Life Tapestry Creations: Feeling or Acting Odd?

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

You are likely discovering new and somewhat odd reactions to others. Even though you knew you would function differently than was true in 3D, you no longer understand or are able to predict some of your new actions. Actions and words that are both exciting and frightening. Who are you?

Despite internalizing new segments and adapting to the new earth, you believed you would continue to be your 3D self with a few tweaks here and there.

Such, as is becoming apparent to you and others, is definitely not true. For you are a new being with new directions and needs. Perhaps that feels like a frightening concept because you wish to retain your 3D life, including relationships, homes, locations, jobs, etc.

You are discovering that despite your best efforts to be the ‘old’ you, you are claiming more ground for yourself. Something you denied yourself for eons. As a result, you are saying and doing things you do not necessarily understand.

So it is you find yourself snapping at loved ones with words that do not seem to be part of your being. Or you refuse to do something you once found deliciously exciting.

You have prepared for this phase for the past nine months. Even so, the outcomes are not what you expected or want.

Perhaps you remember your teens when you functioned similarly. The difference is, your objections to your parents or society were to ensure acceptance by those you felt were your teen group. You are now doing and saying things that seem to have no purpose other than irritating or hurting those you love.

Do not fret. Those of your inner circle are undergoing similar shifts. So it is you feel you are missing the mark – whatever the mark is – as are all others. It is as if you are all trying to hit the baseball, with your back to the pitcher.

Nothing is as it was. And so nothing seems to feel like the right formula for you or others. You are foggy, belligerent, silly, nasty, and confused – as are all others. This is not the time to take your personal temperature if you will. Nor is it time to start or end relationships. For all is askew – including you.

You want us, of the Universes, to tell you that you will soon return to 3D sanity. We cannot. For you and all others have become new entities as a result of the recent energies. It is as if you have been puzzle pieces that fit together once in a while. Now you are a complete puzzle with an image not yet visible.

Of course, you do not feel complete or even know who you are. Imagine that you are viewing your completed puzzle from an inch away instead of with an overview. As you travel throughout the remainder of this year, your view will expand to include a complete image and an understanding of what that image represents for you.

You, en masse, decided that accepting your being in less time would be too frightening for you and those you love.

You are growing into self-understanding and acceptance, much as you did as a young 3D adult. For then, as is true now, you likely could not imagine who you would become. So it will be for the next several months as you grow into your new being.

Perhaps some of you are concerned you will end relationships you thought permanent in this lifetime. And so you might. But it is more likely you will develop closer ties with those of your inner circle. For you have cleared your path, your being of those so dissimilar as not to be of interest to you.

Those you no longer interact with are not currently interested in moving beyond their 3D life. Even though they may change their direction as a result of recent energies, they are so far behind you in their evolutionary process that you will likely not return to those relationships.

You are becoming new you in abrupt stops and starts, just as was true when you were a teenager or young adult. The difference is there are no road maps, no others who have traveled your path. So it is this shift seems more frightening for some than was true when they were a teen group member.

No one is shifting the same way as you. For only you can allow yourself to shift as your inner-being needs to. Not because you know the rewards that doing so will bring, but because it is time – like salmon swimming upstream.

You are new you with a limited vision of who that is. A vision expanding daily despite your fears of what you will find.

Allow yourself to fully explore your needs, and you will experience an easier shift than if you deny yourself the freedom to be.

You will not lose those also transitioning. And those who are not, are already out of your world. So allow yourself to be in the easiest and most exciting way possible – without guilt, regrets, or self-questioning. Any more than you did when you were angry at your parents as a teen.

You will evolve rapidly in the next four or so months. Allow that to be. There is no need to question your motives. For your only motive is growth. And so it will be. So be it. Amen.


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