Saturn Direct in Capricorn

astrology update eraoflightdotcomSaturn Direct in Capricorn- Obstacles Removed, Karmic Clearing, Climbing the Mountain to Success + Triumph

On September 18th, Saturn, the planet that rules: karma, obligation, structure, willpower and authority, turns direct in home sign of Capricorn. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign, represents: integrity, authority, social status, the patriarch and order. As described in previous articles, a planet in his/her home sign is most powerful and directed and heralds: forward movement, progress and breakthroughs.

Saturn direct in Capricorn is a green light from the planetary gods in terms of our: responsibilities, obligations and karma. If things have been moving at a snails pace, or with much resistance, Saturn in direct motion in his home sign, will allow these obstacles to be removed. A major karmic cycle is being released, after previous hardships and battles.

As he progresses forward, he will again meet up with the South Node, also in Capricorn. The South Node is an elliptical, karmic point on the moon and represents: letting go and surrender. Saturn conjunct the South Node in Capricorn, will again purge a final chapter in our karmic journey. Issues connected to our inner masculine will be brought to light and a release of control and power will be established. The previous 6 months of tests and trials, while Saturn was retrograde, have prepared us with the strength and fortitude to keep climbing the mountain. Now we can see the peak and the universe is cheering us on to keep moving, alas, in Capricorn style: one foot at a time and with patience. This is a great time to begin a new business or re-establish a contract of importance. Whatever you create now could stand the test of time, as Saturn builds with “forever” in mind.

Saturn direct in his home sign of Capricorn is here to clear barriers and blocks connected to our inner power and destiny. The lord of karma in his own sign and direct, wants to re-create a sense of work ability and integrity in our lives. If you have been doing the inner work and taking responsibility, Saturn direct, will reward you for all of your previous sacrifices. If you have been slacking off or not embracing your blessons( my fancy word for: lessons+ blessings) then Saturn direct, just like his retrograde phase, will dish out more lessons and tests. You truly reap what you sew with Saturn. Saturn in forward motion in his home sign of the goat, reminds you to stay true and honorable. His direct motion offers: a rekindled fortitude of strength and determination, obstacles and blocks being removed and an inner understanding of integrity and success.


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