Rachiel from the Ophanim: Newborn

new light human eraoflightdotcomLight, every light … it was described in the Bible when your world was born. It could also be described in the same way, when a new bright and beautiful world is born. A world that goes from darkness to light. Your world is in this birth process right now. Your earth has opened up to the light and your world has begun to receive the cosmic rays of light that shine through the darkness and reveal the truth hidden within you. You are all made up of this light, light that shines through eternal times, light that is never worn out, light that is just…. It is your source, your life, your rightful inheritance, that now reminds you again.

You are going to have a fabulous time being met by dear people on Earth. You are on your way back to your origin. Happiness cannot be greater than that. Many are waiting for your arrival, many are now rejoicing with you. Hope has now returned to all the people who have walked the same path as you. A little bit where have you approached the light. You have left a small shred of light to a brother / sister so that they have been able to continue the journey with a greater hope in their hearts.

You have worked together for the liberation of humanity from the darkness and brought in more light for every step or life you have had on Earth. It is therefore important not to judge one another, for you are only judging yourselves. Everything is so well organized that you can only go if your brother goes. You move each other forward in the light and support each other for each step you take. Mankind is a unity, and in this unity both rises and falls. Your bright thoughts can either take root or be uprooted. Today, the light has gained a greater hold and the roots of light and love are spreading in people’s hearts. It is a big change that the Earth is now facing and you have all helped to achieve this. You have received the shard of light from your brother / sister and refurbished it and added a new small shard of light. For every small shred of light that has been added, the light has become stronger and brighter.

You can sometimes meet your sister / brother’s clear eyes that look beyond this world into the next world of light and love. This brother / sister leaves behind great traces of love and light. Traces that have a major impact on humanity’s minds and development. These people with clear vision have been wandering the earth among humanity a little now and then over the centuries. Some are known, others are unknown, and yet they have left large traces of light on the Earth that have changed its direction to seek and follow the path of light. Step by step, mankind has been led to the light and the beautiful fruits that await there.

Your Father is leading you home now, dear children on Earth. It is time again to choose the light and leave the experiences of darkness behind. The veil that has kept you trapped in the dark is now being dissolved and new bright thoughts can again conquer the world, so that it becomes light and loving. Love can again take its place in your hearts and bring out the fear that has taken up too much space. The sun’s rays will give us the energy we need. The sun is the largest energy source we have and together with all the Earth’s natural resources we have everything we need. When we realize and understand this, all thoughts of lack and distress fall, and we feel only gratitude for the abundance in which we are.

I haven’t introduced myself yet, but I’m Rachiel and I’m part of the Sun’s sphere. Be encouraged dear friends to know that the sun is giving you a lot of energy now in the form of a true awakening on many different planes.

We in the sun’s sphere give you all the love we can.



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg