The Infinite Light Of Your Crown Connection

seven chakras eraoflightdotcomThe Crown Chakra is the energy vortex that connects you to your True Self, or the Divine. This is the seat of your illumination, godliness, and spiritual enlightenment. The Crown chakra is known in Sanskrit as Sahasrara, which means “infinite”, “thousandfold”, or “thousand-spoked wheel”. It’s the chakra of consciousness, and symbolizes the threshold between psychic and spiritual realms.

The Crown chakra is the door of universal energy and conscience. Through it we reach a higher state of awareness. It leads us beyond materialism to your true nature of life which is abundance in joy, purpose, and curiosity.

When the Crown chakra is balanced, it gives you access to your subconscious, allows you to see your true nature and accept the Self as part of the universe. Through it, you gain a deeper connection and fulfill your highest potential and purpose.

Unbalanced Crown Chakra Symptoms
Learning difficulties
Rigid belief system
Migraine headaches
Domination of others
Disconnected from reality
Constant sense of frustration
Spiritual cynicism
Manic depressive
Sometimes passionate, sometimes distant
Limiting beliefs
No spark of joy
Spiritual addiction
Lack of inspiration
Can’t make decisions
Excessive gullibility
Split personality
Multiple personalities
Memory disorders
Bipolar disorder
Delusions epilepsy
Pituitary problems
Amnesia and cognitive issues
Stress, worry, hysteria
Brain tumors
Right-left brain imbalance
MS and chronic exhaustion
Right eye blindness/ vision problems
Lack of grounding
Feeling disconnected from others
Lack of purpose in life
Brain aneurysm
Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)
Inability to manifest physical needs
Destructive feelings
Out of touch with reality
Messiah complex
Inability to recognize divine signs and answers
Lack of connection with Spirit
Anger/ blame towards God
Blocked intuition
Fear of all things spiritual

Balanced Crown Chakra
Detachment from illusion
Intuitive; psychic
Faith beyond what is physically sensed
Knowing how to “live in this world but not of it”
Ability to enjoy physical pleasure without becoming addicted
Ability to recognize and receive intuitive/ spiritual guidance
Sense of oneness; “one is all and all is one”
Ability to know the difference between ego-mind and Spirit-mind
Love of life with no fear of death
Deep sense of divine connection
Non-attachment to the physical
Ability to transcend physical laws; including levitation, telepathy, and “miracles”
Healthy brain & endocrine system
Healthy nervous system
Total access to subconscious and conscious mind
Ability to make good decisions & proceed forward through spiritual guidance
True freedom
Love & acceptance of God/Creator/ Source/ Divine; no anger or blame
Generosity; able to give and receive freely
Knowledge, acceptance, and following your life purpose
Feeling peaceful
True power
Connected with others, comfortable on Earth

The 5th Dimensional Expanded Crown Chakra
The role of the Crown chakra has changed dramatically as we have embraced the higher ascension energies. Each of the thousand petals of the Crown is now like a radio antenna looking for higher frequencies it can tune into. It will then bring these ascended vibrations into our pineal gland.

As the Crown chakra rises in frequency, all 7th to 9th dimensional frequencies are routed to the Stellar Gateway chakra, which becomes a chalice linked to the Great Central Sun. A multitude of light codes spanning the universes will pour into this golden chalice. Depending on your mission, your Stellar Gateway will be tuned to specific codes that support your soul energy. Guided by your monad, your individual cosmic and universal links can then be activated for your ascension process.

Archangel Jophiel is responsible for assisting us with the early stages of the development of the 5th dimensional Crown chakra, and he gently fills this chakra with higher vibrations to help it to expand.

As this occurs, we also receive a wave of energy from our monadic presence. This download of light spreads from our Crown center through our spiritual fields, which extend around us for up to 20 miles. Our spiritual field contains the many dormant light codes that we have chosen for our mission on Earth. These codes are now being activated, guided by the higher realms.

The Crown chakra then starts to receive energy and instructions directly from our soul blueprint and this helps to guide us onto our master pathway. The experiences we receive during this process are both challenging and expansive.

Our ascension mission is very specific. We have incarnated on Earth at this time with important jobs to do and it’s essential that we focus directly on the task at hand. As our Crown chakra becomes 5th dimensional, it draws our attention to inner knowledge and guidance. During the last paradigm on Earth, many spiritual souls followed the prompting of their guides and angels, but these are now stepping back to allow us to become self-sufficient.

Throughout history, many illuminated masters have been portrayed with halos, indicating that light or knowledge is pouring from their Crown chakras. As the 5th dimensional energies expand within us, our Crown begins to glow with golden light and the thousand petals of higher consciousness open to create a perfect balance of enlightened wisdom.

We have often had many lifetimes as masters and we all have the opportunity to access this wisdom now to help Earth move into the Golden Age of Gaia.


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