Ivo of Vega: Your Commitment to The Light

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomYour commitment to the Light is being tested. This is ultimately to strengthen it.

You know who you are, not a person you pay to tell you. It’s in your heart and your have to discover it for yourself because if you know this information too early. It’s putting the proverbial cart before the horse!

You learn the information when you have the integrity to align with it. If you’re prone to doubting yourself or to believing lies, the dark will take advantage of this and use it to lower your vibe. It works through all of us. You have to understand that we are ALL MIND CONTROLLED and it can do whatever it likes with your ego any time it wants. Yes, that bad!

So do your inner work and ignore your ego because that’s how the dark can get to you or to anyone else you happen to be talking to.

Stand in your Light, know you’re here for the good of the world because you HAVE AN OPEN HEART, and don’t doubt yourself because the darksters will be all over that!

Your soul is love, and your ego is fear and hate. That’s the difference between these things. You have to understand your intentions to be able to determine which is which or feel the vibration of your thought. If you feel bad, you’re into your ego because love doesn’t make you feel bad, contrary to many love songs we have heard.

Ivo: The Dark is here to take you down. When you were born on earth you agreed to these terms, knowing that you would prevail.

You are in an ascension process where areas you are strong in are being used to guide you, and areas where you are weak are being pointed out to you in order that you can ask for assistance to align yourself with a higher vibration.

However, so many do not use this information wisely. You are ashamed of what you perceive as your faults and your weaknesses and you malign yourself for being this way. This is not the proper way to deal with your lower vibrational character traits. The way to deal with them is to understand they are being shown to you in order to heal them. Then you must allow yourself to heal them by using internal guidance or intuition. If you have no access to internal guidance, then use your intellect to understand a better way of dealing with your life’s situations. You all have intuition but this is another problem: you do not understand how to hear when it is speaking to you.

We have dealt with this in other videos.

Me: Yes, Adama discussed it. Intuition for Beginners.

Ivo: There is much information on your internet as well. It is worthwhile to read and to put into practice what you become aware of. Because to understand but to do nothing is still basically valueless. Your higher mind must work together with your lower mind, and what you create in the physical is the result of this union.

What is more, many of you do not understand the power of your emotions. You override your initial reaction to situations with your intellect. You have learned ideas of “being nice” and “being fair” so because of these false beliefs, you allow what you initially reacted to negatively to enter into your life.

Me: Guilty of that! I used to do that all the time. I’d react to a man by feeling repulsed by him, then I’d let him into my life to reap havoc! I did that.

Ivo: You did not listen to what your emotions were telling you about this person. Had you listened in the first place, you would have saved yourself a lot of problems. Your belief was that you were judging their exterior but this is not always the case: it takes a moment to judge whereas your initial reaction is your intuition.

Me: And so there were men with nice exteriors sent to me that I still reacted to negatively and I didn’t learn the lesson, of course.

Ivo: No, you did not. And this did happen because we sent them to you.

Me: Yeah, I can see that one now… LOL

Ivo: You were taught to be nice, not understanding that your parents’ definition of “nice” was submissive and that this left you open to abusive people. And this is what you kept attracting until such time you stopped being so nice and started to listen to your intuition which will steer you, through your initial reaction, to people who align with your vibration.

You all are energy sensing beings. You sense the energy of one who is standing before you. If your initial reaction is one of being repulsed, then their vibrational frequency is too low for you. If your initial reaction to them is one of confusion, then your vibrational frequency is too low for them. If your initial reaction is one of curiosity or interest, or liking them, then proceed with getting to know them. However bear in mind that this person may be a lifelong friend or just a passing acquaintance with a lesson to teach you. Not all relationships are life long.

So, on with the subject. You are being tested to see how strong your commitment to the Light is. Bear in mind that this is not an overnight process. Refining your commitment to the light is about aligning with the truth of not only your world, but the truth that guides this multiverse.

There are laws in place that govern all worlds – called universal laws. When you align with them in your daily activities, you are aligned with the light. Bear in mind that your western societies are in complete opposition to the light. That is how they are organized and who runs them are also opposed to the Light. So in believing the politicians or following the tenets of your society, you too are opposed to universal law and the Light.

In order to commit to the Light, you have to do as you call it – a complete about face – in your thinking. It is not possible for the lower mind to understand the higher mind or how your soul thinks, it must be your soul who guides you. Therefore inner contact is important.

We see many egotistical interpretations of higher spiritual messages within your community. Many messages are tainted with lower world concepts. It is not possible for the ego to interpret spiritual law or spirituality in general. Guidance must come from the soul.

One way you have of listening to your soul is to follow your conscience. It is important to learn when your soul is speaking, or when your ego is speaking and all our videos are direction to that end.

What you believe on your earth to be right and wrong is also faulty. For example, Sharon is dealing with changing her view that tells her that people must be punished for wrongdoing because that is the right thing to do. It is not. It is not an act of love to punish another – the other must be healed, that is loving.

Another is your inclination to laud yourself as superior to another, be it through your money, your things, your ego or in whatever fashion, your people seek to separate themselves from others through materialistic means. This is of course erroneous thinking of the lower mind. The correct thinking is that all are one and all are equal. This is the way of love. And you must be corrected in your thinking.

The other is in believing that some are more lovable than others. In your lower minds, you concoct reasons for believing that some are intrinsically better than others. Your entire world is misguided and the person who believes in this conditional form of loving can include themselves in that description. It is that you believe this and that you think this way that your world appears to be that way to you. To another who does not believe this, the world will appear otherwise. Yes. What you perceive reflects back your misperceptions to you in order that they may be corrected. Your higher mind, your soul, is happy to help you with this.

Sharon works exclusively with us now so that we may correct her misperceptions. She does not allow outside influence and does not listen to the opinions of others, except those she knows to be more advanced in this alignment than herself.

Yes, you can say she is isolating herself and she has been taught that that is bad because you are social animals and you must socialize together. However when these other animals are carrying the wrong ideas of life that she no longer wishes to believe in, they will have a negative influence on her, so she isolates and continues to teach to others as needed. She is concerned with the world around her, and her perception of it, and continues to work with her enlightened team in order to further her ascension.

She has become suspicious of all she has learned and is willing to correct any of it if correction is indeed necessary. And so should you become as well. Understand much of what you have learned is erroneous and your society is based on faulty ideas that are not light aligned.

This is the only way to save your world and help your people. By changing yourself. In changing yourself, your changing energies allow others to change as well.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My dear, those are lovely tomatos you brought in from the garden. Do you see that God provides for free?

Me: Yeah, I got my plants for my garden completely on my points card. So the whole garden was free. Except for overpaying for the gas I bought to get the points.

Ivo: The garden was free, my love. And it provides to you juicy red tomatos even in this late part of the year as your weather shifts. Your cabbage is eaten and the last batch of meat-free cabbage rolls will be made today. The tomato on toast and tomato soup will taste wonderful. Earth provides what you need for free, my love. You can take the seeds from these plants and plant them for next year’s garden. The price the Matrix exacts for providing for you is too high for anyone to pay.

Me: I’ll do that. Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love. Grow your vegetables with love for yourself and the earth that provides them to you.

P.S. Arguing your opinions on Facebook because you haven’t learned to restrain your ego yet, or living from within – your opinions align with the truth and you feel at peace. Sounds like bliss to me!

Those who argue opinions on facebook are in the Dark’s hands! What do people usually do when arguing? They argue with you even when you make sense. It’s not about discovering the truth – it’s about being more right than the other guy. That’s what an argument of opinions is about.

How many people have you seen just start lying when they argue? They’re doing it to try to one-up their opponent. Give up the concept of people being your opposition and you’re one step closer to the truth. We are all One.

When you affirm your intention to serve the Light every day, arguing stops. Arguing is service to self, the ego and social media encourages it as part of the Divide and Conquer strategy that is used upon us.


» Source » Channel: Sharon Stewart