-light within it open up into the most beautiful blossom of the cosmos. See it within you. Feel the encodements of peace within you blossom as well. Be at peace children. You are not to do this alone. That is an impossibility that the COH would not ask of you. We are doing this together, as team Gaia, as Father likes to say. We are one. Remember this. Talk with us through your busy days and bring the golden rose of peace, of love, of my light with you wherever you are. People will notice. They will say you look pretty, or taller. They will be scratching their heads not sure what is different. What is different is the Christ of my light is blooming brighter within you now as you connect with these higher dimensional energies and as you become more of your true self. Pathways of light will be illuminated before your feet. You will know your path when you listen with a still heart. The rumblings, the chaos that vie for your attention are not worthy of your attention. But this space, this place, children, my lap, my embrace children, is real. Be here. Live your day from this space and be at peace.

I am Yehshua. I am always with you, even to the end of the age, and certainly into the beginning of the new one! I am always here for you, friends of the way, of the light, of the Christed flame. Allow my hand to touch your heart and fill it with my light. Let us greet the day with a new smile with optimism and with peace. Be at peace, friends. The light has won, friends! And now let us create a new world together, one.

I am your Yehshua. Call on me. I am always available to you. Tell me your concerns and let us work out a solution together. Life in this realm has never been an easy one, but it is the most rich in learning. And friends, think of your lessons, your experiences. Such a rich tapestry of grace. And so, be at peace friends. Look at the beautiful artwork of your life. See the times you have let me assist you? See the unexpected turns of joy in your path? Look for more joy, more moments of bliss, and yet more will find you. I believe the Marys have more they wish to say?

I am Mary Magdalene and I am Mother Mary. We are transmitting light codes of healing into your spaces right now. Be at peace and be comforted. Become the golden rose that is blossoming within you and the fragrance of the Christ will bless all of those that you meet. Peace.


» Shared per request via email » Channel: Galaxygirl