Vivamus(Sanat Kumara): Results

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomGood evening my friends. I am Vivamus who wants to say a few words.

Many of you seem to think that nothing is happening, that both you and everyone around you are stomping on the same spot. No visible results, or at least few appear, especially when you watch and listen to your Media. When you go within yourselves, really listen within yourself then the result is another. You hear voices speak, we are your helpers in the spiritual world communicating with you. You are never alone, as this writing woman is now beginning to realize.

You also feel the contact with the others who live on earth now and work in the same direction as you. You can feel the energies of the other Lightworkers and Light Warriors around the world and maybe see how you hold each other’s hands or see the web of Light as you spread around the earth. You definitely feel the Love that is spread between you and the world around you as you listen into your own heart. In addition, you have constant contact with your good friends from life on earth, who also seeks contact more easily now. Therefore, my Friends that NI are more open and receptive to communication with all the beings and energies you cannot so easily see with your physical eyes. It is NI that changes you, it is NI that is the change that affects the entire Universe. Your Light affects more and more at an ever faster rate so they wake up and in turn wake up more which means that everything is going very fast now.

Just keep being, be in the moment in Peace and in Love and try to ENJOY your exciting journey for everything will be different and more amazing and wonderful than you could ever imagine in the sluggish energies you have lived in for so long .

I love you all my Friends and admire you for the strength with which you follow the Path of Love, together as a unit, like a large Terracotta Army with the sword of Love in your hand.

I’m Vivamus!


» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla