Let’s See If I Can Make You Laugh

Here are a few jokes the Pleiadians would make about humans on Earth. Let’s see if you get ’em. Stop being so serious, will you.

What does a Pleiadian call a domesticated animal?

An abused animal.

A Christian, a Muslim and a Jew are walking through New York city…

Yeah? And?

They get robbed.

What do humans of Earth define as life?

Working 40 hours a week for 40 years to get 40% of what they earned. And than ‘die’.

What qualifies one to be a doctor?

Know drugs!

How many humans does it take to plant a tree?

Apparently an entire city.

A Pleiaidian was telepathically communicating with a squirrel. What did the squirrel say?

Humans are the real ‘nuts’.

What do you call a human that’s been operated on?

Artificial Ignorance

If Westerners did not have dogs, would they ever go outside for a walk?

They take their dogs for walks?

Well… Some of them do!

That is all for today!