Out of the EU into the New World Order

free world news eraoflightdotcomOur Bill of Rights 1689 is major constitutional law states:

No foreign prince, person, state or potentate, hath or ought to have any power, superiority, supremacy or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual within this land.

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom was first mooted in 2003.

Blair signed new EU Constitution Friday 29 October 2004. The ceremony took place in the ornate surroundings of the Palazzo dei Conservatori in the heart of ancient Rome where the original treaty establishing the Common Market was signed.

Like a number of the leaders putting their names to the document, Mr Blair was committed to holding a referendum on the treaty – any one of which could derail the whole process if the people vote “no”.

Foreign Secretary Mr Straw, accompanying Mr Blair in Rome, disclosed that Britain would probably not hold its referendum until the spring of 2006, after at least some of the others have taken place however the 2005 United Kingdom general election was held on Thursday 5 May 2005 so presumably the next government were not bound to hold a referendum on the signing of the EU Constitution.

The English Constitution, The EU Constitution, Supreme Court

The Constitutional Reform Act was passed in 2005:


We signed the Lisbon Treaty December 2007

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom was formally established on 1 October 2009 due to the Constitutional Reform Act 2005. And 2 months later, the Lisbon Treaty came into force. It could be said that under the Lisbon Treaty our Constitution was deemed superfluous to requirements.

Talks about the Marrakesh Declaration – open door immigration with Africa

A few days ago, I discussed the open door immigration policy that the UK has with Africa since May 2018 under the Marrakesh Agreement. I personally have noticed many more Africans in my county during this time. We in the UK had been given assurances that numbers of people coming into the UK were being controlled by our government.

New CANZUK Report Submitted To UK Members Of Parliament; Posted August 14, 2019

CANZUK International’s 2019 report, detailing the benefits of freedom of movement, free trade and foreign policy coordination between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom has been submitted to each Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom.

Facilitated migration between these four nations implies the ability of citizens to relocate and indefinitely remain without the requirement of visas or work permits, providing they meet specific character, health and security requirements. Free trade would involve the establishment of a multilateral trade agreement between these four nations with the removal of customs duties and other barriers to commerce as a priority objective, while foreign policy cooperation would focus on collaboration with respect to judicial, defence, intelligence and constitutional matters. The report goes on to say: With overwhelming support among the general public (73% in Australia, 76% in Canada, 82% in New Zealand and nearly 70% in the UK according to recent polling), facilitated migration is a widely supported mandate within British foreign policy.

Well I am not unaware of any such poll!!

Huffington Post 18th September 2019

Liz Truss has been discussing a post-Brexit free trade deal with her counterparts in Canberra.

A potential post-Brexit trade deal with Australia could give Brits and Australians greater access to each other’s countries. Trade Minister Liz Truss revealed the movement of people might be discussed as part of a wide-ranging trade deal with Australia that she hopes to complete within months of exiting the European Union.

Speaking in Canberra on Wednesday, she said: “We want a fully comprehensive trade deal that reflects our deep, ongoing relationship, the friendship between our two countries, the fact that Australians want to come and live and work in Britain, and Brits want to come and live and work in Australia.” Under the Trans-Tasman travel arrangement, there is a common travel area between Australia and New Zealand, meaning citizens from either country are free to travel, live and work in both.

Commonwealth SOS

However, Australian prime minister Scott Morrison dismissed the idea of expanding the scheme after a meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the G7 summit in France last month. Morrison said at the time: “The New Zealand arrangement is quite unique and it’s not one we would probably ever contemplate extending.”

In efforts to reduce the economic impact of Brexit, Britain is looking to line-up a series of trade deals with smaller, non-EU countries.

Truss – who is in the middle of a three-nation tour that includes Australia, New Zealand and Japan – said she expects a quick conclusion to trade talks that will begin when Britain leaves the EU.

“The reason that I have chosen to make Australia one of the first countries I have visited as trade secretary is because it is an absolute priority to get on with this trade deal,” Truss told reporters in Canberra.

“I would say months rather than years for it to be completed.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he will take the country out of the EU on October 31 with or without a deal with Brussels.

But parliament this month passed a law that requires Johnson to ask the EU for a three-month delay to Brexit if a deal is not approved by October 19.

Two-way trade between Australia and Britain is worth A$26.6 billion (£14.64 billion), data shows. The UK is Australia’s seventh-largest trading partner. Australia’s Minister for Trade Simon Birmingham said a trade deal with Britain will particularly benefit the country’s agricultural sector, worth around £32.95 billion.

“As part of the EU, market access to Britain in terms of agricultural products has been limited,” Birmingham told reporters. “This is something we will look to address.”

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated freedom of movement was currently being discussed. Liz Truss actually said freedom of movement could form part of future trade negotiations.

Now before everyone gets excited, remember Liz Truss says freedom of movement COULD form part of future trade negotiations.

Well let’s take a quick look at the organisation CANZUK International formed in 2015 to promote those Closer Ties Between Canada, Australia, New Zealand & The United Kingdom. Well if you check out what CANZUK is about, it is indeed about free movement. Now please bear in mind that we have open borders with North, West and East Africa, so it would therefore follow that those immigrants would be entitled to move to Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

We used to say Out of the EU and into the World but this isn’t what we had in mind. It is obvious with this information that one of the reasons why our Prime Minister, who incidentally was born IN USA, has been able to stifle debate to ensure that he and his puppets in parliament do not get asked lots of questions at this very important time.

Let me finish by mentioning William Blackstone; conforming to the Law of God.

Blackstone used his position not only as a platform but a pulpit to better the country and uphold its moral standing at the same time. Blackstone said “No enactment of man can be considered law unless it conforms to the law of God.” And at the very heart of Common Law Blackstone believed there should be one very important component . . . the Ten Commandments. Blackstone’s career was deeply rooted in his Christian faith and his Commentaries continue to mould the face of our country today and even in today’s modern world quickly changing, many still believe in Blackstone’s statement“ Man…must necessarily be subject to the laws of his Creator, for he is entirely a dependent being…and, consequently, as man depends absolutely upon his Maker for everything, it is necessary that he should in all points conform to his Maker’s will.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the deals are indeed being done but not as we would have wished them to be done.

Out of the EU into the New World Order.

Naturalisation Denisisation

When someone comes to England and applies for British nationality and it is granted, they place themselves in a difficult position because under the law their first loyalty is to the country of their birth. If this country went to war with the country of their birth, they should in law return to that country if they remain, they commit an act of treason against the country of their birth. If they return home and support their original country, they commit an act of treason against us.

If they have children here those children take the nationality of the father so if the father originally came from India the child is Indian. If an English man lives in Russia and marries a Russian woman, any child they have is English. If an English woman goes to Russia and marries a Russian many, any children they have are Russian.

If a person comes here and is naturalised British, they receive most though not all the rights of a natural born subject. They can buy and sell, inherit or leave property. What they may not do is sit in either House of Parliament, sit on the Privy Council, receive any order of Nobility or hold any office of public trust. In short, they are never to be trusted. The Sovereign is forbidden by the common law of Kingship from ever changing that law.

The object of that law is to keep England under the safe governorship if an English King and the indigenous people of England.

The oaths from the Act of Supremacy 1559 and the Bill of Rights 1689 both major constitutional law state: No foreign prince, person, state or potentate, hath or ought to have any power, superiority, supremacy or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual within this land.

With this oath in mind, it makes no sense to allow any naturalised subject to hold any public office, and most assuredly we must at all costs remove all Denizens from every office of public trust and do it now. We can start by not voting for anyone but a natural born subject at the next election and all other elections. Write to the chief Officer of your police force and ask him to arrest those natural born subjects who have placed denizens in offices of public trust for treason, write to your MP if he is a natural born subject. Demand that he upholds the law and if he is a denizen order him gone in the name of the law.

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Before I finish…

Let’s just remind ourselves about a few pointers about the Lisbon Treaty which so many people don’t believe in probably because not one politician is prepared to tell the truth.

Point no. 12 – UK loses control of its borders. Well according to both the Sandhurst Treaty and the Marrakesh Declaration, they most certainly have and we didn’t have to be a member of the EU for this to happen!

Point no. 14 – the UK loses control of its armed forces including its nuclear deterrent. Again we signed up to the Sandhurst Treaty which means that we have joined forces with France, being 2 of only 5 countries worldwide with a nuclear deterrent. It might be worth noting that it would appear that our MPs have had a D notice served on them as regards losing control of our armed forces despite them being put on notice as far back as at least October 2017.

Point no. 19 – the UK loses control of its judicial system. Well, surely everyone must have come to this conclusion by now in relation to Parliamentary matters to the European Arrest Warrant. The EU Constitution is a given. Our own constitution was removed on 1st December 2009. You can hardly have 2 can you?

According to the Lisbon Treaty we are heading for the possible closure of Parliament now. The elites think that they’ve won the battle. It’s our role to ensure that they don’t.

Who should govern us and the Lisbon Treaty


Lisbon Treaty; Signed 13th December 2007 came into force 2009

According to the EU website its Purpose – to make the EU more democratic, more efficient and better able to address global problems such as climate change with one voice.

Reading between the lines – global communism!

Main changes: more power for the European Parliament, change of voting procedures in the council, citizens’ initiative, a permanent president of the European Council, anew High Representative for foreign Affairs, a new EU diplomatic service.

World Bank

Our Mission

To end extreme poverty:

By reducing the share of the global population that lives in extreme poverty to 3 percent by 2030.

To promote shared prosperity:

By increasing the incomes of the poorest 40 percent of people in every country.

Following the referendum of 23 June 2016, the British Prime Minister gave notice of Britain’s intention to leave the European Union on 30 March 2017.

Why do you think it took our government nine months to give notice to the EU?

According to The Telegraph 30th June 2016

New Zealand offers UK its top trade negotiators for post-Brexit deals

The UK doesn’t have enough skilled trade negotiators for Brexit so we’re going to have to hire foreigners.

So it’s a good thing we are vastly outnumbered by the EU in terms of trade negotiators.

An internal review revealed that there are only 20 active trade negotiators in the British government, former top Foreign Office official Simon Fraser told Parliament this week.

The European Commission has at least 600 trade specialists, according to the Washington Post.

6 JUNE 2017 • 10:00PM

Britain has hired New Zealand’s former trade head Crawford Falconer as chief trade negotiation adviser to manage the UK’s free trade deals once the country leaves the EU.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has appointed the former ambassador to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) because the UK has little recent experience in trade talks – for the past 40 years trade deals have been managed by Brussels.

Mr Falconer will be responsible for developing and negotiating free trade deals with countries outside the EU; striking deals with a range of countries.

Kind Regards,

Caroline Stephens.