Yeshua: Common Sense

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newI am Jesus Christ and I have come today to talk a little about the time that is approaching more and more for the earthly people. I know you are made up of several peoples, but for us you are a people, a humanity. We do not see you as separated but as a unit. It is the unit that we focus on most of the time, it is the one that helps us understand how evolution is progressing on Earth. Our efforts are determined on the basis of the whole. It is important for us to put our energy where it is needed most, and on the individuals who are receptive to our energy, and where it can lead to change. The receptiveness of people may be those who are hearing, seeing and feeling, but also those with strong intuition. Ideas can be given to people who, in many ways, work according to their inner guidance. They do not even need to know or understand that they are receiving spiritual guidance, they are just using their common sense.

“You would have used your common sense” you can sometimes hear people say when something has gone wrong and where they had relied on other sources, instead of their own reason which usually gives straight and clear messages. I usually say, because as soon as you get a message, your thoughts start to doubt your own reason and it can be a half-mess of everything. Common sense is something we should cherish. It usually comes from your soul or your higher self depending on the status of your soul at that very moment. What you know or experience first is probably the right answer. We have a tendency to send common sense to the back seat, where it gets a second-hand value instead of the value that legally belongs to it. Had common sense been given control in your world, it would have looked different already today. However, it is not too late to pick up common sense again and let it control your actions. The more people who are guided by their common sense, the better the place in which they live. It also allows others to look after their house and let their common sense start working for them again. It also means that their eyes become clearer and that the veil in front of their eyes becomes thinner and clearer.

What is common sense then? It is, for example, that you are allowed to feel good, eat healthy food, work in a harmonious environment, stick to what feels right and prioritize what feels good for yourself and the Earth. This can happen on many different levels, but it is always best to start with what concerns yourself. Everything you do for yourself also affects others, even if you cannot see or experience it yourself then. It is, as with everything else that comes together in a mass, that a small change of something affects the whole unit. Several changes can affect the purpose of the unit.

We cannot emphasize enough how important and valuable you all are on Earth. The smallest change to positive, healthy and good things that you think or do results in the unit you belong to.

Feel the hope in your hearts, dear people on Earth. The wind has started blowing in your direction and more people have found their way to their common sense, and now they want to do what feels right and right for themselves and the world they live in. It gives rings on the water and we can see many rings working in your unit now. It lightens the veil for others who see and feel this is right. They are now beginning to take the steps that have been shown to them themselves so that they can become the puzzle piece that the Earth needs as well as humanity. You all perform a heroic and grateful task for Earth and the Universe my friends, you are honored and honored for your courage to stand up for yourself and the world in which you live.

Yes, the world is changing, dear friends, and you are many contributing to that change now. Be responsive, be true to yourself, use your common sense and trust that Our Father holds His hand over you.

I walk by your side and prepare the way for you with your permission.


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg