Athena: Goddess Energy

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomI am Athena, the one you know as the Goddess of Wisdom and War. I am the culmination of Goddess Energy that your world is so sorely in need of. I come to you through this channel, Sharon, to dispense this energy and to infuse you with the love and the strength you need to hold a saber on this planet for the Light.

We see you, we love you, we know you. You are our brethren, our children, our wild ones. We offer you the dove of peace at this time, with its olive branch, that we can connect with you to help you as you make these wondrous changes upon this planet that is so sorely in need of the love of all who have it to give.

We watch you. We know you as our own, we walk with you as you go about your day, with its trials and tribulations and we whisper in your ear that you are with us, you are love, you are the children of the almighty, and they walk with you always.

Yes cry, my little one, tears of healing joy and tears of sorrow as all the ill within you is released with my presence. Call me, one and all, call on me in your times of trouble and I will be there to help you hold your sword of love high again.

You all carry the energy, the love within you that your planet so sorely misses. You are the answer, you are the ones who came to heal this world of its woes. Your goddess energy will rebalance this off balance world, the world that has swung to such an extreme as you see being created before you.

Yes, I am the Goddess of War but this is a war of Love we are waging together. I am also the Goddess of Wisdom and these two in combination can never fail to advance love within your universe. I came to help you. I have sent my dearests to your world and some know who they are. I have many workers such as Sharon who have come to channel my energy. But you can all do so. Just call me.

I am Athena. I came to love your world once and now I am back. You all hold my energy, use it wisely and call on me when you need me.

Sharon’s note:

While channeling her message I was overwhelmed with intense feelings of love, not being able to continue. I had to ask her to draw back somewhat because I was getting too emotional. She’s got me crying now….

Athena is my Christ Self.

YouTube: Sharon and Ivo of Vega