Q & A With KejRaj: 7D, Ascension, Trump, Natives, Firearms, History

expansion eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The following is a series of questions I have received from the readers of Era of Light. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. The truth awaits you within.

Q: Can one ascend without meditating much?

A: Yes. All that’s required is you hold a high vibe. How you do this is irrelevant.

Q: Is honey vegan? Can I consume it?

A: You can eat it if you wish. If it is vegan or not, this is a matter of perspective. I look at it like this; Honey is made by bees, they use it as food during the winter. Basically, honey is stolen from the bees. Perhaps to use on rare occasions for health purposes is all right. But on a regular basis, no.

I think true vegetarianism or veganism, is the consumption of only things that grow from the Earth.

Q: In a recent channeling, Sananda stated that we are limitless beings. We were not created, we are creators. I’m having a hard time accepting this. . . ?

A: This has to do with the programming from the dark ones. It has been put in the human mind that you are unworthy, powerless, meaningless, but most shockingly, soulless beings(atheism).

However, they(cabal) know the truth. They fear an awakened human. An awakened human is a realized, powerful, eternal Creator. If you were created by something or someone, you would not be eternal. But you are, eternal, Creator, and beyond.

Q: Do you know if homosexuality exists in the Pleiades or other off world civilizations?

A: At the moment we are not aware of this being a reality anywhere else other than on Earth.

Q: Do I need to take a multivitamin daily?

A: Watch what you eat and decide for yourself. Do you think you’re getting all the vitamins your body needs only from the food you eat?

Q: Would you have done things different relating to Earth if you were in charge of the GFL?

A: Well, for one, to answer this in the truest way possible, I’d have to be given that honor. Most likely the only thing I would have dealt with in a swift manner is the dissolving of the cabal. I would not have given them(the cabal) a “paradise of negotiations”. Everything else I would have allowed to unfold as it was meant to.

Q: How can we serve Creator in a higher way?

A: Whatever you do, you are serving Creator. Wisdom is gained through all action. And Creator is serving you, always. Pay attention to the signs.

Q: How do you get the answers to these questions?

A: I bring my focus to my heart center.

Q: How long will it be before Earth reaches the 7th dimension?

A: An estimate of 250,000 years.

— Q: How will the 7th dimensional Earth be different from the 5th and 6th?

— A: This is very difficult to put into words. The simplest way to explain would be this; Physicality as you know it does not exist beyond the 6th dimension.

Q: Is western civilization history a fabrication?

A: The majority of it, yes. That of Rome, Greece, and England in particular.

Q: Is Galaxygirl a reliable channeler?

A: One of the few channels with a strong connection to her divine self.

Q: What was the purpose in annihilating the Native Americans?

A: Many souls chose to experience what they did. Others ascended through that experience. And for many it was karma.

— Q: This is just hard to believe! Karma? How exactly? For MILLIONS of people of the same group???

— A: As surprising as it may sound, yes.

Allow us to share one perspective; When Atlantis collapsed, people fled in all directions. Today’s America was one of these places. Now, within the people that made it on today’s American soil, there were many “whites” among them. By the time the Europeans arrived to America in the late 1400’s, there were no “whites” left on this land. What happened to them?

— Q: So are you saying that the natives killed atlantenian refugees???

— A: Precisely. Of course not at the moment of their meeting. This would occur years later, after many groups clashed do to disagreements.

— Q: Very interesting information. But Id have to get confirmation from other sources on this one.

— A: This is one of our perspectives. We encourage you to always look at more than one source.

Q: Are birth control pills dangerous?

A: They are not necessarily dangerous. Though there are side effects to all pharmaceutical drugs. Especially when different types are taken together, or within a short period of time.

Listen to your body, and see how your body reacts. Watch for headaches, sweating, chest pain, trouble breathing, belly pain, and such. Speak to your doctor if you’re worried about any issues.

Q: Would you consider yourself wise?

A: No. For each new thing that I learn, another one hundred questions arise. The truly wise have no questions but only answers.

Oh, and the wise do not incarnate in 3D realities. hahahaha!

Q: Was Jesus really a Jewish rabbi?

A: Yes. Their greatest and most loving one. They killed him based on Roman lies and manipulations.

By the way, his true name was/is Yeshua! The name Jesus only reminds people of his suffering. Jesus is of a low vibrational name, given to him by the Satanic Catholic Church.

Q: Is it of low vibration to own firearms for self defense?

A: Yes. You are attracting the negative by simply having one. Those that are faced with criminal activity, have agreed to experience that reality.

Q: Why don’t we see images or hear from non caucasian or european looking messengers, ascended masters or archangels?

A: I’ve seen images of them, and have read their messages. You must understand that the entities appear as they are needed in the given situation or timeline. This also has to do with ones perception. And what the individual is comfortable with.

The entity known to you as Martin Luther King Jr. is actually a “white” Pleiadian, spent most lifetimes as a “white man”. But when a leader was needed, he chose an african american appearing physical vessel, and incarnated on Earth from Venus?!

Many great leaders, ascended masters and others have taken on different vessels at different times here on Earth and elsewhere.

Q: What part of the body holds the soul?

A: The physical vessel is but a dot compared to the soul. No one part of the body holds the soul.

Your whole physical body, head to toe, every cell, contains an amount of light of your soul.

Your soul in its full spectrum cannot be contained in a physical body of any kind.

Q: Is it immoral to have many different sex partners?

A: Moral values are not Universal. However, it is up to the individual to go within and see what ’emptiness’ within one is trying to fill.

Q: What would have happened if Trump had not won the elections in 2016?

A: Well, if the Galactics would not intervene, and Hillary had won, we would be looking at WW3.

— Q: Why does he act like a red neck so often?

— A: Open your heart and mind. Release your programming.

The sleep walkers do not realize none of these things. And they speak based on misinformation of the mainstream media. So they hate Donald Trump without ever realizing all the great things he has done, and will do in the near future. Not only for America, but the world.