FED REPO and the Collapse of 1000 Banks Worldwide

top news article eraoflightdotcomIt is clear that these will not be all the European banks included in the list. https://docplayer.net/14744260-Infinite-bank-statements-top-secret-with-amendments.html – I have a strong suspicion that banks that don’t want to be part of the transition are closed out by the QFS via the CIPS.
Bear in mind that there are also many institutions that sell mortgages but are not banks, in particular the insurers as Nationale Nederlanden as a subsidiary of the ING Bank.

Banks are forced to act as service providers; those who refuse do not participate.

Brexit the hot potato of the NWO EU Bilderberg fascists and the FED owners known as the CABAL do not want to give up their power.

The Euro, which is also a Dollar, because it is their creation to hold the people of Europe hostage with the cooperation of the Globalist governments will go down with the Dollar.

The FED and ECB have fired their last herb, and are powerless to function outside the QFS.

Countries in Europe that have not taken the euro will remain out of the firing line if they participate in the transition.

The collapse of the dollar will attract the euro, with the Corrupt EU no longer having any power, the EU controlled by the committee of 300 and the Bilderberg crooks.

As the FED buys up many of the banks’ derivatives and debts, as the ECB has done, inflation will rise at an alarming rate.

The money devaluation which the FED and the ECB themselves have fuelled by pumping a great deal of counterfeit money into the money supply has made it possible for them to go under themselves.

Money is based on trust; if this trust is gone, the currency is worth nothing, which means that the EU no longer has a right to exist.

After all, this corrupt organisation is not a sovereign country, so it will not receive any funds from the QFS either, or they will be made inaccessible to the EU fascists to give back to the people.

Brexit is a distraction to be able to inflict the battle against the UN, EU globalists.

This is the one shot Donald J Trump and the patriots have, the cat and mouse game with the DNC is also distracting, because their intelligence is very limited also because of their arrogance with the assumption that they are inviolable.

From 1 to 10 October, the US Inc. Defects are and remain to pay off the national debts.

This means that we can expect the US Inc. Bankruptcy will occur, and the US Federal Government will replace the Dollar with the New US Note.

With the population getting their Petro Dollars exchanged for US Note, but large companies and banking institutions that don’t cooperate will suffer.

With the disappearance of the US Inc. and the rebirth of the US Federal Republic, the legal system of Maritime law will become the common law of the Land.

This is symbolically the transfer of General Dunford from the Navy to the US Army.

The 150 new judges appointed will then go according to the new Cabal legislation and its fellow players will be tried under the martial law, as their crimes it was an act of war against humanity.

Al actions in the transition to liberate the world’s population will certainly carry with it discomfort and chaos.

All global media working for the Cabal can only start telling the truth or suffer from hunger through exclusion from the QFS.

With hindsight it is clear that this whole operation could not be carried out quickly or thoughtlessly, especially with the resistance of the Cabal with false flag attacks with which the population had been terrorized.

It will be a learning moment for all peoples of the world to understand how they have been abused for the agenda of the Cabal.

Consciousness will ensure reconciliation, but those who persist in their indoctrinated hatred and barbarism have no viability to take their place in the new world.

The imposed fascist world government by the UN and the Pope are condemned to their demise.

Anyone who has committed Genocide and participated in this agenda will face a tough future, and will be brought to justice for their part in the fight against the crime against humanity.

The transition to 100% QFS can happen within a second, when it is none of us know yet.

Every day or hour this moment is getting closer.

I advise you to take your time and think carefully about what this change will change your life in a positive way.

You don’t have to survive anymore but you have to live.

I wish everyone a bright future and enjoy life as we have not yet been able to do.


» Source » By Rinus Verhagen