Let’s See If I Can Make You Laugh

Here are a few jokes the Pleiadians would make about humans on Earth. Let’s see if you get ’em. Stop being so serious, will you.

What does a Pleiadian call a domesticated animal?

An abused animal.

A Christian, a Muslim and a Jew are walking through New York city…

Yeah? And?

They get robbed.

What do humans of Earth define as life?

Working 40 hours a week for 40 years to get 40% of what they earned. And than ‘die’.

What qualifies one to be a doctor?

Know drugs!

How many humans does it take to plant a tree?

Apparently an entire city.

A Pleiaidian was telepathically communicating with a squirrel. What did the squirrel say?

Humans are the real ‘nuts’.

What do you call a human that’s been operated on?

Artificial Ignorance

If Westerners did not have dogs, would they ever go outside for a walk?

They take their dogs for walks?

Well… Some of them do!

That is all for today!



13 Replies to “Let’s See If I Can Make You Laugh”

  1. Cheri

    Lol! I am with the Sirian! As an Arcturian I never got these canned jokes! We just laugh at everything. All joy 24/7. Until the dark night of the soul I was a one woman spreader of sunshine. Evidently I lack the Pleidian timing of a punch line. I do appreciate and love the (attempt hahahahaha!) at humor though thank you! 😘

  2. Michael

    I got a few chuckles from the post but the one in the comment section above is priceless!
    Thank You for the laugh and the continued good feeling.
    Peace & Love

    1. Cheri

      Hey Michael was thinking about you the other day. I hope you are feeling better in spirit! Sending you a wave of love to the sweetness that is your soul 😘

      1. Michael

        Thank you Cheri, I feel your love and I send it right back at you! Been struggling a little bit lately dealing with a not so well father who lost my mother a month ago. I try to explain to him that she is in Heaven and is full of peace and love but they were\are diehard Catholics and he’s 82, stubborn and probably full of fear. I could see my mom running through the tunnel and she was heading into bliss. Brought tears to my eyes. She wasn’t afraid anymore,big smile and glowing.
        Anyway, I’ve been thinking lately. I’ve been growing\raising all my own meat&produce now for the last 10 years or so and have learned a lot from my experiences. I treat my animals with love and respect and also take care of my gardens in the same manner. Everything comes from Source and I feel the same gratefulness when I am harvesting the carrots and/ or the chickens. I do love my cows more than the pigs&chickens, especially the one that I milk. I’ve been milking a cow{ not the same one] everyday for 9plus years now. I keep my hobby farm small and manageable, all the excess produce goes to the animals and I do grow a lot of Kale & Swiss charde just for them. I tried to keep Bees 3 years in a row but they would die over winter with a full hive of honey. I refused to treat them with poison/medicine because I did not want to eat it in the honey. I put honey in my cereal every morning along with fruit,sunflower seeds and my own yogurt&milk.
        Cheri, what do you think of My vibration?

        1. Cheri

          Gosh Michael you are living a life that a lot of us dream of! Total connection to the earth and mother nature! Self sufficient, growing your own food and working with the land every day and loving your animals, giving them a quality of life and in return they provide you with high vibrational meat and produce in the cycle of life! This is exactly why your vibration is so soft and peaceful and grounded! It flows through the earth which is why I could feel it so strongly. I fly high like a kite which is why I can do this work in the astral 24/7. You have an earth anchored vibration which is the perfect counterbalance to mine which is why I really appreciate connecting with it. This is why you can feel so down sometimes because you need kites in your life to lift you up periodically and counterbalance your strong and beautifully balanced connection to the earth.

          I am so thrilled to hear about your mom! No more being trapped on a matrix! Off she went into the corridor of light! Back to the eternal bliss state of heaven! I could totally see it through your words. Gosh I know the suffering catholic vibration well. My whole family are catholic and very good people but their joy always seemed tempered with the guilt of the cruxifiction burned into the mind born of original sin which has tainted our genetics. The dark cloud of the dogmatic false matrix.

          You are so blessed Michael! Lol! I hear the creator saying “yes he is” as the team pauses the clearing dialog while I write to you hahaha!

          Thank you for sharing a piece of your peaceful and cherished life. Sorry your dad is miserable, he is no doubt sorely missing his kite 😘

          1. Michael

            Thank You Cheri. I have been reading the articles on this site for a couple of years now and I never had a desire to comment until I started connecting to your comments. I’m grateful for your vibration and talent of being able to fly so high.

          2. Cheri

            Definately takes us both! This is why I love connecting with you and others of like mind in comments too! Like the bee blee call (lol!) saying “whenever two or more are gathered in his name, there is love”. Everything is amplified when we connect and the love that we are is spread. Yours travels through the earth crystals and mine travels in the jet stream! Love you Michael! 💖

            Laughter spews it around in all directions hahahaha!

          3. Michael

            I do wish the creator would move things along a little faster so I can share my knowledge/way of living with others who would want to live this lifestyle but cannot due to the rat race. Then I feel that I would really be blessed. I still have hope and faith that everything is just around the corner. Looking forward to an ass-freezing winter with a lot of snow, we haven’t had one in New England for a while and are due. Just hope my plow truck makes it to spring. My driveway is one tenth of a mile and I do a lot of plowing around my house. I do love connecting with you too.

          4. Cheri

            Me too Michael! It is taking forever! Damn we are spread out all over the place! I am stuck in a crappy little and very expensive and noisy apartment in Northern California which is exactly where they wanted me to do this major work. I gotta admit I am so lovingly jealous of your situation lol! I think we are all dreaming of coming together to live exactly like you do in a community of like minded people. I do feel like 2020 will finally be the breakthrough. I will be one of the first people to know because my mission work will be done. My contract was huge! The depths of this darkness was far worse than we imagined. It is taking much longer than expected so we are in a holding pattern until the creator is done using my lightbody to heal the Nephilim. They keep resisting even though they know the gig is up and are still throwing biological weapons at us from these phony timelines. They are really just souless and are so severely fragmented that they are criminally insane unable to recover. The good news is that they have lost galactic access but we are still finding nefarious plans in these layers that are affecting us here in 3d which they are exposing to the white hat alliance down here so they can mitigate their criminal and terrorist shenanigans here.

            Honestly, I would be there in a hot minute with my suitcase packed as your first lightworker partner if I wasn’t stuck here. There is a giant portal open over here as I am surrounded by the entire Arcturian fleet of Ashtar Command as they process through all the souls imbeded and being freed from the false matrix.

            Beautiful snow and cozy fireplaces of New England sounds so beautiful! I drove up there when I worked in Washington DC years ago living in Alexandria, Virgina. Went up through Annapolis to Maine. It was just gorgeous! Believe it or not California is stunningly beautiful too except the cities which the liberal leadership have totally destroyed. Love the conversation too as this work is very lonely even though I have a nonstop clearing chorus going on in my multidimensional brain. This work has been all consuming for 8 years! Hanging in there letting the divine plan unfold is all we can do. I think we are having a lot of meetings in our sleep and have agreed to make this the best outcome possible for those who choose to stay here in this reality without the matrix. We gotta shut down the mind control algorithms running this illusion. That’s the mission. Hugs to the little calf called Hope 😘

          5. Michael

            Hope is not so little anymore,probably 400 lbs and she is the noisiest one on the farm every 21 days when she goes into heat. Horny heifer looking for some action.It only lasts a day or two but I have to watch my back because they mount each other and might try to jump on me.
            My brother is here from California staying with my father for a couple of weeks. He lives in El Segundo,about an hour from LA. I’ve never been, have no desire. Not much of a traveler, put less than 3k miles on my truck last year. I get lonely too, looking forward to happy,peaceful,loving community living. Time to feed the pigs….again.
            Big SMILE and love from my heart.