A Crescendo of Energy is Building

we are one love eraoflight.jpgA crescendo of energy is building, everything holds such great importance and I am sure you have noticed the intricacy of the patterning that is now being dismantled from within, those unaware of the mechanics and “how it all works” are soon to realise there is more to this as we prepare space for more light to enter in order for those with awakening minds to See and begin their transitions into their hearts.

The entire collective is about to move into position that aligns our course for the great conjunction of 2020, a year in which there will be incredible movement as we witness the karmic wheel begin its destruction, a giant sized new portal for us to move through collectively that supports only the new race we are activating now from the codes being received from Source, within.

The last conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn began creating its storm in 1517 in which we had the Protestant Reform in Europe, Martin Luther a German theologian published a document criticising the Catholic Church and its indulgences or weak action against “sin” which led to the entire face of Europe splitting, Roman Catholics and Protestants.

Reform being the optimum word when we move through such a gigantic portal, a complete data rewrite and a massive karmic clearing is the offering, a new world order, a new race is forming, a race that is tired of living through the stress of the minds demands, the social programming, the ancestral loops, we are evolving into a race that is forged from the flames of love, the Divine Feminine Guidance supported firmly by the Divine Masculine, from within……

Unity Consciousness begins at home, where the heart is, and we are all being guided within to release what stops the flow of our true essence, we are holding these super conjunctions with the utmost of importance, reading our data as it moves through and showing up with integrity following the gems to prepare us for what is now our pure focus, unity, there is literally nothing within the physical out there that holds attachment, the NOW has become all about preparing from within, ensuring the temple is cared for, maintained and rebuilt where needed, whilst ensuring those entering can hold the harmonics required to keep the energy of the space “healthy”.

We come home to the command centre in order to ensure this ship is ready to sail.

Connection replaced attachment as we figured how it all behaved, that how we behaved fed us the perfect attachments to witness and detach from, leading us further within to anchor the connection to Self as a part of the All, and in doing so the old “personal” experience dissolved as judging another was a judgement on Self, people become patterns, and we become pattern designers and at this point we begin to See the patterns of our entire system and we realise there was a choice, a choice to align to the people pattern or to align to Source pattern.

This is the path we are all taking, how you experience this simply depends on which octave you are operating from, many waking up are feeling their resistance and yet to busy playing their victim out in a game of hide and seek with Self, blaming their out there reality, thick in depression, going deeper and deeper into perceived suffering, feeling the density, the squeeze, the carbon within simply becoming way to pressurised, some will pop out and some will rapidly wither and fade. The light entering has been on rapid expansion all of this year, this is the Quickening, which unfolds or expands within our collective grid the more people clear these lower octave programs and clear out the physical on all levels the more light emanated within the physical, which means its all now getting VERY PHYSICAL. Energy is no longer believed in, it is lived, it is realised and it is being aligned with which ultimately is speeding everything up and those in defence to light/love simply will self sacrifice and those holding the ability to open and expand their awareness will begin the new build of our race.

Gaian’s this is a super important time, we have a number of incredibly interesting waves entering in over the next couple of months that I encourage you to research, to align your realities to, to work with because these are super game changers before the Great Conjunction in January.

To give you a little clue of a couple of the line ups we have scheduled for the end of the 2019 show….
Introducing November, starring Jupiter conjunct The Galactic Centre – MAJOR RESET
Grand Finale starring Chiron, leaving retrograde, on the 12.12.12 or 3.3.3 code, on a full moon at 1 degree Aries…..and of course there is MORE to this.

These two humongous waves will also merge together, but whats more interesting is that we are beginning to experience the feel of what is to come, now, so for those focused on learning how to be a cosmic pattern designer you will be able to hold the peace frequency as you/the collective experience the “reap what you sow” energies we are going to witness. Huge shifts are upon us, complete miracles become visible for all the work that has been completed over lifetimes, as this lifetime has been the first opportunity to step off the karmic wheel and we will now begin to see the realities rapidly move into abundant, loving, Source aligned experiences so that many more walking the path of light can do so in a more expansive way, assisting more move through the portals we once anchored, opening more, activating more, touching more to let the light pour in.

You will begin to witness the warbling of your frequency lessen and become more stable, more peaceful, less surprised and more aware, this is going to be necessary and why I have been guiding the SOUL-AR Alignment Angels into new daily practices, connecting to the heart, to the light web and aligning our magnetics, over excitement, over stimulation results in chemical flushes that now will be felt more intensely, highlighting the most subtle of lack programming required to be dissolved to keep the harmony, don’t fear angels removing the excitement doesn’t take the fun out of life, joy is what is experienced once you remove the OVER emotional programs, or perhaps a feeling of freedom as you know within you are able to create any pattern you choose……once you See.

What is certain in these energies is that everything has now become about the physical, as we head ever closer to January, the Saturn Capricorn energy is fully set in, foundational work is underway especially as we also close the Chiron Retrograde on such a high frequency octave, this is going to be incredibly interesting as again the weigh in of the heart and the feather, how much of this wounded masculine HAVE YOU HEALED….apologies for the caps there, it BELLOWED…..there is goes again, in my cells. We have been surfing the abandonment program for sometime now and the key to this was always in supporting Self, bring the lack within, take the responsibility and give to Self, fill that void with discovering who you are and raising the physical vibration from there, maintaining the structure of the temple, ensuring the temple is filled with comfort, peaceful areas, good food, a good harmony.

Not just this but to align to the energy we must behave as the energy and with Saturn in Capricorn we must all adopt the Goat, think of the mountain goat, looking up at a ridiculously high mountain with super straight edges, you think that goat is going to get all excited? Start squealing with every footstep, a giggling mess? No that goat is going to slow it down, that goat has respect for itself and the mountain, its going to make sure each foot is stable and if its not, then it will take that back step without thought, without judgement, the goats subconscious driver is to simply be focused, CARE-FULL and calm….and that is how these animals climb the mountains….and trees! Oh yes…seen those in Morocco.

Just to let you know your energetic navigator IS a Goat, not just this but the January conjunction is happening on my Sun, its too perfect in so many ways, but let me assure you I fully have understood and aligned to the energies of Saturn and Capricorn so I plan to assist you through the lesser chaotic waters.
Due to the busyness of the incoming energies I am now giving more focus and assistance to those who are equally committed to the Alignment and so if you would like to receive daily energy navigations and how to surf then perhaps consider coming over to the A Gift from Gaia inner circle, it’s a smaller space where I share the SOUL-AR Alignment Keys, these keys are responsible for many experiencing quick expansions from identifying programs and releasing them and all are now moving through their realities from an active space as opposed to the old reactive….Oh and there is so much more as this space is also expanding, which again is why my focus is shifting and I am busy creating MORE so I can share MORE with you ALL.

If you would like to be a part of this amazingness we are creating then please send an email to agiftfromgaia1@gmail.com and I will send you lots more information.

Energy Navigation 22.09.19 – 28.09.19

Yesterday we hit the Mutable Grand Cross holding the energies of Mars, Moon, Neptune and Jupiter whilst its also holding the 3rd and Final Cross this year between Jupiter and Neptune which has hit our belief systems and connections, rattling the roots to dislodge those most stuck in the thick dense soil, emotions have been high, out there in the physical world I have witnessed such an air of being fed up, and yet refreshingly in the SOUL-AR Alignment space all I see is surfers experiencing freedom, its quite a contrast but reflective of those stuck and those now active, the Square of Mars and Moon pushed up the emotions to be witnessed, creating knee jerk movements and awkward corners to highlight where we are not quite aligned to the Divine Order or Divine Time, again….think Saturn and think Goat!

Many have been working on this abandonment wave and the healing has had them reuniting with their inner child, the focus here has been trust, its not just about seeing the inner child, the inner child needs you to start being a responsible and respectful adult version, you have been required to validate you, and to regain the trust by now Promising to Self you will now only choose experiences that are aligned to the purity a child requires for their health, in ALL-WAYS, and always as the days of being sporadic or occasional in our alignment must now fully end to end the separation.

Jupiter stretched itself all over this square, like a giant telescope enabling us to see the most furthest corners of our psyche or perhaps of our heart as we realised, anchored more understanding, more innerstanding of who we are and our value, our role on this giant love ball we call Earth is opening up rapidly and after Saturn turning direct we are feeling those sluice gates open and the water is beginning to rise in the cosmic lock.

It is normal in this moment to feel the need to withdraw, to lessen the external noise because its in this space that we get to observe the emotional waves, the judgements, the restrictions and learn how to deal with them in different ways that actual bring a resolve and peace to the heart, we have all been here and as I have mentioned its non stop from here, you must ask yourself, if not now then when, because if you are reading this report you now have this in your awareness and its not going to “fix”, this is where you become accountable to Self, and the choice is to shift or to experience the carbon within you get pressurised to incredible proportions, those incredible proportions are only a reflection of your resistance, please don’t be alarmed by my words its actually a compliment in that it’s you meeting you, you experiencing your power that you choose to use against you…..but you will see like we all have.

And it doesn’t change once you master the cosmic surf, there is still and there will always be something for you to see and tweak, this is a journey of MORENESS, there is no arrival lounge on this non stop trip.

But there are forks, in the path and we are now on a crucial point, as Saturn is now aligned to the South Node for the final time this year, and this is where it gets super interesting, our path is showing two signposts, one way is the familiar way that goes round and round and round and round…..but there appears to be a choice now, a second signpost at that crunch point again, that bump in the road you keep coming back to seems to have spouted a new route/root, and it appears to spiral getting ever increasingly bigger, looser and oh it looks so freeing.

A portal that opened at the beginning of this year is now closing, an opportunity for a huge data dump providing you have figured it all out, collected up the weights and ready to cut it free because in order to take this new path there must be a weight difference, this new path can only hold a lighter version of you because its not made of tarmac like the old road, its made of stardust and moon beams. This ultimately means there will be a LOT of movement over this week as we end old timelines and learn how to underpin the new space created, BY FOLLOWING the energy trails of the incoming alignments I mentioned, focus on temple maintenance and make the foundations secure, there is no need to seek anything outside of self all that is required is within and your role is now to build upon this.

Assisting with this we have Moon Opposite Saturn, Moon Square Chiron, lifting the wounding to the surface and then we have Mercury Square Mars, Square the Nodes and square Saturn giving us incredible movement through the distortions, the ability to communicate and make some direction movements that will begin to steer you into the more tranquil waters that open up the next opportunities.
This will again mean detaching in many ways, through the physical eyes there will be a split witnessed again as you watch many return to their looping timelines and you will realise there is no choice but to close down the dramatic distortions and yet through the Eye we see expansion as the spectrum we hold is widened as many choose to align further, to release the attachments and move into full trust, exploring the uncharted lands, this anchors yet more light and opens more opportunities for those almost ready to move away from that karmic wheel and begin to awaken their hearts.

But under all of this, we have something quite magical appearing on the horizon, Venus now in her second home is becoming visible as she now takes the space of the Evening Star, her trip into the underworld just a couple of months ago now has her refreshed, fully empowered and ready to share her gifts she has to deliver. Venus may well have been hidden from our view but as rode with us side by side, as she took us on the journey through a parallel universe we mirrored her experience and so she has picked our gifts in response to how we moved, what we chose so that we can expand upon our transformation.

This new energy will be rising through the light web and opening hearts wider enabling us to expand further, a highly noticeable shift that is required for us to continue this rapid expansion we now find ourselves in, more productivity, more assistance, more creation will be found by moving with the Neptune and Jupiter energy of plugging back purely within, inner connection is our focus for this week, switching off white noise and calibrating through these changes, fully allowing the process and what comes up to be validated and then released.
We end the week with an incredibly important SUPER New Moon in opposition to Chiron, I will be back to write about this one.

These are super important times for those focusing on their light unification but its also incredibly fun, the symbols, the pathways the gems and keys being picked up on this magical mystery tour is a Divine experience that we are so blessed to be able to play in and there really is no better word to describe it than PLAY, don’t forget to have fun in the surf.

Sending so much love to All,


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