Maha Cohan: Where Are You?

galactic logos eraoflightdotcomWhere are you?

Beloved Human Family, Beloved Man, whom you have come today to receive the light of heaven and to receive our loving embrace. I am with you and with great consequences amidst you!

The time of many and one-off opportunities for spiritual growth is broken. Each day you smile at a new opportunity and it looks like your life is asking, “Where are you?”

• Where are you, beloved man, as you can now contrast your daily discharges with your loving and loving reality?

• Where you are, right now, when it comes to you, neither the misery nor the arousal in fear are the proper answers to it, you were to offer life and ask for it.

• Where are you, when hot, ready to represent opposite positions in the dark green? Where is your light and where is your love?

I have come to you today to encourage you and to confirm in your inner knowledge that you can change everything as soon as you have changed yourself.

Where are you? This question should not last for a long time, where it has come to itself, will not be lost – and this process of “self-finding” should be promoted now until it is guaranteed that you can lead a life of self-responsibility. When it comes to it now, then from all sides manipulations work, and…

So were you needed to develop a self-conscious life in self-responsibility?
Clarity in thoughts, words and works

A clear headline.
A truly spoken language.
One of the well-intentioned modes of action.

To have a clear head, meaning, clear thinking.

You do this when you get the most out of your thoughts. Here is the silence and the meditation, as well as recommend the work with the divine light. Sort your thoughts into your own and future – and remove any thoughts that are not in love or not true.

A true speech is the logical consequence. If a man who clearly thinks, thinks his own thoughts, which is within himself, those words are always full of alertness and truthfulness.

You see, the origin of authentic and light-hearted sayings lies in your thoughts and is the further one to search for, inwardly you are bound to the Divine.

Thirdly, you also find that your actions always relate to the whole, to the people, to your surroundings. An unhealthy selfishness then has no place in your life.

You are responsible for this clarity.

You yourself are responsible, to be clear on all planes, so the many star fields of this time do not work negatively on you.

You remain with you and are bound to God, so you are aware of this responsibility.

The aid and support of your heavenly family of light will always be shared when you, as a human being, place clear impulses that recognize that this aid is also desired. Pure lip acquaintances are few here, an inner desire, a deep longing for truth, clarity, light and love are the signs, which are immediately reacted to.
It’s up to you!

Why it is in this transmission – are YOU!

Only YOU can bind yourself to God and find yourself. Only YOU can, in the aftermath, touch your environment positively by your being, thus enabling spiritual human initial inflammation for more human beings.

You read the stone dancing on the water and stumbled across it, as many circles of this stone see.

Everything, if you move in you, move others with, everything, you are redeemed in you, redeemed even the people in your environment – and therefore you are solely responsible for yourself. This responsibility is neither to delegate nor to ignore.

So charge yourself, take over this responsibility for your life now!

All over, be completely opposite and look at the new time with joy.

Everything starts with you and everything is inside you.

If you are inhabited, then you will find everything and also know the sky where it can be found.

Your inner homecoming will be through the devotee and your transformation and the devotee will reach God. This is the Königsweg a human being on earth.

Describe, we expect you to. There you go against life and go against great wonders step by step.

Say, you know, where ever you are: We love you infinitely.



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl