Mass Dissolving of Ancestral Karma

yin yang balance eraoflightdotcom.jpgSaturn is now direct, albeit he moves slow and this shall be felt, we surf the flow to glide through as he now stands by his promise. We are now experiencing a mass dissolving of ancestral karma, a huge data dump has been underway and the process is filtering through the octaves of frequencies we all hold, individually and collectively.

Those eyes who have seen the karmic threads and ties and can recognise the pattern running through have seen through the looking glass and have realised the blind free will choices, the attachment to the reality, the plug in and play games of blame, shame, defense, judgement…the helpless victim, have all been karmic adventures in the game of life.

But Saturn smiles the moment you dare to glance away from the board…look up, we were always told Don’t Look Down, you’ve played on this wheel for way to long, got way to dizzy and what more is there to see?

We have choices to make angels, there is a fork in the road and an opportunity to fully calibrate into the new Sacred Field, but are you prepared to journey into uncharted territories? Are you prepared to fully align to the recent release and begin to build upon that new foundation, not the same old same old, but something new, a new form?

We have a mutable grand square which heaves those old train tracks into a new alignment, especially with the final square of Jupiter and Neptune.

We have Saturn about to go over the South Node, and this is a huge magnetic pull back into the game or a huge push out, and something that is key in our evolutionary shift, a once in a life time occurrence, a wake up call to all.

The balancing scales of the equinox…this has Anubis staring down requesting to weigh your heart against the Divine feather.

I have a super report coming soon that will set you on course and holds crucial coordinates for the super evolutionary conjunction in January 2020.

Stay tuned in angels…always in ALL-WAYS

Sending so much LOVE to all

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