The Collective of Guides: Earthly Issues

the collective eraoflightdotcomToday our writer asks a question, which we are glad to speak on:

COR: My friends, with Starseeds/Light Bearers carrying so much these days, in terms of their own Ascension, and what is happening in the world, which too often looks grim at best—how do we deal with the inner pressures of our own Earth lives?

Many want to heal their bodies, or just get them slimmer or into much better shape. Many want to improve their finances, which they feel don’t match the expansiveness of their vision for their life.

Others want to move out of work that doesn’t feel fulfilling, or finally meet their life partner—or get along better with the one they have.

Do you have insights about how we can feel better about ourselves as far as purely Earth issues go?

Because I realize that we are all called in for a big Earth mission, but as humans, much of our path of growth lies in feeling empowered as we deal with our own lives.

THE COLLECTIVE: We are glad you have brought this up, because in the immensity of our all of your vision for a New Earth, much of a day-to-day nature that is greatly important can sometimes be left to one side.

And of course, your lives will not be left to one side. They demand your attention all of the time.

The bills demand attention and payment. The daily meals, exercise, workday, your connections to others demand attention, time, energy.

Each person’s wounded past and all its complexities, traps, and patterns also demand attention, and require your involvement for healing and completion.

None of this should be disregarded, nor do we in the higher realms (though some of us are currently incarnate) take any of it lightly.

We would say, that you have been taught an adversarial view of things that seem to not be going well for you, and that that itself accounts for much of your struggle, sadness, and energy loss.

If you could love your body as it is, for instance, letting it know, “Whatever weight you need to be, I love and accept you completely,” you would for one, surprise it no end, and for another, help it release at least half the tension and toxicity it carries on a daily basis.

Your bodies live under the near-constant pressure of perfectionism and modern body type expectations that so many carry, holding against themselves and their own form when things don’t match the mental picture you carry.

Now, mental pictures can be powerful and wonderfully helpful in assisting you in reaching your dreams.

We encourage all to envision what you would love to have or be or do.

Yet we encourage you to inwardly live out your dreams Joyfully, not under a spirit of self-criticism or dislike of where you are at present.

If you were to daily tell your body (or hairstyle, complexion, or other physical aspects), “You are so perfect, healthy, and amazingly beautiful! Thank you for all you do!” it would begin immediately—in that moment—to fulfill your belief in it.

More than that, you would begin to carry yourself differently—as a person who enjoys better health and possesses far more grace, beauty, and strength than what you felt before.

Of course, you have been told that self-criticism is the only way ahead.

And despite numerous teachings from wonderful modern spiritual teachers, most continue with the “deprivation diet” of negative self-commentary.

Yet if we were to suggest to you, “Tell your child every day that they’re an idiot who always screws everything up!” you would immediately take us to task for cruelty and undue harshness, and you would be correct.

Yet so many of you speak to your health, your shape, your abilities—even your smile and your voice—with only a modicum more respect and kindness than that.

Or none at all.

It does not, despite what some religions teach, make you a better, kinder, holier, or more highly evolved person to put yourself down.

No one learns, moves forward, or feels inspired by harsh or ongoing criticism.

Yet you feed yourself this on a daily basis, offering only negative analysis as you look in the mirror or pull on your favorite pair of jeans.

We would say, try a new tack. Just for fun, or to prove us wrong.

Let’s say you are unhappy with your body weight.

Take time every evening, every morning—or any time you look in the mirror—to say to your body:

“You are doing great! You’re slim, healthy, and powerful.

“Thank you for releasing all you no longer need. I release ALL toxicity, including thoughts and emotions that do not serve me. I give thanks that I’ve moved into complete health, wellness, and self-Love!”

You may feel as if you’re lying, making it up, or misrepresenting your situation. In truth, you are not misrepresenting anything.

You are describing the inner reality you have already chosen, and setting your physical self on the path to living that out.

Big difference, as our writer would say!

It will not doubt you, if you say it consistently, until the subconscious realizes that you are already beginning to live out what you have been affirming—and that the dreadful outcome it imagined has not come about.

This is very often why the body holds onto extra weight, illness, or other discomfort.

The subconscious is convinced that that particular imbalance, overweight condition, block, or weakness is protecting something else that would otherwise be left even more imbalanced, or left unprotected.

Without the self-protecting subconscious fear in place, the mind will allow the weight to leave, and consistently affirming that you are slim and healthy, and all is well, is one way to do that.

You can apply this same method to paying bills.

As you look at what you need to pay out this week and next, give thanks that these bills are already paid.

Write out the check or schedule a payment online for the day it is due, as if the money was already there in your account.

That affirms, and calls in, the money required to cover those bills, rather than you’re unconsciously affirming, “It’s not there yet,” because that lack is always the result of that kind of thought.

Write out every day at least 7 or 8 things you’re thankful for, and specifically, 5 or more things you’re thankful to Money for.

Money has a consciousness, and it desires to work for, not against you. 

So help to start the new Money paradigm on this planet—be a part of the Service to Others system that is coming forward now—by thanking Money for all it does for you, rather than feeling critical of it, or that it’s rarely there for you.

Just like your body, it will not respond well to being criticized or locked out of your Love and approval.

So say Thank You as often as you can—for what is already in your life, for what is coming in, for what you dream of and are calling forth.

In truth, there is no “Time.” It is a construct of the lower dimensions.

And your subconscious has no idea of Time, in any event.

This is why something traumatic that happened to you when you were 6 or 7 years old is as pertinent to your daily life as the things that happened this morning, if that trauma remains unhealed.

That unhealed child self needs your Love, nurturing, and support—not the strict requirements of the adult world.

Once criticized, they will only crawl further back into the subconscious, wishing to hide where it’s safe—and keeping you in debt, low income, an illness, or an overweight condition.

So we would say, one of the kindest things you can do for yourself—one of the most practical things you can do for yourself—is to Love that aspect that you’re most unhappy about, and to Love the presence of what you desire that doesn’t seem to be there yet, whether romantic partner, more money, improved health, or any other situation.

Send it Love and Thanks every day. It will feel this and answer you, but coming in through the door.

Bless and believe in yourselves each day, dear ones! You are beyond irreplaceable, precious, and astounding in our eyes.

Namaste, friends! Wherever you may be in life, you are never alone.


Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan