Cosmic Frequency Shift In Progress; The Advanced Council Of Interplanetary Light Message

new earth eraoflightdotcomA Cosmic Frequency Shift is now in progress. This has been building since my last article reporting on the dimensional shift taking place on my you tube video on July 22nd.  You can find that on my youtube channel.

The past few days I have been experiencing extreme bliss. This bliss is so intense, its as if I have entered another dimension. Along with this is feeling Very Light in the body. This comes after a period of a couple weeks of heavy downloads. If you are still in the download process, work through this by releasing all that does not serve you and then you will be ready for the estatic feelings that come through afterwards.

As I have talked about in my articles in the past, this is what we go through in the Ascension Process. Weeks of downloads that are difficult to get through and then when this darkness is released and worked through, we are rewarded with days of feeling great and blissful. I always look forward to the releasing so I can then enjoy the wonderful/beautiful feelings that come later.

Light codes are now streaming in with this Cosmic frequency shift, to accelerate humankind. Many things that you did not realize before now will become clear to you and you may wonder why did I not realize this before when it seems so very crystal clear to now.

The higher realms include information unknown to us at this moment, it is only when we reach higher states of awareness that we are able to access this information.

These Light Codes are specific for raising our awareness to the higher levels, which must be done in order to inhabit New Earth.

Many of you may remember a few years back when I wrote an article detailing how I had found a broken plate in my cupboard and this only happens when we are shifting dimensionally. This is not just any broken plate, the plate was found completely together and sitting in the cupboard and when I went to pick it up and put it on the kitchen counter, the plate split right in half. This same thing happened again about a week ago and now again today. Imagine the stress on our bodies as we go through these shifts that can break plates and bowls in half. Yes the dimension shifts do cause strange occurrences. Look for these in your own life as well.

Frequency shifts can also cause sudden illnesses and to occur. The frequencies coming in can be so strong, if the person has a weak spot in the body, this can be too much for them to handle. All unhealed trauma leads to weaknesses in the body , this is why it is vital for very person to work on healing themselves and if they don’t know where to start to seek out healers such as myself or others.

As I talked about the Mandela effect taking place in the past two weeks, many may notice things they have not noticed before, or that things seem to have changed. These are all signs of shifting dimensions. Expect to see more Mandela effects in the next few months.

You may have noticed recently time is flying by. Time has been speeding up and each day now flies by. This happens as we continue to move forward into no time or zero point.

The Advanced Council of Interplanetary Light 

Important Message from The Advanced  Council of Interplanetary Light/ just coming in as I am writing this and they want everyone to pay attention to this:

Do not get bogged down with negativity at this time. We are sending you LIGHT CODES to expand your awareness. When you head towards anything negative, you will not be able to see/feel or hear the light codes streaming in for you. Humanity has reached a high enough level of awareness they can now drop all negativity from their beings/levels. Focus now instead on reaching higher states of enlightenment and help others to reach this stage. This is the stage we exist in and these are what the light codes are embedded with to help every person on planet earth jump to New Earth. 

( The Advanced  Council of InterplanetaryLight is a group of 5 races of ET’s that I have seen in person over the last 20 years ).


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