Judas Iskariot: Winds of Change

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcom newI am Judas and I am so grateful that you work so much with yourselves and for the Earth today. I see that a wind of change has blown over large parts of the Earth. It may not be that much for your seeing eyes, but I see it on your auras. The change takes place from the inside and your auras start to get a completely different luster. It is in your humanity that you can see this, because there are of course great individual differences. However, it is growing in every individual on Earth today. Even small, small seeds can begin to grow and grow today, unless too much negativity is nourished around them. It is important to keep all negativity at arm’s length. 🙂 smile.

Have you followed the good that is happening in the world or are you concentrating on the bad that appears a little everywhere today. It may be good to know that it is as good as it is hurting your planet. However, the negative gets a little too much attention and can therefore tilt the tower a little. It is thanks to people who pay attention to the good that is being done, and see a bright future for our Earth, which light has been able to gain the attachment to the Earth it has today. Therefore, I want to ask all people who understand this to give even more light and hope to mankind, for you have the good gift of light when you pay attention to the good that is happening on your planet. It is when people want news of the good progress that has been made on Earth that a major change can happen. This leads to a changed way of thinking and a new nation can be born.

Do you now understand how important your thoughts are, dear people on Earth. They are part of the development that you are now facing. Thoughts can trap you in a trap or release you like the birds in the sky. Which one do you choose … to be free as a bird or trapped in a trap. It is your inner work that counts here. All people need to work with themselves and be responsive to what thoughts they choose to listen to. Your inner intuition satisfies all of you, while your senseless thoughts most often chatter in your head.

I want to instill enough courage in humanity so that they dare to stand up for themselves and the good they want to do for themselves and the humanity they belong to. They find the good in themselves, in the calm and in the quiet that prevails there. A shower of this peace and quiet can help you make the right decision in the turmoil that surrounds you. It is when you change your inner world that you also change your outer world. Your inner mirror mirrors outward, so to speak. Your inner concern gives a cloud of concern, while your inner peace brings harmony.

I hope now that you understand, dear Jordbor, where I want to make this message. It is your inner peace that you should seek. This is where you have the answer to the world’s problems. The solutions will come into your hand when you have found this peace within yourself. Every individual who has found peace within himself is a great savior to the world.

With these words, I now leave you in great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg