The Galactics from the Pleiades: Rising in Frequencies

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomWe are pleased to announce that the ascent is rising in frequencies for humans and for Mother Earth. Mother Earth has risen to the fifth dimension and human beings have increased in frequency to the fourth and fifth dimensions.

Many people have woken up and have noticed that it has changed. A brighter existence that has become more and more recent despite the fact that very dark revelations have also emerged. It may seem that it has become harder in society and on Earth but everything has to come to the surface to be transformed into light and love.

We who work on ships in the atmosphere of the people and the ascension of Mother Earth to higher frequencies have begun to see a great change in the light and consciousness of people. More and more people have awakened to our great joy and more and more are responding very well to the love energies that are hitting Earth right now.

The autumn day equation means a higher and stronger love light that will gradually increase in intensity. Many people can feel them, but trying to have confidence that it will get better the longer the body acclimates to the energies.

The light workers who work with the galaxies in the atmosphere help to spread this love light to the people and Mother Earth. Their work is much appreciated by the galaxies who in turn provide light and higher awareness to the light workers.

This channel helps to spread these messages to people who have an idea of ​​how far they have come in their ascent to higher frequency and awareness.

With love from the Pleiadian Federation

Big thanks … In love I earn … I AM!


» Source » Channel: Inger