The Collective of Guides: Communicating With Animals

the collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today a reader asks a question, which appears to be a relatively small issue, yet which opens up into a much greater one. They write:

I am aware of the consciousness of all beings, including insects. That they are all made of the Light.

I proclaim that I love all of them, yet when they interfere with my life, I regularly kill rats and mice (when I can), snails, slugs, ants, flies, gnats, mosquitoes, moths, grasshoppers, strange bugs, aphids, even crows who have demonstrated they don’t mind killing smaller birds for fun (not succeeded with killing one yet, though).

I rarely use poison, except for ants, after nothing else worked. And as I step on a snail, I bless it and send it back to Consciousness for a reincarnation elsewhere than in my garden. Still, it hurts my heart to do that.

Do we have the power to communicate with these animals [telepathically] to persuade them to leave? I have tried that. 

I also realize that we humans have an immune system whose job is to attack “foreign invaders!” Perhaps in 5th dimension there will be no need for war of any kind. And no bugs, unless we deliberately want to create them—?

I have come to the conclusion that human beings have the ability to create such things as pests through their continued negative thinking, and that once created, they somehow have to be extinguished again. A bit like the creation of the Devil, perhaps, which was at one point only a thought in the mind—?

How can we regard creatures such as garden pests, including introduced ants, which are killing off the native ants and garden plants, and infiltrating compost heaps and worm farms? 

What would Love do to with this problem?

THE COLLECTIVE: We are glad to have the opportunity to answer this excellent question!

You will note the increasing consciousness humanity has for all living beings, and their right to exist.

On a larger scale, this situation of wanting to clear out unplanned interferences has historically led to war between social groups and countries, and what is euphemistically called “ethnic cleansing.”

That which is considered useless, annoying, unnecessary, or intrinsically evil has, since the fall to the third dimension, been considered fair prey. If not for killing, then for imprisoning, displacing, or enslaving.

This situation continues to the present day, sometimes affecting insects or animals, sometimes human beings.

Hence when the rodent remover is called, the side of their vehicle will often announce them as an “exterminator”—the same idea in a smaller context.

Now, we do not say that you or anyone is a “horrible person” for moving very small beings with a very limited lifespan and highly limited consciousness out of your garden (or the planet).

It is the destructive nature of these beings that is troublesome, as well as the potential for illness spread from rodents and certain insects, such as mosquitoes.

It is an ongoing query and troubling situation, as so many bees and birds have died due to contamination from insecticides and other chemicals.

This is why we encourage both individuals and whole industries to seek natural forms of weed killer, and natural insect repellants, whenever possible.

Though in a fifth dimensional world, even these are not necessary, as all flows according in cooperation with the thought of the gardener or farmer.

And of course these natural remedies do not work in every case. And so you must seek other more direct means of ridding the garden of what could destroy or hamper its progress—ending one form of life in order to ensure the continuance of another.

Yet as you have noted, the feeling you are left with, after having to get rid of some small creature, is not a happy one.

We will say that you and many millions are others are being handed these conundrums in a variety of ways.

You may wish to see it as your higher self seeking to stretch your consciousness into seeing the strange and disruptive situation on the planet—that it has for millennia, been a place in which in order for one group reasoned that in order for them to survive, another group had to be displaced or gotten rid of.

Though that situation is changing now for good, as the planet moves into increasingly higher frequencies, there is a sense to which the depth of the shadowy situations feels to be all the deeper in its intensity.

This is one reason why you see immigrants being treated so inhumanely in the United States, and why travel is being restricted for some, while stricter ID requirements are put in place in some countries.

And we would say, that your and others’ feelings about this situation extend well beyond the actual situation itself.

Your higher self, and the higher self of many now, is asking that you send Light not only to this situation that you yourself face daily, but the situation that millions face, in the density of Earth life, in which so many appear to be or actually are displaced, living where they are not appreciated or wanted, and being either shut out, imprisoned, or exterminated.

As you send Light and affirm daily that only those situations and visitors that are for the higher good of your garden are permitted to affect it now, you assist those who are unwanted in finding a place where they will be allowed to live peacefully, without carrying the labels of pest or intruder.

And in seeking Peaceful resolution of all conflict, you assist yourself and other gardeners (and governments) find greater tolerance and higher levels of integration for those labeled as unwanted intruders.

We would also call in the Faery realm, requesting of the nearest Faery queen in your area that she send in her assistants and garden aides to keep pests out of your garden, and to send them safely to another destination.

Gardens are within the realm of the Fae, and they are more than happy to assist when asked.

You may need to persist in asking for help if you have never requested it before. And remember to leave gifts for your Fae helpers!

They have a great love of chocolates (unwrapped). You need only keep a few chocolates out for a day or so, then dispose of them.

They will take in the essence of the chocolate, rather than eat them whole as humans would.

And they have no end of fun with items that have a sheen or sparkle, as well as small playhouses (such as children used to play with, with dolls).

Set these out in the garden and do not stress over whether the Fae are noticing or enjoying them—believe us when we say, they are greatly enjoying them, and greatly appreciate your lovingkindness toward them, and your respect for them.

Keep in mind that the Fae will work with these beings, and will respect their freedom of will, while enjoining them to move on, or to do no harm to what they see.

We would also pour sea salt or pink Himalayan salt around the perimeter of your entire property.

This is a form of etheric protection and expresses a purification of all that crosses that line to enter or influence your property, including your garden.

The difference with this form of action, is that you then set the spirit of all else that you do on a higher vibrational level.

You also begin to view the beings who visit your garden in a different light.

The Faerie folk will see the perfect integration of all life; you and most other modern humans have not been taught to do so.

Call upon the devas as well—small Earth-oriented Angels who bless the growth and progression of all living things, and purify plants and animals to an even higher level than the Fae.

And yes, you can most assuredly speak to these creatures telepathically. Suggest another place they might gather to enjoy themselves, as they leave your garden healthy and untouched.

These rituals will open your long-buried understanding, alseep in your subconscious from ancient days, of the power of Nature-based ritual, and awaken your memory of life as integrated and sacred, and always finding its own perfect balance.

There has been a severe imbalance in Earth life interactions for thousands of years, and this is why some beings will show up for destruction’s sake (though they do not view it that way), and others live harmoniously with others.

All imbalances are showing up more powerfully now. They are being released and dispelled for all time as Earth enters a new era, the Sat Yuga.

And so we would say, “what Love would do with this problem” is to view it more as a sign of imbalances long dealt with on the Earth plane, yet not a permanent situation.

Observe in neutrality, whenever you can, both these interferences and the actions you feel are necessary to deal with them.

Remain patient with your daily walk, treasuring the miracle of all that manages to survive dense interferences.

These imbalances cannot remain. They are increasingly aligning with humanity’s desire for Peaceful resolution of all forms of dissonance and cross purposes.

Light Beings of every order are assisting all of Earth life now to return to balance, to normalcy, to Peaceful cooperation and intermingling of all life.

Image this daily, in your garden and in that greater garden that is Earth life, and know that it has already begun to unfold.

We thank you for your compassion, your conscious awareness of your path, and your heart-based awareness of all living things.

These are sacred days, despite their challenges.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you always.


Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan