Sanat Kumara: Spiritual Concepts and Blockades

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomThis is a conversation between Jahn J Kassl and Sanat Kumara.

JJK: A spiritual concept is to “overcome” blocks, patterns or opinions. My question is, is this a correct concept, because if I overcome something, then I have never lived it?

SANAT KUMARA: I greet you in love and I bring you the light. Overcoming something means coping with something. In this form the “overcoming” of something is understood correctly.

The danger you have addressed in your question, because who overcomes something without having lived, experienced, understood and coped with that cuts off the life.

Life takes place as soon as a person gathers experiences in the sense of free will. It is of little importance whether these experiences are positive or negative. These ratings are standards that a limited awareness needs to be able to orient themselves.

On the higher dimensions of being such categories are insignificant. The only thing that matters is experience, the experience of situations and the grasping of their meanings.

Experiences that are not understood and that are not followed by findings are worthless. These are repeated until man has gained insight.

The purpose of all human endeavors is to distill light and love out of all experiences, whether positive or negative.

Every experience serves the ONE CREATOR and is divine in nature. Everything serves the ONE CREATOR and it is impossible not to serve God.

Man has come to earth to experience an infinite variety of life situations. And only when the positive and negative circumstances are correctly understood and recognized, does the journey of a human being end in this world. Therefore, not the act itself, but the recognition of an action is of the utmost importance.

The free will of man is the instrument that makes this possible. In this respect, no man, no matter how destructive and shameful on earth, will have been condemned by God or handed over to a divine judgment, as many Scriptures say.

The free will fulfills the meaning that you are really free to decide – and God does not judge your decisions or condemn them, but He accepts in the light of everyone who has lived his experience and completed his chain of knowledge.

In all life on earth, in all human beings, it is all about making experiences and finally turning everything into light and love.

In the end, the flame of life blazes in the heart of man and he embarks on a new journey that is free of errors and full of love:

indeed “overcome” by coping, but not by avoiding life and negative experiences. Use free will, for it is given to you by God so that you can experience absolutely everything that you choose.

I am life, I am love – distilled in perfection.



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl