What About Me, Am I Needed Too?

seven chakras eraoflightdotcomSo often we find ourselves wondering if we are truly needed in this place in time. Are my everyday actions enough to help move humanity into a place of acceptance and forgiveness? It seems no matter how much we accomplish throughout or days and years we wonder “Does this count too?”

The answer is “Yes!”

The fact of the matter is the world needs you so please keep doing what you are doing. The essence of who we are in truth will always create various situations in which we have the opportunity to uplift ourselves, and simultaneously uplift humanity. It is the smallest actions that add to a bigger picture, not always what we would consider “grand” actions. For example, say you are walking down the street and notice a women sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. She checks her phone and begins to cry and drops the phone in her dismay. You walk over to her, pick up her phone and tap her on the shoulder and say “I saw you dropped your phone I am here to return it to you” you then continue “I noticed that you seemed upset, I am sorry you are feeling this way I hope everything turns out alright for you.” And you hand her a tissue. She looks up to you with her eyes full of tears, takes the tissue and says, “THANK YOU! I thought no one cared, I feel so alone sometimes, thank you for caring enough to stop and acknowledge me. Most people would have kept going and not looked my way.” In return you say, Everyone including you matters, everyone. She smiles and soon stops crying.

This is a great example of how little gestures of kindness can help uplift another. When you help uplift one person, you help uplift all people at the same time. Our conscious mind will sometimes find ways to minimize just how important each of us really are to each other. We often need to be reminded of why we are here in this place in time. This is very human and normal thing to wonder about. If you find yourself in a place of uncertainty about whether or not your everyday or every moment actions count for the betterment of the greater good, know that the world is a better place because you are in it. If you find comfort in these words, this is your call to action. Make your next small action for humanity a nice deed for yourself this is where it starts…..with you ☺


» Source » By Carman Biddle