Anthony from Agartha: Soon We Will Meet

we are one love eraoflightAs long as we have been waiting for this time dear earthlings, as long as we can remember. We are in your inner and thus in the innermost core of the earth and we are your cousins ​​and relatives who are here. For so long we have been waiting to get to know you when the vibration on the surface plane has become high enough for us to meet. We have been around for a long time and we live in peace and cooperation. We have had a vibration of fat for so long that we are completely unfamiliar with anything else. It can be likened to the fact that if you have learned to read, it is impossible for you to become illiterate again. Then we experience peace. We cannot possibly go back to war and conflicts as its vibration is far too low.

You have needed your time, earthlings. Do not think that it could go faster or that you are in any way unkind creatures. No, not at all dear, You have your process to go through and you do it thoroughly.

Me and we here in the interior of the earth want you to know that we have always known about you, but now it is time for you to know your old wise relatives. Many old, wise souls from various natural people who have worked hard on the surface in shavings, torture, rape and mutilation have chosen to incarnate here to get rest and heal and heal their wounds while allowing their souls to flourish. They incarnate here and can keep a frequency of light for you who remain on the surface and struggle with your everyday issues. They know what it means to be in your dimension and can for that reason so easily use the wisdom of their soul to keep the frequency steady towards your ascent. True helpers are they, dear friends. So help comes not only from the top, the angelic realm, but also from within the earth’s core, (laughter).

The idea is that we will meet in the realm of possibilities and as you collectively raise your eyes to Atlantis and Lemuria and your true history, you will also open the knowledge of our peaceful kingdom, Agharta with Shamballa, Shangri-La and Telos and our specific mouths out to your world. We have such a high frequency that you couldn’t see us or even hear about us before, most of you. Here we can live side by side even though we are different races and from different planets originally. No one oppresses anyone or sees themselves as more. We appreciate differences and allow ourselves to be enriched by them. We have our challenges, which it should be for without challenge, no growth, but we do not need challenges of war, aggression or evil in this sphere.

We are not really that different to you. We study and practice our favorite sports, and entertainment. Develops our specific areas of interest. We cooperate and have common advice and care for each other. What is different is that we have no one to fight against, any party that does not want us well, except or within. The low frequency has no place or opportunity with us. Understand that you are now in the big final battle before we can become one and united, dear earthlings.

I am Anthony from Agharta and I am appointed as one of the mediators between our kingdoms. I am a spokesman and bridge-maker and have a great heart of uniting the realms and giving understanding.

We are completely dependent on each other being like the gears on a chain just like everything that exists. To assist you in your transformation into crystalline structure in your cell structure, there are those of us here who are almost exclusively dealing with crystal structures whose energy is directed towards your platform and your cells. We see in different ways that the consequences of it are taking shape. You change your eating habits and products you eat and take greater individual responsibility for your feelings and emotions and more.

With great joy and excitement we follow you, Greetings Anthony.


» Source » Channel: Beatrice Madsen