Yeshua: You Are My Disciple

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newBeloved one, in the day and time when we walked together…Yes, I know that you have been feeling, “I knew Yeshua in that day and time. I walked with him. I listened to him. I feel a knowing of being with him.” You have been seeking and claiming the friendship that we knew, seemingly so long ago. In truth, it was not all that long time ago, except as you say it has to be so long. In Truth, all time is Now.

And I will share with you something else you have felt. Even in what you call the past week of your timing, I have passed by you on the street or in the store. I have been with you, and you recognized me not; except you knew that something had happened, something a little different. And then you went on your way to see what else you were going to be doing.

I walk with you in this day and time to answer your questions. Oftentimes you find yourself wrapped up in a question almost to the point where you cannot hear anything else, and I am knocking on the door of your mind and heart saying, “Breathe; just stop and breathe.” Does that not feel good? It is what the body is asking for, but it is also what the soul is asking for: the feeling of knowing that you are truly alive as the breath of spirit.

You have often felt abandoned. It is something that the world teaches you. As you come into the world, it will give you what you see to be a set of cards, like dealing out the cards, and some of the messages on the cards will be that your salvation is far away from you, that the world is in charge and the powerful are in charge, and the ones who set themselves up as leaders, whether or not they truly are, they are the ones who control your life.

But they do not. You are the one who makes choice moment by moment, and you are the one who listens to whatever you choose to listen to. Oftentimes the voice of the world seems to be strident and strong, but the voice of the Christ of you is stronger. That is why you are here at this time: to rekindle that which you know inside.

That which you know inside is not in a book. Ones have tried to put it in a book. They have made clues for you, but in truth, that which you are and that which you want to remember again is not in a book. All of your holy writings are as clues. They are guides that point in a certain direction. And if you will find yourself in what is called the quiet space of meditation, you have within you everything you will ever need to find Home once again, because it is within you.

Home is within, and you take it with you everywhere you go, even though as you look out at the world you say, “Well, what a mess this world is in. There is this country getting ready to fight another country. There is this person who is ready to fight another person and use all of the inventions that have been made to assail the body.”

But the Christ of you cannot be assailed by the world. Take that deeply within the consciousness. The Christ of you is what keeps you coming back and asking more questions and wanting to know, “Who am I? Why am I? Who else is here with me?”

Some of you have found that you have the…I will call them angelic presences, because that is what you call them, the brothers and sisters in Christ who walk with you to pick you up when you seem to stumble and fall down, the friends who are in body who may say something to you as a clue, and they may not even know that they are saying the key to the question that you are asking—not out loud, but the question within.

They are the Christ of you walking with you, giving you from time to time that which you ask of them to give you. Sometimes you will ponder, “What did he/she mean by that? I think there is something else there,” and it knocks upon the door of your mind and you find that, even as you are doing things with the hands that have to be done, the mind of you is a most wondrous tool, and it works in the background bringing forth that which is going to be the healing for you, to take you past that place that says, “I can only see this far, and I sure can’t see very much.”

But look what you are doing as you put the hand in front of the face. You have space in between the fingers, and I see you. In other words, the Christ is going to forever always be giving you a clue. The Christ of you cannot be extinguished.

That is why you are here seemingly one more time, to find the Christ of you and to share it with others. And I will say unto you that as you share whatever you know, it grows. Whatever you feel as a piece of joy, it is contagious. It spreads. It heals.

Joy is a great healer. When you are in the place of joy, what do you feel? You feel uplifted. You feel that you are more than just the heavy body that demands certain attention, certain things that it needs. When you are in a place of joy, you are truly in a higher state of vibration, as your scientists can prove and measure. They have done what is most revelatory in taking the photograph of you and seeing the energy of Light that you are and the various colors around you. The photographs of the light show you as proof that you are much more than you have thought yourself to be.

You do not end with the skull and the skin. You are a ball of walking, living Light. The technology that you bring forth is the detective which is finding a clue here and a clue there and bringing it to you on a platter and saying, “What do you make of this?” Your technology, most wondrous as it is, is bringing you all of the clues that you are seeing and putting together one more time.

You have walked with me many, many lifetimes. You have walked with me physically; you have walked with me emotionally. You know that. You are claiming it. “Well, you know, what he talks about, this one Yeshua, it seems familiar. Maybe I’ve heard it before. Maybe my minister talked about it before so that I have a clue. Or maybe I read it somewhere.”

You have walked with me in physicality. You have been my teachers and you have been my brothers and sisters, quite literally. Because, you see, the lifetime of one Yeshua is not the only human lifetime I have had, and not the only lifetime in whatever form of body that I have created and shared with you. Ponder that idea, if you will.

You are my friends. We have walked together many times. We have questioned together many times. You are my disciple, friend that you are. You sat with me in what seems to be a long time ago, as you sit with me now, with questions, with wondering, “Okay, how do I move from what seems to be my reality—lower case ‘r’—into a knowing of the true Reality— capital ‘R’—of me? How do I move from lower reality to the higher Reality?”

And I will say to you that it is as simple in this lifetime as it was two thousand years ago when you walked with me. It is that quiet space which shuts out the world temporarily, if only for a moment or so. It does not have to be what you see to be twenty minutes sitting cross-legged. You do not have to do it in a certain position, a certain rigidity of form; just stop, breathe, and listen.

Three things: stop, breathe, listen. If you are into making signs and slogans, that might be a good one. You can do it as a bumper sticker, and the car behind you sees that…Stop; please stop; breathe; and listen.

Being a disciple means that there is a certain discipline—the two words come from the same root word. To have and be in a discipline means to know a certain choice. It means that you can choose where you want to be. If you want to be engulfed by the world in all of the happenings of the world, it is your choice.

You have been there, done that; you know what it feels like, even on this day.

It is okay to know what is happening with the brothers and sisters, but know you a higher truth. Allow yourself to know that they are acting out a certain drama in order to feel complete with it. That is all it is, is drama, although it certainly feels to them very real; and it is at that point. But it is a completion, and it is something that they will not, if they choose, have to repeat. “Been there, done that,” they can say.

Or they may say, “It is a teaching point, and if we need a certain number of ones to go through a certain experience, okay, I will volunteer for it out of great courage,” and they do, one more time. So it is not always because they have a failing to see the truth of themselves. Perhaps they are seeing that they serve the Truth by being, as you would call it, human.

Never judge by appearances. Look at the appearances. Thank the appearances for being your teacher. And then ask, “What is the higher, deeper Truth happening here?” Yes, the body can be extinguished. You see that happening every day. But the spirit…allow yourself to look a little deeper, a little wider, a little higher and you will see that there is spirit.

Allow yourself the times of inspiration, the times of pausing for the deep breath. Know the discipline of choice. You are my disciple. I spoke with you two thousand years ago to choose, to look deeply within, to look deeply at what is going on; not just what seems to be happening, but look beyond the seeming circumstances and the physical. Look to the spirit. Allow even the physical eyes to look to the spirit. You may surprise yourself.

There are ones among you who work with friends who are ready to leave the body, and they can tell you the very moment when that one’s spirit leaves the body, that there is a change that happens, an energy that happens. Allow yourself to tune in to the energy of spirit. Have the discipline of going beyond the world, and then spread that message to the ones who are crying out to know the reason for being.

Many of the brothers and sisters at this time are crying out for an answer. “What is happening? Why is it happening? Why am I doing this? Why am I alive?” And yet they are not truly alive, because when you come to the place of understanding spirit, when you come to the place of knowing that the body is great as it allows you to do various things, but the body is not all that you are, then you come alive.

Already you know this intellectually and at a slightly different place, but as you will have the discipline—be my disciple—to stop, breathe, go deeper, you will find that all of life is joined. We have spoken of this as the Light that you are, how your Light blends with all others’ Light, to the place where you understand and know, you truly can feel the spirit of Oneness.

You are the Light of Christ expressing. Get you excited about that. Come alive in it. Know that truly there is joy in being. Take that message into this day and time. As my disciple, take that message to the brothers and sisters who are calling out for understanding, for love, for reason for being.

Everyone who comes up and speaks to you or even walks across your path is wanting to know, “Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing?” And sometimes they will come up to you and say, “You know, I’ve been thinking about this, and maybe you know an answer. Why am I here?”

And you say, “Well, why do you think you’re here?” You start from there and take it deeper and deeper. And you will say to them, because you truly do see it, “I see your Light. I see that you are more than just the body that you feel that you are creating and using to express. You are more. You are the Light of spirit. You are valuable as the Light of the Christ.”

Many of the brothers and sisters do not feel that they have any value. That is why they think they can take the life of another one, which in truth they cannot, but they do not feel any reason to keep on being. They do not understand. They do not see their Light. Allow them to see the smile on your face that says, “Yes, I am more than just this body. I am more than just the name I go by. I am more than just the person who does X, Y, and Z. I am a disciple of the Light.”

When they truly get that from the heart, their Light is going to expand and take in everything and everyone around them to the place where there is going to be the healing that they have called out for. Healing of the body, yes; that is an extra, an added unto, but healing of the spirit which has been knocking on the door of the heart for so long, saying, “Let me out. Yes, let me out, oh Christed being. Let me out.”

Allow yourself to speak to the brothers and sisters that there is much more to life than what they have been told. There are messages coming in your crops. They are saying, “We are here.” Not to be feared.

Do they have technology? Yes, they do. Are they going to overtake your civilization? No. Do they come in friendship? Yes, because otherwise you would have already been wiped off the face of holy Mother Earth.

Where is your thinking? It does not have to be into doom and gloom. It does not have to be into fear. Know that truly, if they have the technology of knowing how to make the circles in the crops, they would know how to extinguish whatever puny things—and I use that word only for emphasis, not truth; emphasis—any puny things that humans have devised so far. Hear these words well. You have friends in high places.

You are my disciple, into a certain discipline of choosing to look on the side for Truth, for joy, for happiness, as the Light which you are, with the discipline to turn the face away from the world and to see another world. You are my disciple, and more than that, you are my friend.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

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